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Guerrilla Games Says Powerful PS4 Hardware isn't Bottlenecked

Bottlenecks are the bane of gaming hardware. Having a powerful setup doesn't mean much when one of its links is weak.

Technical Director Van Der Leeuw has told Edge that Guerrilla Games hasn't been able to find any weaknesses in the PS4's hardware, and has been extremely pleased with the results. He stated:

We've got the right amount of memory, video card; everything's balanced out. It was a very conscious effort to make sure that – with the speed of the memory, the amount of compute units, the speed of the hard drive – there would not be any bottlenecks.

Having a balanced system will raise the performance ceiling of the console directly translating into more longevity. With the last generation memory, video memory included, was prohibitive toward the second half of the generation. Issues with higher resolution textures and multitasking regularly became a problem as developers inched their way toward the limits.

How the PS4 fares won't be concrete until developers become more acclimated to its potential, but at the moment the reception couldn't be more positive.

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260077 Apr 08 2013, 10:30 am EDT
LOL what a load of bull, then explain the 30 fps locked framerate. Every system has bottlenecks, stating its a well balanced system is one thing claiming no bottlenecks is another.
Also with in a year the PS4 will be a bottleneck. The cpu which is jaguar based which is only slightly faster then AMD's bobcat series of laptop based cpu's. Then its only clocked between 1.6ghz to 2ghz,. it being an eight core cpu will help with multithreading however its per core performance is quite low where it will only be on par with cpu architecture that's 6 years old.
The 8 core jag vs modern pc quad cores there is no competition. Then the gpu will follow suit since its processing power is only slightly above a 7850 and if they allocate gpu cycles to help out the cpu for more advanced physics and other things that will take away from the graphics ability and performance.
  Jonathan_Leack: Being underpowered isn't a bottleneck. A bottleneck i…
Whisky: I thought I read both the 720 and the PS4 are using A…
260077: Whisky, their both going to use AMD's next line of lo…
Whisky Apr 08 2013, 06:43 pm EDT
Yes... building the next gen consoles (both PS4 and the Xbox 720 are using the SAME AMD APU) out of hardware available today... yes surely this will revolutionize gaming... NOT

All they are doing is taking things up a notch to the next minimum level. Sure it makes sense from a business aspect on paper, but gamers... prepare yourself to be underwhelmed.

I guess I need a new hobby. Like whores or something.
260077 Apr 08 2013, 08:41 pm EDT
Whisky, their both going to use AMD's next line of low powered APU lines coming out, Jaguar, their about 15% faster clock per clock then AMD's bobcat series on cpu front. In tests bobcat E-350 1.6ghz vs old Athlon x2 5200 @1.6 ghz and an Athlon 2 X2 @ 1.6 ghz the K8 Athlon was 25% faster on average and the K10 Athlon was 50% faster on average. And with a 15% gain your looking at an 8 core Athlon K8 in general. which means even a Phenom 2 x4 from 2009/2010 at 3ghz is faster.


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