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Half-Life 2 On Mac Steam Tomorrow
Now, normally we never post Mac-related news, but I fully admit that this teaser for Half-Life 2 rekindled the old Gordon Freeman spark. Check it out:

The Mac version of Half-Life 2 hits Steam tomorrow and will include Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Thanks, Shack.

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Un Om Bun [STAFF] May 26 2010, 06:24 am EDT
That's right Valve, do all your chores before taking care of Ep3. Perhaps you should also renovate your HQ and have a hedge maze built in your backyard.
dwcw May 26 2010, 06:35 am EDT
I don't find it that bad they they do all their chores before developing EP3. I mean, I guess it just sounds alright with me.
Vader [STAFF] May 26 2010, 06:43 am EDT
Who ever said they'll make EP 3 at all man?
  Cheddar: Gee, I don't know, common sense, maybe? Not you too,…
Jedrus May 26 2010, 06:45 am EDT
Mac-people are people too ( I guess), so it's all good.
Vader [STAFF] May 26 2010, 06:51 am EDT
Actually, Mac-people are robots.
WeAreAllGonnaDie May 26 2010, 07:23 am EDT
I really hope that more games for Mac means more games for Linux. Not a lot of work to port from OSX to Linux.
Then I can stop using Windows altogether. Can't see that happening very soon though
  Piccy: They are developing the Steam Linux client. Info abou…
Vader [STAFF] May 26 2010, 08:03 am EDT
Valve doesn't give a rat's ass about HL right now. Unless they've been mysteriously working on something totally mysterious, involving a massive super-splendid-awesome mysterious full sequel to Half-Life 2 - i.e. Half-Life 3: The Mysterious Adventures of Gordon Freeman. That would be pure awesome sauce.
dwcw May 26 2010, 08:34 am EDT
And a new Source engine to go along with that?
Vader [STAFF] May 26 2010, 08:58 am EDT
Sure. Dream on...
  Cheddar: It's already confirmed Portal 2 will be running on a …
finaleve May 26 2010, 09:39 am EDT
I at least aprreciate the parody of this teaser.

It would make sense to have Valve release all of Half-Life 2 on Mac, THEN announce Ep 3 to go "Multi-platform" in the not TOO DISTANT future.
I'm also hoping that Ep3 is a 20 hour game at least. Given that...well it's been quite awhile.
GrgoljBlaster May 26 2010, 12:15 pm EDT
They also added achievements to both original HL2 and episode 1 and some graphical upgrades (don't know 'bout this, still updating my games). Game is now very cheap (5 euros) and TF2 is announced for Mac (hehe fresh meat)
jokester May 26 2010, 02:36 pm EDT
are they getting the graphics to that of the fabled Episode 3?
Fuckd__4_Life May 26 2010, 03:23 pm EDT
E3 is upon is. Give us something Valve. ANYTHING. A single artwork even. Just...ensure us you are still working on EP3. Please.
  sellis16: Or "assure" us. Either way.
Cheddar: Valve will be revealing stuff about Portal 2 at E3. D…
Cheddar May 27 2010, 12:44 am EDT
Of course they're still working on it. To even speculate that they might not be is silly.

Seriously, you think a studio that's rolling in cash and funding is gonna just abruptly and inexplicably drop the franchise that made them what they are today and leave it unfinished?

It's like suggesting EA won't make Madden 2012. It's speculation that runs counter to an already foregone conclusion, official confirmation or not. Unless you think Valve will go bankrupt and fold sometime soon, the notion that Ep3/HL3 will be released eventually is just about as certain as sunshine on a cloudless day.

Anyway, don't even bother hoping for Ep3/HL3 until sometime after Portal 2 is released. And all logic points to it being a full-length game, so have patience. It's Valve. It'll be worth the wait, and then some. It always is.
Yian May 27 2010, 04:51 am EDT
The trailer is rather brilliant. Mac users will definitely appreciate it.


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