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Halo: Reach Beta Kicks-off, But Not So Smoothly

The massive Halo: Reach beta which began yesterday is "not quite fully operational," according to development studio Bungie. Mind you, it should be a great deal more operational than it was the other day when it was "getting hammered."

"It should be moving at a pretty good clip now that our online team has applied some technological fix-ups," the devs posted on their official web site yesterday.

They continue: "You should still expect suboptimal performance, but you should also now be getting games with relative ease. Once again, thanks for being patient. Unless of course you weren't patient at all and you made like a million posts to the feedback forum to complain about the outage even though there were already like a million posts already made complaining about the outage. If you were that guy, thanks for nothing!"

Halo 3: ODST owners were able to log into the beta as of yesterday. We're still gonna give it a week or so. After that, the real complaints, observations and rants are sure to pour in.


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Sleek May 04 2010, 02:55 am EDT
I actually bought xbox live for this, about to download it.
Vader [STAFF] May 04 2010, 03:04 am EDT
Imagine all the tea-bagging that's gonna ensue...
Sleek May 04 2010, 03:35 am EDT
I am incredibly excited.
mmacarthur May 04 2010, 04:12 am EDT
I don't have a 360 myself but from what I've seen of Halo Reach it reminds me very much of Unreal Tournament III...
SGMRock May 04 2010, 05:31 am EDT
I think the Xbox is really getting pushed to its limits now. I have a few newer games that get slow downs and stuff you didn't see when it first came out. My PC games are looking much better now that DX10 is getting used better and with higher RAM counts and 64 bit OS's the 360 is getting to be old tech.

Not to mention I'm getting tired of games coming out on the 360 and PC and only having DX9 because they are to cheap to develope it for PC the way they should. Recently played BF Bad Company 1 on my 360 after having played the 2nd one on my PC for a month or so. PC wins hands down.
Terminator May 04 2010, 06:06 am EDT
It's definately time for a new Xbox. PS3 is good for a few years yet, since the devs still can't push it to the limit. I really don't mind the extended console cycle, since we don't have to upgrade our PC's as often anymore.
Whisky May 04 2010, 05:33 pm EDT
The 360 still has legs, it's poor coding that makes stuff run slowly, not the hardware. And comparing to the PS3, it's the exact same cell CPU and has twice the ram the PS3 has.

Unless NXE is so bloated it's eating up all the ram, anything from MS is possible...

Really the only advantages the PS3 has are open hard drive support and blu-ray (and maybe better networked media compatibility). MS could fix all the media compatibility problems and also turn the 360 into a premier home theater rig... but they won't and I don't understand why. Would that dent the sales of people building/buying HTPCs running Windows 7? Who knows.
  Fatty: 360 has the XEON cpu or something. 3 real-core cpu. …


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