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JJ Abrams Serious About Half-Life & Portal Movies

Having a very comfortable position in the glamorous world of big-budget Hollywood movie making, director JJ Abrams also seems to have his mitts on the potential movie versions of two of the gaming industry's most revered achievements - Half-life and Portal.

As any true-hearted gamer will tell you, both of these FPS delights were churned out by developer Valve and word is that the studio is already speaking with JJ Abrams about the idea of movie adaptations for both franchises. The director also said that these titles were among his most favorite video games.

"Which is that we are really talking to Valve, we are going to be bringing on a writer, we have a lot of very interesting ideas," said Abrams to Polygon. "We're also aware of the cautionary tales of movies that became games and vice versa. Our goal here to is to treat the world Valve has created in both these properties like anyone would a book or some great story that comes from a pitch or original script - just to treat it with the respect they treat their games and their players with."

He added: "We're not looking to make a movie in the gaming world, we're not looking to impose what we do on that, we're looking forward to taking some of our strengths and collaborating with some of these incredible minds that make some of my favorite games."

Okay, we've all pondered this one many times: who's perfect for the role of Gordon Freeman?

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Hamsterkill Feb 06 2013, 03:17 pm EST
It would probably end up being a waste of his talent, but Daniel Day-Lewis?
  Vader: naaah, he's completely wrong for the role.
Cheddar: Day-Lewis is never wrong for any role. He could play…
Little Beaver Feb 06 2013, 03:25 pm EST
This dude:

Just compare the facial expressions and add some beard.
Reikhardt Feb 06 2013, 04:20 pm EST
Bryan Cranston. I know it would make Freeman older than the games suggested but isn't that par for the course these days?
Failing that, Gary Oldman is so adaptable he could do it.
  Cheddar: Cranston and Oldman wouldn't let anyone down, that's …
KraGeRzR: The main thing to realize is that he's not a characte…
Breedy_Mcfluff Feb 06 2013, 06:29 pm EST
Ethan Hawke?
raingod Feb 06 2013, 09:51 pm EST
Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Reaper Feb 06 2013, 10:33 pm EST
I would say Edward Norton because of the physique....
Christian Bale?
But we have to remember one other thing, Gordon Freeman DOESN'T SPEAK!
  touretul: Edward Norton is good because he looks kind of neady …
Nameinuse Feb 06 2013, 11:44 pm EST
That Lindelof fellow better keep his tetacles away from this!
touretul Feb 07 2013, 01:36 am EST
They should make the movie Half Life 3, and then we will get finally somewhere.
touretul Feb 07 2013, 01:39 am EST
...and Michael Fassbender for Gordon Freeman
Vodoo Feb 07 2013, 03:32 am EST
will the movies be "lore support" in the said game's universe or just overly expensive pointless adaptations ?

the 2 dead space animation movies were not brilliant but they were good.
you PLAYED the fucking game, why would you watch it all over again ?

now making something that expands on the world or brings more attention to details left out by the game, THAT makes sense.
Bubu Feb 07 2013, 07:56 am EST
JJ Abrams for president of the world and shit.
Terminator Feb 07 2013, 05:06 pm EST
I'm getting sick of JJ Abrams.
Cheddar Feb 07 2013, 09:33 pm EST
Remember when Michael Bay was the guy suddenly involved with everything?

Could be worse.


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