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Kickstarter Game Yogventures Canceled; Backers Given Steam Key to Different Game

The Kickstarter game Yogventures was extremely successful in its fundraising goals in 2012, having raised over $550,000 when it had an original goal of $250,000. The campaign was pushed by Yogscast for developer Winterkewl, and Yogscast sadly announced that Winterkewl Games has stopped all work on the game and has canceled the project.

"As you may have heard, Winterkewl Games have stopped work on Yogventures - but this is actually a good thing," Yogscast co-founder Lewis Brindley explained in an email to the 13,647 backers. "The project was proving too ambitious and difficult for them to complete with their six-man team."

So to start with making up to the backers, Yogscast has offered a Steam Early Access key for TUG, an open-world survival title that Nerd Kingdom has been developing.

"In many ways TUG is the game we were hoping Winterkewl would create," Brindley continued. "It has huge potential for the future. We've been playing the Early Access version on Steam and you'll soon be able to see us playing the game on Yogscast channels."

Several backers are not pleased with the switch, and many have asked for a refund. In addition, simply offering another game doesn't entirely satisfy the backers who pledged more to recieve other tangible items. Five of these backers plunked down $10,000 for this project, which guaranteed a lunch with Yogscast.

Sensing this could be a problem, Yogscast issued the following statement to Eurogamer:

Last week we announced that everyone concerned will get a copy of TUG. Nerd Kingdom's game is still in alpha but is shaping up to be everything we wanted Yogventures to be. In addition, we have organised for Nerd Kingdom to have the source code, assets and designs of Yogventures to ensure we're making best use of Winterkewl's work.

For the Yogventures Kickstarter backers the physical rewards should already have been received and we're happy for people to contact us at if any are missing so we can look into it for them.

For those rewards that were specifically based on in-game items we're working with Nerd Kingdom to try and match them as closely as possible and will communicate that directly to the people concerned and take any feedback on board.

We also hope to be able to announce other games and fun stuff for the backers and buyers of Yogventures over the summer. Watch this space.

I haven't backed a game on Kickstarter, and it's always this fear that has prevented me from doing so. I know it's a complete risk to pledge any money to a Kickstarter project, but here is exactly why I have never ventured to take such a risk.

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Mauvais_Karma_X Jul 17 2014, 08:16 am EDT
10000$ from a single bakcer ? Wooo did these 5 people (real people or something like an association ?) hoped to start with level 100 or something like this ? Inifinite lives ?
Who has 10000$ to throw away by the window ? Tell my i 'll stick in the street to collect 'em :)
  finaleve: I'd personally like to believe it was the Yogscast gu…
Ravenitrius Jul 17 2014, 03:56 pm EDT
Does this include people who didn't back it but bought the game via humble store?


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