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Half-Life 2: Episode Three is NOT the 'Surprise'

You can cry your eyes out and weep until you're blue in the face, but Valve is not planning to announced Half-Life 2: Episode Three at the E3 2010, despite numerous reports that the company might do just that. Fan site has word from Valve boss Gabe Newell who sent a private message which simply states: "It isn't Ep 3."

Great. Stick a knife in my heart why don't ya!

The 'teaser' image with the famous Half-life logo and the word "Freeman," as Gabe confirmed, "fake."

This whole Episode 3 announcement thing got out of hand when Valve e-mailed press last week to announce the cancellation of its E3 Portal 2 event, in place of "a surprise."

Meanwhile, It appears a "360 and PS3 journalist" was told by Valve that the "surprise" at E3 won't be of great interest to them.


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Marku5K Jun 07 2010, 05:10 am EDT
With the way things got out of hands, they should at least get a fucking hint that people fucking want an Episode 3!
Vodoo Jun 07 2010, 05:18 am EDT
so it's not Ep3, it's not for consoles, it MIGHT be about Half Life, it's not certain whether it concerns the multi-player gaming world or the single-player people....or as i like to call them: the fading ancients.

ive started viewing these modern movies and i swear, heroin appears a more reasonable investment than buying/renting/downloading all this fucking crap.

Wolfman, Prince of persia, Splice, Avatar, Nightmare on elm street, Clash of the titans, etc.

Valve.....are you heading the same road you deceiving bitch ?
Jedrus Jun 07 2010, 05:21 am EDT
All this freakin hoopla.
Do people even know how to act normal anymore?

I think Half-Life games are great, but come-on, a bunch of schoolgirls behaves with more dignity than these folks.
*a very, very, VERY deep sigh*
Yian Jun 07 2010, 05:24 am EDT
I still believe that it is a brand new franchise. It's about time.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 07 2010, 05:36 am EDT
And I still think it's nothing more than marketing bullshit, leading up to some crappy DLC announcement!
  Jedrus: Sadly, you're probably right.
Bubu Jun 07 2010, 05:44 am EDT
Maybe it's an Alyx Vance game ? I remember reading that they might create a game with her as the protagonist ...

HOT !!!!!!​661408lr2.png
  Morkrul: nice!
Vader [STAFF] Jun 07 2010, 05:45 am EDT
Dream on fanboy!
tarang231994 Jun 07 2010, 05:49 am EDT
Meanwhile, It appears a "360 and PS3 journalist" was told by Valve that the "surprise" at E3 won't be of great interest to them.

clearly meanin an PC exclusive new game
touretul Jun 07 2010, 05:53 am EDT
It's not Episode 3, it's HL3... with CryEngine no 1, inaccessible for consoles technology.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 07 2010, 05:58 am EDT
They're making an anime-themed Half-Life game, the central character is Gordon Freeman a bad-ass gay emo, who kills aliens with his pink eye-lashes!
CJ_Parker Jun 07 2010, 06:08 am EDT
Or maybe it's 'Left 4 Dead 3: Really Dead Now'... well, or maybe the announcement that Gabe is now such a fat fucking cow that he needs to triple flush every time he takes a shit. Whatever the fuck it is I can barely handle the excitement... NOT.
And since no one's said it yet here's the mandatory good old "Phuck Valve" for y'allz.
Yian Jun 07 2010, 06:08 am EDT
Another possibility is, um, Day of Defeat: Source.
Yian Jun 07 2010, 06:09 am EDT
Oh, wait, never mind, there is already a Dod: Source.
PainZero Jun 07 2010, 06:54 am EDT
Free map pack DLC for L4D2? Probably not because it's certainly not a better thing to present than Portal 2. And they canceled the Portal 2 event in the last second, meaning they probably weren't sure if whatever they are presenting would be polished enough to show the people at E3.
So they say it's not Ep3, but they don't say it's not Half-Life so maybe it's HL3 after all.
Or a brand new IP which I think is very unlikely, but if it is I don't think they will make another FPS, I and I sure hope not a MMO game.
There's one interesting thing that I saw on wikipedia and here it is "On October 5, 2009, Defense of the Ancients (DotA) developer IceFrog announced that he would be leading a team at Valve" - so can this be a hint of a new game genre to be produced by Valve? Unlikely, I'll just stick with the HL3 theory.
Miliowilix Jun 07 2010, 07:22 am EDT
Counter-Strike 2 would be funny. And people would still be playing the first installment for some reason. I played it a lot before and I really hate it now. So stupid and slow.
blaznee Jun 07 2010, 07:22 am EDT
I'd say the only Valve product that ticks all boxes now and could be a BIG thing is Counterstrike 2
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 07 2010, 07:23 am EDT
It's Half-Life 3. They wouldn't fuck with us like this.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 07 2010, 07:29 am EDT
So, let me get this straight, you've decided to jump ship on this one? You're leaving the pessimism boat? You actually think it's HL3?
  Un Om Bun: I'm gonna HATE Valve if it isn't HL3 and I really don…
finaleve: Well ya might as well grab the pitchfork and torch be…
Vader: Same here.
dwcw Jun 07 2010, 07:49 am EDT
Alchi Jun 07 2010, 08:18 am EDT

Let's see what pieces of puzzle we have.

-It has to be something better than Portal 2 since they cancelled it and it was pretty much this years 'Fuck YEAH!'.

-It's not ep 3. But is it really a HL3? Maybe.

-It's not of much interest to PS3 and 360 crowd.

