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Jay Wilson Painfully Admits Diablo 3 Auction House 'really hurt' Game

If the formula ain't broken, don't fix it.

Jay Wilson, former director for Diablo III, stated during a panel at GDC 2013 that Diablo III's auction house has done more harm than good. He said:

[The Auction House] really hurt the game.

What's especially interesting is he felt that way before the game launched, but went along with the new structure anyway. The effects have had such a devastating effect on the formula that he said Blizzard would disable the auction house if it was possible. Unfortunately, the entire game structure and monetary system are built around its existence.

At this point, Diablo III is a game of grinding gold. The moments of finding spectacular loot, which is what made the series so popular, are few and far between. Even when you do find a legendary item, in most cases it'll be looked at for its monetary value. In Inferno it's a rare occurance to find an item that you would use, let alone finding legendaries that aren't abundant on the auction house.

With the game deeply rooted in the very thing that prevents it from being a major success with fans, Blizzard is battling to make the rest of the experience compelling. After almost a year of patches the Inferno experience is much improved, but it'll take an expansion to really give the game a fighting chance.

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RacerX Mar 29 2013, 09:59 am EDT
I probably won't ever buy Diablo3. I have 4 friends that won't buy it either. The reason is the single-player game is online only. And now the main feature for them to need that level of control is what is hurting the game. Poetic justice?
  Jonathan_Leack: I've had some great moments with Diablo 3, and my fir…
Cheddar Mar 29 2013, 11:27 am EDT
To be fair, Legendaries are significantly more common now with the new 'Monster Power' optional difficulty-setting that came with one of the latest patches. Among other things, it dramatically raises the 'Magic Find' percentage stat to scale with the increased difficulty of the monsters.

At Monster Power 5 through 10, you'll even probably find a few Legendaries on Normal difficulty (although odds are they'll be low-level crap you'll have no interest whatsoever in equipping).
  Jonathan_Leack: I've gotten 3 Legendaries on my 12 Paragon level, 220…
Cheddar: This is why I mention the Monster Power thing. If yo…
Jonathan_Leack: I've completed up to Monster Power 4. I've gotten a f…
Cheddar: Well, there is certainly a negative point to be made …
Cheddar: /rant
LostPcGamer Mar 29 2013, 01:12 pm EDT
Finally the fool says something I can agree on. The game is designed around it despite them saying it was only optional.

If they removed it there also wouldn't be a need to online. It would be another black mark among many with Blizzard lately.
RenegadeCZ Mar 29 2013, 01:24 pm EDT
It's fucking Easter people, that's what this is! First EA, now this guy. Repent, sinners!
im_stardust Mar 29 2013, 01:47 pm EDT
GREED is what ruined Diablo 3.
Terminator Mar 29 2013, 02:38 pm EDT
It's about time someone at Blizzard admitted the truth about Diablo 3.
Duffey Mar 29 2013, 03:18 pm EDT
APRIL FOOLS trololol
  LostPcGamer: Wrong it's not yet April.
RenegadeCZ: Nice one, took me like 10 seconds to remember what da…
LostPcGamer: Do you always take comments seriously Mr. RenegadeCZ?…
RenegadeCZ: Well, his comment really made me think what day it is…
Vader [STAFF] Mar 29 2013, 07:01 pm EDT
Yep, its definitely not April yet
Breedy_Mcfluff Mar 29 2013, 09:58 pm EDT
This just in: trees grow.

What a fool. One of many fools.
moriwenne Mar 30 2013, 05:25 am EDT
To each his own. If people like playing the game as it is then all I can say is good for them.
For me, I enjoyed playing the single player once. During, I always despised the AH because all I did as I advanced and grabbed money, was go to the AH and grab the best eq that my money could buy and I was always buffed. Bah. Why did they make it like so?

Then when I was done blizzard suggested that I play the entire story again 3 more times, the exact same thing, right after I finished, while they just sent over more minions that were also stronger.
Well, there are so many games out there and so little time, replaying just to kill stuff, with no extra incentive, that's seriously grindy. Never touched it again.
Ren3d Mar 30 2013, 07:34 am EDT
What's this deal about patching the game to oblivion to make it playable and enjoyable. Blizzard screwed this game with RMAH. I'm definitely not going to buy the expansion pack. I've always loved Blizzard because of their games are just Activision.
  PerfectXtreme: RMAH has NOTHING to do with this. People keep pointi…
daver18qc Mar 30 2013, 09:44 am EDT
HAHA, no shit, Sherlock !



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