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Mafia 2 DLC Next Week
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2K Games reveals its plans to release 'Jimmy's Vendetta' the latest batch of DLC for their action adventure Mafia 2.

Word is: "Jimmy's Vendetta takes players into an alternate perspective of the mob through the eyes of Jimmy, the guy the other guys call when they need to finish the job. Players will get their hands dirty helping Jimmy clean up other people's messes as they deal with the Italian and Irish mobsters that reside in Empire Bay. As players progress, a slew of new quests are unlocked, including assassination and timed vehicle pursuits ending in dramatic shoot-outs and explosive car chases. Execute with deadly head shots or charged explosives, and rack up points for precision-timed vehicular power slides, lofty jumps, and supercharged velocity. Multipliers and combos add bonus points to overall scores that will be immediately posted to thenew online leaderboard system, providing extensive re-playability as players work to rise to the top of the ranks."

Jimmy's Vendetta is set to land on September 7, offering over 30 new quests and leaderboard ranking. The add-on will be available via PlayStation Store (PS3), Xbox Live Marketplace (360) and for Windows PC for $9.99/800 Microsoft Points.

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Sujet Aug 31 2010, 08:45 am EDT
I saw those steam achievements and was wondering where they were from. $10 for a new game to release DLC seems like a rip tho more stuff they could have but didn't include in retail.
herbertfilby Aug 31 2010, 08:49 am EDT
So they're basically making us pay $10 for Freeride Extreme. Glad I didn't order the Special Edition.
blitsie Aug 31 2010, 09:10 am EDT
Having to actually buy the side missions for a game, now I've heard everything.

EricHalfBee Aug 31 2010, 10:18 am EDT
This is now standard 2K practice. Pay to unlock shipped content. It isn't really 'DLC' at all.

Does it make any practical difference though? They could have it all lined up on release day but then release it for download at a price sometime later. It's only the mechanism that's changed. Somehow it still leaves a sour taste though doesn't it? With actual DLC we can kid ourselves that 'Hit Game X' was so great and such a success that the developers rushed back to their desks to code some more exciting content for us to enjoy. Whereas this just feels like lining up to be milked by the publisher's marketing boys.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 31 2010, 10:28 am EDT
I'm gonna enjoy bootlegging Mafia 2's DLCs.
  Sujet: They'll add a DLC wanted poster of you ingame.
Un Om Bun: That'd be sweet.
EricHalfBee: I'm almost tempted to buy the DLC/game to see those h…
Un Om Bun: I wish I was half as awesome as mr. construction work…
Shpongle Aug 31 2010, 04:07 pm EDT
haha Idk coz I pirate all the games. Except Guild Wars and World of Warcraft :P everything else is a pirate plunder fest for me :D
  CJ_Parker: Yarrr matey!!! :p
Shpongle: YAAAAARRRRR!!! And a bottle of rum....AAARGGGHH!!!!11
Terminator Aug 31 2010, 04:12 pm EDT
Just great, more fucking DLC. Do they even bother to FINISH a game anymore? It's like they stop at the 90% mark, and save the other 10% for DLC.
  Shpongle: Money. It's all about money.
EricHalfBee: Giving them plenty of credit there Terminator at jus…
Terminator: Indeed, it's more like 25%.


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