SOOOO... My guess

- It's the new SOURCE ENGINE! Fuck yeah. With new source would come new HL and CS. Seriously why they haven't released ep 3 already? They wanted to make it look fkin awesome. So cancel ep 3 and make HL 3 instead with all new Source.
Why it's of no interest to consoles? Cause they can't handle the glory of the new source engine.

-Or it's an entirely new PC-only I.P. Would be weird though...
  Cheddar: A tech-demo of the new Source build? An interesting …
Alchi: Well you're right. E3 is not really the place for …
Cheddar: /shrugs With the exception of L4D, Valve has mo…
jokester Jun 07 2010, 08:33 am EDT
Could it be something with Adrian Shepard off of Half-Life: Opposing Force?

Or what came about the 2nd DLC for Left for Dead 1? Wasn't it supposed to come out shortly after L4D2's?
GrgoljBlaster Jun 07 2010, 08:57 am EDT
Someone mentioned Dota, and since it's strategy game it's obvious it doesn't interest console crowd (srsly, who can play strategy games on gamepad?). My other guess, besides our great wet desire known as Ep3/Hl3, could be once hinted Portal prequel. If my memory serves me well, when the Portal Prelude crew announced the mod's release, Valve mentioned that they were working on a similar project...
Dammit Valve, stop putting tinfoil hats on our heads
  PainZero: Yeah, maybe instead of Portal 2 they will announce Po…
Cheddar Jun 07 2010, 09:41 am EDT
As I've said before, it seems rather pointless for Valve treat a new IP with such mystery. There's no reason to take that approach with a new franchise that completely lacks any innate hype at the outset.

Look, i won't hold my breath here and neither should you, but just something to consider here...

All Newell says is that it isn't "Episode 3".

What if it's "Half-Life 3", instead? Newell isn't above playing such word games.

Also, as I believe I posted yesterday, there's still the possibility that it's a new Half-Life game-universe title of some sort, but one that simply doesn't feature Gordon Freeman as the player-character. In the past, Valve has said they're interested in making games set in the Half-Life universe that go beyond Freeman.

Portal is just the first example... there's no reason to assume there won't be more.
finaleve Jun 07 2010, 09:52 am EDT
The problem with the HL3 theory is that we don't know what happened in Episode 3. They announce and release a teaser of 3 and we'll be outside their building with pitchforks and torches because all this time they could have said something about it instead of leaving us high and dry. They DAMN well know everyone wants to know something about the next Half-Life as thats all we ever ask from them. Not "When is it coming out?" but "Show us some cleavage before you give us the whole package!"

I'm still betting its something Portal. I'm much rather concerned on how Portal will affect the HL story in general, since they are connected, but as mentioned it doesn't involve the console crowd.

DotA sounds like the most likely release, since thats the only game that would work best on PC.

I see a LOT of people are foaming at the mouth. I can feel it coming as well.
Bubu Jun 07 2010, 11:02 am EDT
It's Alyx guys .... I bet my two testicles and the head of my dick
  Alchi: You're lucky none of us here can make you fulfill tha…
InsanePotato Jun 07 2010, 11:03 am EDT
The way i hear it valve is going to release a free to play MMO of halflife... it's all the rage this week ;).
Loraxxe Jun 07 2010, 11:08 am EDT
Obviously, it's a DS and PSP port of the original HL.
HolyLiaison Jun 07 2010, 12:10 pm EDT
It's going to be Steam for Linux, I'm almost 100% positive.

Mark my words. ^_^

Edit: This was my 69th post. Just figured I'd let everyone know of this special milestone.
  Alchi: What U MAD? That would be great though. Since most…
Cheddar: They're not going to have an entire E3 presentation a…
HolyLiaison: Steam for Linux is already in the works, there are me…
Cheddar: Liasion, the point is that such a thing wouldn't be n…
Vader [STAFF] Jun 07 2010, 12:11 pm EDT
Doomsday. Jun 07 2010, 12:34 pm EDT
GrgoljBlaster Jun 07 2010, 12:51 pm EDT
On second thought, maybe something like:
- Steam for Linux (with Orange box ported)
- HL1 becoming a free/open source game
or... they will just show new update for CS Source that adds better graphics, achievements and many systems from TF2 (it's curently in beta)
Spuki83 Jun 07 2010, 01:36 pm EDT
The cake is a lie, people, the suprise is a lie, also!
Morkrul Jun 07 2010, 02:58 pm EDT
Cheddar Jun 07 2010, 03:42 pm EDT
Guys, whatever it is, it's an E3 presentation that's replacing a Portal 2 demonstration....

That isn't going to be something as epic yawn-worthy by comparison as Steam for Linux. Wow. Common sense, people.

Counter-Strike 2 is an interesting notion, but I HIGHLY doubt that'll be it. Honestly, I rather suspect Valve is done with Counter-Strike. Valve has been very disappointed with how so much of the Counter-Strike 1.6 player-base turned out to be infantile little shits who recoiled at any changes whatsoever to their ancient game, as evidenced with their reception of Counter-Strike: Source.

As such, I question how much interest Valve has now in ever creating a true Counter-Strike sequel. A sequel will have to be even more divergent from 1.6 than CS:S was (drastically so), and the established player-base has emphatically proven that they're not agreeable to even slight change, much less sequel-level change.

That being said, I'd love a Counter-Strike 2. I just don't expect it to happen.
Terminator Jun 07 2010, 04:02 pm EDT
That does it, I am giving up on Half Life. Gabe Newell can take Episode 3 (which we will probably never get) and shove it up his ass!
  Cheddar: I'm rolling my eyes really hard at this post of yours…
Alchi: Such statements coming from your mouth have zero valu…
thestewieman Jun 15 2010, 02:11 pm EDT
@bubu Alyx Vance making a porno (lol)


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