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GTA V PC Port Petition Reaches 100,000

Some of you may have already heard that there's a petition under way, supporting the idea of a PC port for the upcoming action adventure, Grand Theft Auto V, which Rockstar still hasn't announced. Currently, they're only working on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions.

GTA Gaming reports that the petition has now reached 100,000 signatures. People can still sign the petition, which currently sits at 100,146 signatures, and now has a new goal of 150,000.

Although Rockstar didn't make any official announcements regarding a PC version, they have recently commented that both PC and Wii U ports are being considered.

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im_stardust Nov 29 2012, 02:14 pm EST
Would have been ported on PC without the petition...hopefully.
  Vader: It's reasonable to assume so. After all, they've port…
RenegadeCZ Nov 29 2012, 02:31 pm EST
Remember, 1 percent better, that is enough. If a hundred people manage that, it's a 100 percent!
Avus Nov 29 2012, 05:48 pm EST
i wonder how many within that 100k people will actually BUY the game.
  daver18qc: MAYBE 3%...
Shpongle: A pirate's life for me, yo-ho-yo-ho....And a bottle o…
Cheddar: What? No it doesn't.
Vader: Too much rum in his PC obviously
Duffey Nov 29 2012, 09:01 pm EST
-Cough- series originally was on pc first -cough-
  Shpongle: Yes.
Shpongle Nov 29 2012, 09:04 pm EST
First halo game was on pc. First gta game was on pc. First gears of war game was on pc. Now they're all console only, the fuck are theese developers doing to themselves?
Cheddar Nov 29 2012, 09:11 pm EST
Making more money by prioritizing the more profitable market, and focusing on the platform that's the easiest to develop games on.

It's not hard to understand. Or justify. In fact, you'd have a lot more trouble logically justifying a PC-exclusive game that isn't free-to-play or an MMOG.
Cheddar Nov 29 2012, 09:23 pm EST
Anyway, GTA4 was such a shitty PC port at release people might wanna stop a moment and consider that perhaps they should be careful what they wish for.
  Breedy_Mcfluff: It's been years. This port, we'd expect, would come i…
Cheddar: Absolutely right "it's been years", but not how you m…
Cheddar: The ultimate point I'm making here is that even if th…
Ftmch: Other than the crappy performance (which was fixed a …
GrgoljBlaster Nov 30 2012, 12:49 am EST
I think this is exactly what Rockstar wants from us - to beg on our knees because, in their eyes, we (customers) are inferior race.
  Ftmch: nah, they want us to buy the console-versions first …
Vader: Sooo... What happens if dont own a console?
Avus: "Sooo... What happens if dont own a console?" Easy…
Ftmch: Or wait, like me, and avoid console-gamers who rant a…
CJ_Parker: Yep. RS want their cock sucked. Simple as that.
Marku5K Nov 30 2012, 03:09 am EST
I signed.
shaneh39199 Nov 30 2012, 03:27 am EST
I thought about signing....As others have said they were gonna pc release anyways.hopefully not a shitty port.

none the less.make it, so we can pirate it. not that i care for GTA.never have.

But not porting red dead has granted them eternal damnation(in my books) xD
  GrgoljBlaster: I'm already planning to pirate both Xbox and Playstat…
ZeroWolf Nov 30 2012, 05:54 pm EST
These fuckers never even bothered porting RDR because they made too much money on the consoles.
CJ_Parker Nov 30 2012, 07:01 pm EST
So that makes 100K dickless, spineless cocksuckers with zero dignity. Awesome!


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