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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Not Gonna Make Everyone Happy

BioWare's new DLC, Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, which is supposed to provide a slightly better conclusion to the story, evidently 'won't satisfy everyone' as the developers themselves put it. BioWare said that certain fan feedback they received on the ME conclusion simply couldn't be addressed.

"When things are really constructive like that, even when it's critical, it means a lot to us, because when you think about the artists and writers, all the people here - they work because they're passionate about games," said game producer Casey Hudson. "They're passionate about making a really great experience for players. So when they get constructive feedback, constructive criticism, they're really excited about that.

"You can never completely satisfy everyone. We've seen a whole range of feedback, ranging from people who wanted a total redo, to people who had concerns and questions about the original endings, to people who loved the original endings and have told us they don't want to change anything," he added.

ME3: Extended Cut will be available in the US tomorrow.

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Reaper Jun 25 2012, 09:18 am EDT
"people who loved the original endings and have told us they don't want to change anything," - Probably Bioware employees and families...
  cocoliso: LOL who on earth can love the original endings they j…
RenegadeCZ: I do.
KingofMadCows Jun 25 2012, 11:46 am EDT
It's funny how people are so pissed at the ending that they ignore all the other huge plot holes and the terrible writing in other parts of the game.

Heck, the entire climax of the game is a big plot hole. It's like the forgot the ending of the first ME. The Reapers can control the entire Mass Relay network from the Citadel. They could have just shut it off to prevent the Victory Fleet from attacking. Not only that but if they can take over the Citadel that easily, why didn't they just do it as soon as they invaded so that Shepard couldn't have united the galaxy to fight them?
Breedy_Mcfluff Jun 25 2012, 11:54 am EDT
They are extending the ending, but they aren't actually going to add on any more endings that would make more sense and would provide more closure, hm? Yeah, I have a feeling things are still going to be stupid and inconsistent. We can hope things are made better, though.

Reading about how a writer had said Casey Hudson wrote the ending without allowing any input/critique on it, the whole thing pisses me off.
cocoliso Jun 25 2012, 01:21 pm EDT
We will always remember Marauder Shields he who tried to save us from the ending:
  KraGeRzR: Haha that was fucking amazing. Thanks for posting.
Terminator Jun 25 2012, 04:11 pm EDT
Quote: "people who loved the original endings and have told us they don't want to change anything."

Who were the IDIOTS that told Bioware that? What a joke!
  LostPcGamer: There forum users are the idiots. There the most ass …
Roland19: To be fair, the mods tend towards banning you if you'…
Terminator: Amen to that. Bioware's forums are filled with ass ki…
Roland19 Jun 25 2012, 08:39 pm EDT
ME3's ending was essentially a mediocre writer's attempt at originality, and it backfired horribly. The new lead writer came up with this bollocks, then refused to hear any arguments from the team about changing it.

It'll never be changed, the damage was done as soon as ME3 was released, in effect topping what was otherwise a very good series with a big, sloppy, wet turd of an ending.


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