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Halo: Reach Already Leaked

Looks like the shooter Halo: Reach got leaked and is already available for illegal download via various file-sharing websites. Apparently Halo: Reach -- due out September 14 -- was made available for reviewers through Xbox Live Marketplace (the download weighs around 7GB). Hackers apparently circumvented Microsoft's security and snatched the game before you could say: "Master Chief's dirty knickers." Fans were asked to "go dark" after the leak.

"Posting to Discuss, Request, or Link To information or campaign spoilers from illegitimately obtained sources - including illegitimately obtained copies of Halo: Reach - before the game is officially released will be considered a leak and will be treated as such," moderators explained on Bungie's forum. "The moderation team is doing their best, but if you want to stay 100 per cent spoiler free, our best advice is to 'go dark' by staying off all internet gaming forums until you have played through the game!"

"We are aware of claims being made regarding a security exploit related to Halo: Reach and are aggressively investigating the matter," a spokesperson said to IGN. "We have no further details to share at this time."

Bummer. Those evil dastardly, bastardly software pirates are at it again. Although I never expected them to snatch the game this quickly... I'll bet MS was caught completely off their guard on this one.

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Dick_Swet Aug 23 2010, 05:32 am EDT
They snatched Mafia 2 few days eariler,too.But almost every X360 game can be pirated a week or so before the release.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 23 2010, 05:33 am EDT
There's really nothing to worry about, because console gamers wouldn't get anywhere near a pirated copy. That's why console gaming is alive, while pc gaming is dead and buried. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here who even remembers what pc gaming was.
  allanswers: Absolutely. 99% of console gamers buy their games bec…
KraGeRzR: Bullshit. PC Gaming is NOT dead and buried. I've r…
Un Om Bun: Okey-dokey.
GrgoljBlaster: Jesus guys, he was sarcastic. At least I think he was
Raziel: Well, PC gaming is not dead at all. However, console …
Mr. Furious Aug 23 2010, 05:41 am EDT
HA! And they thought ONLY PC Games were pirated. May they eat crow now and learn that EVERYTHING digital CAN BA HACKED!!!

Also, PC Gaming is NOT dead, it's alive and kicking. But with so many game developers creating their games ONLY for consoles because they think all PC Gamers are pirates, it's no wonder people think it's dead.
Doomsday. Aug 23 2010, 06:29 am EDT
serves u right Microdicks!
Marku5K Aug 23 2010, 07:00 am EDT
Microsoft as a company may be a dick but the developers are high class professionals, who make polished and high quality games and it's kinda sad to see theyr work go wasted like this.
Fuckd__4_Life Aug 23 2010, 08:16 am EDT
You would think MS, being the world's largest IT fucking company in the world, would know better than to put the entire game on Xbox Live which is VERY easy to hack and access from.

Didn't they XBLA games, each and everyone of them, are readily available for consoles that are 'JTAG'ed'?
Cheddar Aug 23 2010, 08:28 am EDT
It's actually more likely one of the reviewers leaked the game to a warez group than it is that someone hacked Live when MS was ready and waiting for it.

Not saying the latter isn't possible, just that the former is a much simpler and thus more plausible explanation. Occam's razor, folks.

Games are getting released for illegal download before the ship-date all the time. How do you think that's happening? It's usually not because of leet hax0rz... but useful 'contacts' in the industry.
  Fuckd__4_Life: Games are leaked with 'deals' made between the hack g…
Cheddar: Oh, people do suspect, you just can't really be caugh…
daver18qc Aug 23 2010, 09:06 am EDT
Oh noes !
Another uninteresting, unimaginative game leaked !
I want my mommy ;-(
  Un Om Bun: lol, true, true...
finaleve Aug 23 2010, 09:19 am EDT
This is like spoiling the Star Wars prequels to someone. We already know what happens anyways so its not like we're gonna kill ourselves.
Cheddar Aug 23 2010, 09:34 am EDT
Hah. Finaleve makes an excellent point.

"Go dark" indeed... as if the legion of Halo fanboys really care all that much about the single-player campaign anyway.
  GrgoljBlaster: really? i thought all those Halol fanboyz orgasm over…
Un Om Bun: Halo would be dead and long forgotten, if not for the…
Juxtapose: @un om bun Considering how well the PC version of Hal…
Cheddar: ^ This is…
Cheddar: And btw, your dismissal of HL2's narrative experience…
Juxtapose: @Cheddar Dude, I've always respected your opinions an…
TooDrunkToFunk: Basically both of you insulted the other and proved n…
Juxtapose: Then it sure doesn't take much to get his "panties in…
Et3rnal Aug 23 2010, 09:49 am EDT
Microsoft asks gamers to "go dark".
They should stay off the internet, not talk to people, read newspapers or watch news. In fact, its for the best they should quit their jobs and lock themselves in a room until reach comes out
Sleepy_Foot_Rulz Aug 23 2010, 10:47 am EDT
PC gaming is dead...and companies like ATi n nVidia aren't doing anything to change that. Sure they're selling their cheap as shit, low margin, run of the mill GPUs for Xboxes and PS3s, but they know that the PC GPU market is the creme de la creme.

If they don't start trying to bring these games back to the pc, they will see they're oh so lucrative market sublimate into the thin air in a few years time.
  KeepSmilin: As much as hearsay and companies gearing up to move i…
Shpongle Aug 23 2010, 12:06 pm EDT
out of the 100 people in my class, only 7 have an xbox, and 79 have a desktop pc, while the rest 14 have laptops =) so don't tell me pc gaming is dead lol
  satangel: you have 100 people in your classroom? do you live in…
KeepSmilin: He might be in university. My class in engineering ha…
TooDrunkToFunk: Polled them all, have you?
Terminator Aug 23 2010, 04:12 pm EDT
How could MS be so STUPID!? Fuckers!
  KeepSmilin: May be technologically retarded manager decided to 'l…
Terminator: Ha Ha, they saved costs alright!
Stinke Aug 24 2010, 03:04 am EDT
Gotta play older games. Playing Ultima Online now again with friends.


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