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Halo Reach Site Launches

The next Halo game from Microsoft and Bungie got a new web site, which just went live. Check out the official Halo Reach web site here.

The web site reads: "The Halo: Reach World Premiere is airborne and destined for the Spike TV Video Game Awards airing this Saturday night, 12/12."

"Since you've got some time to kill between then and now, we figured we'd deploy the updated and more official Halo: Reach project page so you can get familiar with the one stop shop for all things Reach-related."

Here we go again. As always, millions and millions of gamers will be buying another Halo game and Bungine will remain a slave to the franchise for all eternity.

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Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 11 2009, 04:57 am EST
Holy shit, do you see that ? They're standing on the inside of the planet, except outside and upside down. That is sooo science-fictiony !
  Vader: Blow's your mind, doesn't it.
Un Om Bun: It makes me wanna ditch everything and become an astr…
run_like_snot Dec 11 2009, 05:00 am EST
Damn my efforts to kill the Halo franchise have failed
Forteh Dec 11 2009, 05:02 am EST
since halo odst and halo wars bungie can kiss my ass.
  InsanePotato: ODST has been the best halo game easily. Plus it actu…
Forteh Dec 11 2009, 05:04 am EST
btw the page looks silly -.-
Fuckd__4_Life Dec 11 2009, 05:35 am EST
I feel sad more for Bungie than the millions of blind Halo fans that will buy the game for the name. As Vader said, they will always remain slaves to Halo. ALWAYS. The monstrosity of this reality is unknown, unimaginable, scary and for others, a loath. Oh Bungie, i feel sorry for you.

I know that they make millions upon millions upon millions and another million to top of the smacking cream, but in this creative field, with such creative heads, and this underlying fire to emerge out and do something new, these they quench that thrust for freedom?
Forteh Dec 11 2009, 05:49 am EST
@ fuckd :D

the biggest ripoff is, that more people gonna buy halo odst for the beta key.....
johnny5 Dec 11 2009, 06:48 am EST
I never understood the Halo bashers. Don't like the games? Don't buy them. Don't like to read about the game? Don't waste your time.

I don't find any appeal in anime, but I don't bitch about it every time some super-hyped Japanese game gets a story.

So you have a different opinion about a game than other people... that's cool, now get over yourselves. Do you think people will suddenly "see the light" because some anonymous face behind a keyboard whines about how "over rated" the games are? Nope.
  Vycka: Yea, I know. I never really understood critics in gen…
johnny5: I'm all for being critical of products/services. The…
gray fox: I've played halo, I found things in Halo that are "ma…
imadetheuniverse4fun Dec 11 2009, 07:46 am EST
Quit ripping on the Halo franchise you stupid fucks. That's all you do every time you even see the word Halo mentioned. Go write a book or some shit. Or if you want, mention your OPINION about the subject Once, then shut the fuck up.

I hope they keep making Halo games just to piss you lot off.

You haven't even seen the tiniest detail about Halo Reach and you're bashing on it.
  gray fox: ya I hope for more generic basic shooters with lame s…
finaleve Dec 11 2009, 09:49 am EST
If Halo ODST wasn't shorter than most of the dick's that play halo series, I'd be up for it. This better be long, but I'm sure just like every other halo game (except the first one), the multiplayer modes will be its focus.
PanteraFan666 Dec 11 2009, 09:55 am EST
halo, ended with the third game so people dont buy these other ones there a waste.
  InsanePotato: ODST > Halo Trilogy, and i actually like the halo tri…
Alchi Dec 11 2009, 11:04 am EST
A prequel. Great.
There were 3 parts and an epilogue. (I guess ODST can be called epilogue - dunno haven't played it). So if they will not go completely money-grabbing about it, there will be only 2 more games. The intersequels ( 2 interludes, between main parts.)

Great!!! 3 more games and theoretically there will not be anything left in Halo.

I'd like to see wtf will hapen then.
  Un Om Bun: What then, you ask ? Master Queef wakes up... it was …
Alchi: "amagad" :D that's the funniest bit I heard today.
DungeonRaider: ODST is more of an interlude itself... overlaps the e…
Alchi: Halo wars was not made by bungie so they don't count.…


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