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Halo: Combat Evolved Remake?

Why on Earth would... ? Never mind. The latest rumor to surface today is that Microsoft's newly formed internal Halo studio, 343 Industries, might've been assigned to create a Halo: Combat Evolved remake.

The report originated from "industry chatter" in the latest issue of Games Master magazine. According to these unconfirmed reports, the new, updated version of the game would probably run on the Halo: Reach engine and might be released ahead of a full Halo 3 sequel some time in 2012.

MS might be looking to align this with Halo: Combat Evolved's 10th anniversary - November, 2011.

In addition, when asked about this, UK Xbox boss Stephen McGill rather liked the idea (I'll be he did), as he explained to GM: "I imagine it's a good idea. I think some people want to go back to older games and see them revisited and I think a lot of developers want to see that too," he said.


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Moesha [STAFF] Nov 30 2010, 02:19 pm EST
Sony is doing the same thing in releasing 'updated, hi rez' PS3 versions of Iko and Shadow of the Colossus.
  thestewieman: you mean Microsoft is doing the same thing as sony :P…
Juxtapose: Yeah, 'cause clearly Sony invented re-making a produc…
Moesha: I heard about the Sony releases a month or so ago so …
thestewieman: @Juxtapose no, but Microsoft is never very creative a…
LostPcGamer Nov 30 2010, 03:09 pm EST
No i dont.Theres my answer why would I buy a remake if I already played and beat it so many times.The amount of money people spend on useless stuff is amazing.
KraGeRzR Nov 30 2010, 03:22 pm EST
I might get this for the updated graphics, but then, it'll be Xbox only, and the campaign will be shortened to 8 hours....

*Laughs derisively and moves on*
Drzgon Nov 30 2010, 03:47 pm EST
Ah, Microsoft you silly bastards... of course they'd want to remake Combat Evolved. Anything to try and milk more money out of a series that is growing stagnant faster than a puddle after a rainstorm. Can't really fault them for it though, if people are dumb enough to buy it, why the hell not!? I'd personally like to see remakes of games that are slightly older and higher on the "OMG this is freaking awesome!" meter. No, screw that... they'd just mess em up.
Juxtapose Nov 30 2010, 05:04 pm EST
This rumour first surfaced a few weeks back, and Microsoft denied it at the time. Doesn't mean it won't happen though.
Terminator Nov 30 2010, 05:57 pm EST
How about putting the other Halo games on PC first? Huh? How about that!
  Moesha: yes please
Shpongle Nov 30 2010, 06:56 pm EST
Combat Evolved was pc only. I hope this time, it will also be PC only.
  Fatty: Wait, what? Halo 1 was Xbox only at first, ported to…
jokester Dec 01 2010, 01:25 am EST
They're going to fuck up everything... Armor abilities will be present, which means they will "have" to remake 2 & 3... Weapons will be adultered, giving them yet another reason to remake 2 & 3.

...The worst part of this grim outlook is that it will have "same 'fast-paced' multiplayer you know and love" I felt it was slower paced than most, and Halo's online gaming community is worse than most attitude wise.
Whisky Dec 01 2010, 05:01 pm EST
I would do 800 points MAX for a Halo remake using the Reach engine. 1600 if multiplayer and included co-op like firefight.


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