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Late Night Update
Filed under: CHRISTMAS
Okay, the crappiest beer I've ever tasted and I just kept on drinking it. Why? Oh because everybody else was drinking like crazy - damn Christmas office parties.

Anyway, I am now fighting my way through possibly one of the worst hangovers ever.

Oh just thought of my New Year's resolution. Stop drinking alcohol completely.

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Reikhardt Dec 22 2012, 05:11 pm EST

I suspected that today's Mornin' was delayed via the medium of alcohol.
It's always good to let loose once in a while.
Superastic Dec 22 2012, 05:13 pm EST
It's tough to be different, Vader. A guy who doesn't drink alcohol? Add 'get into mma' to that resolution.
Cheddar Dec 22 2012, 06:56 pm EST
Of course, the thing about crappy beer is that if you drink enough of it, after awhile the taste doesn't matter.

And sometimes the taste isn't the point, anyway; I don't think there's any possible way I could suffer through something like a Christmas office party without getting pretty drunk.
PigMaster Dec 23 2012, 02:13 am EST
i don't drink alcohol
on the other hand, in the past 4 days i've been through such amount of chemicals, i think i'll start drinking soon...
Doomsday. Dec 23 2012, 02:20 am EST
RenegadeCZ Dec 23 2012, 02:24 am EST
Crappy beer is relative. What many consider a fine lager, we in the Czech Republic despise for having a bland taste and little to no beer froth.

Our beer is simply the best!
  tei187: I respect Czech people for pouring a fine volume of b…
RenegadeCZ: Too bad that you're able to order just a 0,3 or a 0,5…
tei187: Oh fk, since when? 0,5 was the "lady cup" last time I…
RenegadeCZ: Since I remember. Still, what does it matter if you h…
EricHalfBee: You sir, are not wrong. Great beer. I feel sorry f…
tei187 Dec 23 2012, 02:52 am EST
Stop drinking? That's not very patriotic.
touretul Dec 23 2012, 04:37 am EST
the answer is not stop drinking, but begin drinking of expensive stuff. all the drunks are drinking shit alcohol, cheep lager no fuckin' taste piss colored beer.
change it to single malt scoth, 15 to 21 YO, and don't drink. just taste.
  RenegadeCZ: Yeah, but those are friggin expensive. The funny thin…
touretul: they are, but you can make it last a year. and that's…
Shpongle Dec 23 2012, 10:54 am EST
I just finished FarCry3. BEST FUCKING GAME EVER! It's like Skyrim but with guns and on a tropical island in modern day time. DUDE i fucken loved dr. ernharndt, his shroom trips were awesome..fucking shit man what a fucking a game, i recommend it to everyone. 10/10. Game of the decade.
  LostPcGamer: Congratulations your what makes the industry what it …
Terminator: I really need to play FarCry 3. See what all the fuss…
Reikhardt: @LostPcGamer: Agreed.
RenegadeCZ: It cannot, but still it's a load of fun.
EricHalfBee: Damn, another game on the TODO list.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 23 2012, 12:00 pm EST
Wouldn't say it's the best game ever. Not bad. But not the best game ever.
Terminator Dec 23 2012, 12:17 pm EST
Bush Light is my beer of choice. It tastes decent and it's cheap. I let the rich boys buy that expensive stuff. Speaking of which, I need to pick up a case of Bush Light today. Peak Season is over at my company :)
  EricHalfBee: Bill Hicks on Bush beer, well, kind of: http://www.y…
EricHalfBee: Wrong one! Here we go, Busch Beer: http://www.youtub…
Vader [STAFF] Dec 24 2012, 04:56 am EST
Got to watch out for crappy beers in future.
  EricHalfBee: You're too old too drink rubbish beer Vader!
Vader: I just... Look, I know, alright.
Cheddar Dec 25 2012, 12:02 pm EST
On my third already today.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 26 2012, 05:26 am EST
Wow, you started early.
  Cheddar: If you can't knock 'em back early on Christmas Day, w…
Vader [STAFF] Dec 28 2012, 06:20 am EST
Omg, he's back... the spammer I mean. Just when I thought I killed him off for good.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 29 2012, 06:39 am EST
And again...


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