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Half-Life 2: Episode Three Unlikely to Appear in 2010
We stress that this is a rumor. Word has it that Half-life 2: Episode Three will not be released this year, despite the fact that development studio Valve released the last installment in their shooter series almost two and a half years ago.

The report originates from the latest issue of US mag Game Informer, which states that there won't be any new Half-life installments in 2010. At this point, it's not even clear what form the next game will arrive in - episodic or full sequel .

Last year when questioned about a new HL game, Valve's Chet Falisek commented: "Until we have something we have to announce we tend not to talk about what we're working on."


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Vader [STAFF] Jan 19 2010, 01:04 pm EST
Let the rant festival begin.
CJ_Parker Jan 19 2010, 01:09 pm EST
Valve sucks cock like the Houston 650!!
Marku5K Jan 19 2010, 01:09 pm EST
Unlikely in 2010 means maybe in 2011 and almost certainly in 2012, so here ya go, the date of release, which is even more accurate than the one of Splinter Cell.
Stinke Jan 19 2010, 01:28 pm EST
New hardware coming ... (2011 2/4->)
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jan 19 2010, 02:16 pm EST
I'm hot.
Cheddar Jan 19 2010, 02:35 pm EST
I'm telling you guys, Episode Three is gonna be a full new game. 15-20 hours (for the average gamer), and a vastly upgraded graphics engine (Source 2?).

There's a lot of loose ends left to be tied up, myriad unanswered questions, and not to mention the whole connection with the Portal storyline. It was never plausible that a mere 5 hour installment would suffice for concluding Gordon Freeman's story.
  Un Om Bun: Either that or they're developing some fancy shader t…
Vodoo: Episode 4 maybe ? or is my brain that much more ad…
Cheddar: Good things come to those who wait, Vodoo. Anyway,…
Terminator Jan 19 2010, 02:41 pm EST
Delays, delays, delays. I dunno which company is worse, Valve or Blizzard.
  Breedy_Mcfluff: When it comes to delivering? Probably Blizzard, since…
jokester: Yeah, IW left a lot of holes, and seemed to get lazy …
Terminator: What!? Starcraft 2 is delayed until 2011? That better…
jokester: Can your sphincter handle that?
Vodoo Jan 19 2010, 03:05 pm EST
Blizzard showed you pictures and gameplay trailers.

Valve did squat. there is so much respect and trust you can offer to some people.
Cheddar Jan 19 2010, 03:14 pm EST
It's ironic you say that, Vodoo, considering how it seems most of the regulars these days here at AT just bitch and moan at any and all trailers and screenshots any game ever produces pre-release.

Regardless, Valve has earned our patience, 100 times over.

If any of us get our panties in such a twist due to the wait that he becomes too angry to play Episode 3 whenever it comes out, then it will be entirely that individual's own loss.
skribb Jan 19 2010, 04:08 pm EST
Even if they're lacking in the HL release department, they've still given us Portal, TF2, HL Ep2, and two Left 4 Deads in a few years. That's pretty good, even if Valve acquired two studios in the process (who subsequently worked on Portal and the Lefties).
Bigolli Jan 19 2010, 04:41 pm EST
Gah!! This is just like the release for HL2 >
  Bigolli: Umm I posted a fair bit more than this but ohh well...
Breedy_Mcfluff Jan 19 2010, 07:18 pm EST
2 1/2 years, so that must mean this last part will be a full game. And I mean full as in it will be at least 20 to 30 hours of gameplay or I will just be sorely disappointed by the short time-span it will cover in my life.
finaleve Jan 19 2010, 07:26 pm EST
Given the number of things still left to be done in the game? I feel like the next one will be a long one, and hopefully will clear up just about everything needed to be cleared in HL2, not so much on what is actually going on in Gordon's end, but the whole world itself involving City 17 and the crew...that is the point of the episodes anyways.
Loraxxe Jan 19 2010, 09:19 pm EST
So... what have they been doing, exactly? What /are/ they doing? It doesn't seem like they even know where they intend to take it anymore, but they can't all have been distracted by working on "the Lefties" and TF2, and most of Valve isn't engine designers. Surely, if they had decided to make a full, HL2-length installment and had put a lot of work into it, it would be better PR at this point to clarify that.
The Bruce Jan 19 2010, 09:36 pm EST
I'm not going to find a link, but I remember a while before EP2 came out, Valve said that they were working on EP2 and EP3 simultaneously, and would release EP3 about 6 months after EP2 came out.

Now, knowing that they must have had a ton of work done on EP3 by the time Orange Box was released, and knowing that they have given us ZERO information regarding EP3, I think a big announcement is in the wings.

Maybe not even this year, but it'll come... a new engine is the most likely scenario, but who knows. Valve hasn't sat on their asses the last 3 years.
Doomsday. Jan 19 2010, 11:25 pm EST
Grab ur guns and be ready to Fire, I have never played any Half Life! hah!

there i said it! burden off my PC gaming chest!
  Alchi: Figures... You also haven't touched woman's clit.
Doomsday.: i bet u haven't either!! hahaahahaaaaa!
Fuckd__4_Life Jan 19 2010, 11:44 pm EST
I can't believe Valve is ignoring the franchise that put them on the fucking map. What's TF2, eh? What's L4D, eh? Fuck them, fuckers. They are nothing. We don't want milking IPs. Where the fuck is Half Life: Episode 3? Be true to your fans, fucktards.

Fuck Valve. They have lost a lot of value in my eyes after L4D2 and the constant, almost nonchalant attitudes towards a series that made them what they are today and so proudly beat their fucking fat chests with.
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Fuckd__4_Life: I did not say to stop developing any titles! I am jus…
Alchi: Seems like two extremities. Valve works too much on…
finaleve: I'm pretty sure Valve said they were pm;y going to wo…
The Bruce: Time to address a number of issues with the OP: #1…
Foo Jan 19 2010, 11:58 pm EST
at Least L4d has dedicated servers. They still care what PC gamers think, which is more than the rest of the world.
  Doomsday.: who is the gal with the bubblebutt on ur avatar?!?
jokester Jan 20 2010, 03:12 am EST
Honestly, I was more excited for some of the earlier screens for TF2... None of this cartoony bullshit that it has become.... TFC/TF1.5 was a fantastic game and the sequel doesn't live up to it.


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