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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Next Week

BioWare and EA have both confirmed that the downloadable content for Mass Effect 3, "Extended Cut," is finally going to arrive to the US on June 26 (Tuesday). According to the official, FAQ the Extended Cut "expands on the original endings of Mass Effect 3 through additional scenes and epilogue sequences. It provides more of the answers and closure that players have been asking for. It gives a sense of what the future holds as a result of the decisions made throughout the series. And it shows greater detail in the successes or failures based on how players achieved their endings."

Incidentally, outraged fans have appealed to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in regards to the disappointing ending to the game and how BioWare has mislead its buyers with false advertising that we can actually influence the out come of the game. However, the ASA ruled in favor of the development studio.

Despite the ruling, BioWare is releasing the content to provide a more satisfying closure to the ME story. We have yet to see if this is going to please so many fans who are still looking for more answers and more decent closure to a story which they've shaped in their own playthroughs.

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Dean_Demon Jun 22 2012, 01:57 pm EDT
Gamers are going to be even more furious with Bioware in less than a week as nothing has changed,no gameplay changes have been made just a different slant on explaining why it ended the way it did,EA will sack me if they know i wrote this but i don't care anymore.
xXSheperdXx Jun 22 2012, 01:58 pm EDT
"more satisfying closure to the ME story." Well i goddamn hope so, ME deserves a good closure, damnit Shepherd deserves a good closure
Terminator Jun 22 2012, 01:59 pm EDT
I'm not touching this DLC until I find videos of it on YouTube. I want to know every single detail of it!
  Vader: Hm, but that's gonna spoil the ending!
Reikhardt Jun 22 2012, 03:15 pm EDT
I invested a hell of a lot of time in the ME games and I was very disappointed in the ME3 ending (although the game was very enjoyable). I'd like to see a re-worked ending rather than an expanded one in all honesty.
KraGeRzR Jun 22 2012, 03:37 pm EDT
I'm going to play this, but really I just lost interest. It could have been so much more, and they blew it.

They lost already. The fanboys need to accept this. What's done was done. Even the best reworked ending in the world can only alleviate the memory somewhat.
im_stardust Jun 22 2012, 03:40 pm EDT
Since when you people expect good endings? Haven't had one of those in years in a video game.

Most developers don't know shit on how to make a game ending.
Sigma_100 Jun 22 2012, 04:24 pm EDT
I really hate to agree with Stardust, but seriously.
Doomsday. Jun 22 2012, 04:42 pm EDT
They are not changing the ending, but just explaining in detail why it sucked so hard!

Extended Cut DLC = This is why our sh*t stinks!

"Brave Soldiers of EARTH defense Initiative.

We brought all the races from galaxy. Every race, every being is here with us to defend our homewrold against the Reapers. We will fight till our last breath. We will not back off. We will nor surrender."

10 minutes later.....

"Fuck you all."
finaleve Jun 22 2012, 05:26 pm EDT
The ending sucked. Hard. There is no excuse to this ending unless the real ending got mixed up with a Casey Hudson's little kid's "When I grow up I want everyone to be equal" story that got an A and accidentally hung the real ending on the fridge.

Even they should have watched and wondered what was really wrong with the game. Art? It's art if it was good. When it's not good, it's garbage. That is what this game has become.

At least MGS4 had the decent to tie up almost every loose end (except for Snake), give every character some closure (except for Snake), and overall feel like it was some epic ending. Sure it ended with a cliffhanger, but enough to say that there may be more in the future. There wasn't a "So WTF where did everyone go?" or "Why did this happen the way it did?" kind of thing. It was EXPLAINED.
BmmB Jun 23 2012, 03:44 am EDT
This is wrong on so many levels. Bioware shouldn't do this. So called "fans" bitches should suck it up like the bitches they are.

It was explained for those with brains and some capability of interpolation (in mathematical sense).
SpaceMonkey Jun 23 2012, 06:13 am EDT
Explanation was never the problem, bioware just too the explanation rout as a solution.

The real problem is that the ending sucks, and not because all the endings are bad endings but because our choice doesn't matter.

Remember Baldur's gate 2 throne of bhaal how we can actually BECOME the new bhaal, choose to settle down, have kids, and many other endings based on our actions? Well non of that in ME3, just fucking red blue green.

The worst part is every other bioware games that came before it did better and people come to have a certain expectation from the company and they blew it.
Terminator Jun 23 2012, 12:43 pm EDT
Bioware lost its' soul when EA bought them. It's an empty shell of a company now :(


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