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Limbo Seems Pretty Damn Awesome
Same as every year, a few titles go by unnoticed. Indie game LIMBO isn't one of them apparently, because I'm the only sap who missed it. Anyway, check out the trailer:

The official web site for LIMBO is right here.

Thanks, un om bun.

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mmacarthur Jun 21 2010, 06:18 am EDT
That does look pretty cool, hopefully it'll come to PC as well.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 21 2010, 06:28 am EDT
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 21 2010, 06:50 am EDT
It started out as a 360 exclusive, but rumor has it they'll make it for all the 3 major platforms.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 21 2010, 06:55 am EDT
Well these days most games make it to all three platforms, even indie games.
Vodoo Jun 21 2010, 07:15 am EDT
i think i shat myself with glee.

thank you Fagman and Rectum boy, lots of man love to you both for finding this one.
  Un Om Bun: Look for the gameplay videos. They're more impressive…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 21 2010, 07:15 am EDT
There's also a cool 2D rover game I saw a few days before E3. I can't remember it's name though. You control this block head dude on wheels and you have to navigate all kinds of weird terrains. I looked pretty awesome to me. If somebody knows what I'm talking about, kindly drop a link bitch.
zaeb Jun 21 2010, 08:51 am EDT
just when i tought its gonna be a next best thing i sow that fucking xbox logo. godamn fucking exclusives. bullshit studios. faget microsoft.
GrgoljBlaster Jun 21 2010, 09:14 am EDT
looks promising, sort of like Braid. i like it :)
just make it for pc
Ftmch Jun 21 2010, 12:01 pm EDT
Impressive stuff, I like the visual style.
Nameinuse Jun 21 2010, 01:22 pm EDT
Reminds me of Heard Of Darkness, the very first game I've played.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 21 2010, 01:51 pm EDT
That's a very good game to start gaming :) I've played it many times... Good one. It was made by the creator of Another World - huge talent.
Nameinuse Jun 21 2010, 02:33 pm EDT
Well, there were other games, like tronic and some other one, but that was the first real game. Yeah, it was great.
cybergod Jun 21 2010, 03:11 pm EDT
Cheddar Jun 21 2010, 03:47 pm EDT
Yeah, GameInformer was saying that this is a game to keep your eye on.

My only concern is that the minimalist art style might get a little too minimalist the longer you play it.
Cheddar Jun 21 2010, 03:50 pm EDT
Btw, they're not showing it in this clip, but when you die in this game it's as gruesome as you'd expect from death by a buzz-saw, giant insect, massive stone block, etc.

Don't let playing as a little boy character fool you. Limbo will definitely be an adult-themed game. To both save and cater to the minimalist art style, Limbo should be an intense auditory experience with distinct horror elements.
Hitman Jun 21 2010, 07:00 pm EDT
So simple yet so fun, a prime example of keeping gaming fresh but without going over the top with gimmicks.. like being able to slice people and the environment in half.
ashmasters Jun 22 2010, 02:00 am EDT
thats it. am dloading heart of darkness. am missing that game like crazy. hope wont be disappointed last played it on my 200 MMX PC with....wait for it.......32 BLOODY MEGS OF RAM. OMG. plus 5GB Hard disk. built in 3d accelerator and 2 floppy drives.


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