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Half-Life 3 & Source Engine 2 @ E3, Source Claims

Here we go again. According to an unnamed source, Valve's big E3 secret is the announcement for Half-life 3, which is reportedly running on the new Source Engine 2. The report was posted by VG247 and they claim this source said it's possible Valve will be showing off a full sequel to critically acclaimed shooter.

Bare in mind, this is not an official confirmation. Gabe Newell, the head honcho at Valve, recently commented that the developer does not plan to show Half-life 2: Episode Three,laying a lot of rumors on the subject to rest.

So, yeah, although it officially isn't Ep. 3, now it seems like it may actually be Half-life 3.

While such news would be pure awesome sauce, I'd advise you to treat the information with caution. We await Valve's confirmation on this.


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Vader [STAFF] Jun 08 2010, 01:41 pm EDT
If this is true... Oh boy, I'm turning into a fanboy again. HELP! Where are my pessimists?
Alchi Jun 08 2010, 01:44 pm EDT
So they stole my idea...


Which actually popped into my head for no apparent reason.
Unnamed_Source Jun 08 2010, 01:46 pm EDT
I'd also like to report that i think the announcement will include counterstrike 2 and Left 4 dead tri. I have this on good authority which i can't provide right now.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 08 2010, 01:48 pm EDT
You will therefore be shot, this instant!
__nox__ Jun 08 2010, 01:50 pm EDT
Who's this guy!? Peops, let's torch him!!! :D
Unnamed_Source Jun 08 2010, 01:52 pm EDT
Err look over there, a distraction!
*runs through a portal*
__nox__ Jun 08 2010, 01:55 pm EDT
2Lions, is that you?? :P
  Vader: It's not 2lions.
__nox__: How do you know that info?! Are you covering him, ha…
Vader: That sounds nothing like 2lions.
Unnamed_Source Jun 08 2010, 02:01 pm EDT
*yells back through the portal* Nein!
Rafal Jun 08 2010, 02:02 pm EDT
Here's some pessimism: even if it's HL3 announcement, that doesn't mean that the game is getting released in the next two years or so.
  Vader: Now I feel like I'm going to vomit, but thanks.
__nox__: I already told you Vader - that game is gonna hurt yo…
Alchi Jun 08 2010, 02:07 pm EDT
I want to add to your pessimism:

And we all know that in 2 years the world will end, so HL3 will never be released.
Neil Jun 08 2010, 02:07 pm EDT
So, who cares about any over bloated ID engine now... Yes Source 2 won't be quite as visually stunning, but at least you'll be able to make intelligent/fun games out of it, rather than having an engine where 90% of it is attempting to get the mip mapping on lenticular apexed angles absolutely correct, when you spend 15hrs checking...
  Vader: More importantly, it will work on whatever rig you ha…
Spuki83 Jun 08 2010, 02:24 pm EDT
Not this again...
I know that cake is a lie...
Morkrul Jun 08 2010, 02:28 pm EDT
  Vader: While we're on the subject, please edit this comment …
Morkrul: but i don't has an edit button! how can i then do it?
Hero Jun 08 2010, 02:42 pm EDT
The "surprise" is gonna be the icefrog led game. some sort of a dota clone. mark my words!

I decided to spare you, little internets creatures, eventhough none of u useless beings was able to identify the perfection which is the nude botd:​midsize/botd_06082010_n.jpg
Vader [STAFF] Jun 08 2010, 02:49 pm EDT
Don't do that please.
  Hero: i wanted to edit my post to remove the direct linking…
Miliowilix Jun 08 2010, 03:15 pm EDT
Why comment? W8 and see... Damnit it's a comment.
shadowwolf Jun 08 2010, 05:05 pm EDT
Congratulations Valve, you win at pre-E3 marketing. Now shut up, so we can wait for the actual fucking announcement, instead of being bombarded with speculation.
antonphd Jun 08 2010, 07:40 pm EDT
Half Life 2, Thief 4, Deus Ex 3... now I just need No One Lives Forever 3 and I can die contented in the 2012 apocalypse.
Fatty Jun 08 2010, 08:07 pm EDT
my cock is this big:
  jokester: bluff.
Cheddar Jun 08 2010, 08:10 pm EDT
Told you guys.

I told you it would be a full-length game, with a drastically upgraded engine. It was always the most logical assumption, after this long of a development cycle.

Fucking told you.



edit: okay but seriously though, I shouldn't proclaim victory just yet, of course... we'll see what happens
dwcw Jun 08 2010, 09:15 pm EDT
The storm at sea is looking bad for the pessimistic boat.
GrgoljBlaster Jun 09 2010, 01:17 am EDT
Major errection if this is not fake

cybergod Jun 09 2010, 01:19 am EDT
Like it's a surprise.. Let's all play our parts
Vader [STAFF] Jun 09 2010, 11:01 am EDT
All finally explained -​html?id=060910_10


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