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Halo Movie to Dreamworks?

The film adaptation of Microsoft's FPS Halo took Hollywood by storm, but alas, never made it to the big-screen. 20th Century Fox and Universal who were funding the much-talked-about movie project backed out and the fate of the Halo flick once again became uncertain.

Rumors were, of course, going around that director and producer Steven Spielberg might take up the project. Vulture reports that Halo movie could be a bit closer than we think. Unnamed sources were cited, indicating that Dreamworks and director Steven Spielberg are already looking to grab big-screen rights for Halo.

What suddenly rekindled Hollywood's interest in a Halo movie? Well, maybe the "small" fact that the latest Halo game, Halo: Reach, made over $200 million in its first 24 hours on sale.

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Fuckd__4_Life Oct 08 2010, 12:08 pm EDT
I would love to see a Halo movie. Who better than Speilberg, himself! Go go go!
RenegadeCZ Oct 08 2010, 12:29 pm EDT
Duh, that would be awesome! Not as awesome as Warcraft movie, but still great! And before you start insulting Blizzard, Warcraft or something, look on some og Blizzard´s cinematics. They are the best you can get, and very few movies can compare to their quality.
  finaleve: I think Bilzzard said they would have to do the movie…
RenegadeCZ: Yep, but they have also thought about cutting cutscen…
jokester Oct 08 2010, 12:48 pm EDT
I wouldn't mind seeing more of movies like District 9...
  Alchi: I would mind. One movie of that kind is enough for…
Fatty: Ya, District 9 was badass.
Vodoo Oct 08 2010, 02:43 pm EDT
if i stop and think about it, Halo seems the kind of thing that would work better as a movie than the whole damn stupid pointless vapid boring tasteless exaggerated pretense of a game series, goes right up there with silent hill, resident evil, mario etc.

shit that goes on and on and on and on.

Halo movie ? sure. make ONE, 1, not a trilogy or episodic series to span a thousand timelines and parallel universes, just one.
make it cheap....i vomited for 2 hours thanks to the multi-million dollar Avatar debacle.

and fuck District 9, what the hell do people see in that movie other than a internet created discussion about how the essence was racism, politics, religion or whatnot.

it wasn' was a movie about aliens, a poor plot and characters as jagged as a Quake 2 map.
  Alchi: That gets me wondering. Why's that? Maybe it's becaus…
RenegadeCZ: What about Mafia, huh?
Terminator Oct 08 2010, 02:50 pm EDT
District 9 was a very good movie. I don't really want Halo on the big screen.
KraGeRzR Oct 08 2010, 03:55 pm EDT
Dreamworks makes shit. I hope someone else makes it.
edliksor Oct 08 2010, 04:10 pm EDT
They should get Uwe Boll to do it.
Sleek Oct 08 2010, 04:29 pm EDT
Stop hating voodoo! District 9 was actually a class movie. While i can understand why people didn't like avatar, i actually enjoyed it. Recycled plot, poor dialogue... But it just looked nice, and was enjoyable.

Halo movie should hopefully be good!
  Vodoo: yeah yeah, pretty colours.... kids these days will…
Fatty: I had a boner the entire movie.
TooDrunkToFunk Oct 08 2010, 05:42 pm EDT
Are you being a contrarian just for the sake of being a contrarian, Vodoo?

I thought District 9 had a fuckload more going for it than most of junk the mainstream media wants to feed us.

And if you remove the "human" actors/dialog from Avatar, it's pretty easy to enjoy it for the spectacle.
  Alchi: And I didn't think it had something more going on. …
Hitman Oct 08 2010, 05:54 pm EDT
Halo and Steven Spielberg, couldn't get any better unless there were blue midgets in blue wigs with fake giant tits and budlight bazooka launchers on the backs of their dinosaur chariots.
Loraxxe Oct 08 2010, 07:36 pm EDT
Spielberg's last three movies as director were War of the Worlds, Munich, and that Indiana Jones reboot with Le Barf. And have y'all, other than Vodoo, forgotten how he betrayed Kubrick's artistry with the ending to A.I.? How does this inspire so much confidence? He hasn't gone downhill as much as Lucas, but come on!
jokester Oct 09 2010, 01:51 am EDT
The movies you mentioned, I hope are the result of some kind of chemical abuse... Hopefully he's pulled his head out of his ass though...
Vodoo Oct 09 2010, 04:14 am EDT
i swear im preaching to deaf monkeys here.

does the movie have characters you can understand/love/hate ?
has the story more depth than: foreigners land, they are captured/killed on sight, rebellion starts, some foreigners escape with their lives and some domestic people remain marked in a good/bad way by the foreign culture (the infected guy).

the producer even said the movie was a snuff film, made EXPLICITLY about racism, slavery and xenophobia. nothing hidden or mysterious between the lines.

same deal with Cloverfield, a movie building up on the pathetic events that americans cling on to time and time again, terrorist attacks.
the statue of LIBERTY is decapitated by a "unknown" evil monster that attacks america for no reason whatsoever.

im bewildered as to why people see something that isn't there. optimism ?
well thats just exceeding the limits of what that word should mean.
crazyhermit Oct 09 2010, 04:33 am EDT this is THE TRUE halo reach movie
keredd Oct 09 2010, 02:00 pm EDT
a think making a Halo movie is a great idea ive been wanting someone to make a halo movie its about dam time! i dont care what anyone says cause speilberg will do an awesome job on this movie. but i do agree with renegade a warcraft movie would be alot better i hope they make a movie of that too :)


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