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Minecraft Game Earns Big Bucks

Minecraft, the independently developed world-building game, reached a peak in sales. The game had enough marketing exposure recently, what with the recent server issues, which subsequently led to a free-to-play weekend that attracted a great number of players. In addition, PA already made two comics about it, so that doesn't hurt either.

Minecraft's official sales-tracking site notes that the game was bought by 25,936 people 24 hours after it got back online last Wednesday. The game's developer (just one guy) marked a nice little profit - approximately $350,000.

Congrats to Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, may he be crowned with jewels and lovely, naked women for the rest of his adult life. Just wish the game's title included a different word... anything but 'Craft' Why does it have to be Craft? No wait, let me guess - you build stuff, so that's why it's 'Craft'... right he has the perfect excuse to call it that. Craft, craft, craft. The Mines of CraftCraft.

Yes, I'm jealous of the guy, because he's brilliant and I'm fucking stupid for not coming up with this idea first. Normally, we all get jealous of people who get rich in a few days time. It's only natural. Right? Right? My eye just started twitching.

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Copperr Sep 29 2010, 08:30 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] Sep 29 2010, 09:08 am EDT
Crafting your own harem. Now, you're talking.
Vodoo Sep 29 2010, 10:11 am EDT
The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment.

the profit only shows that people are willing to pay for anything just like those who buy anime rape games.
am i envious ? yes, would i be proud that people buy something pathetic produced by me ? no.

and don't give me any: respect to the man, he made money by himself.
so do drug dealers.
  Stinke: what do you have against drug dealers
im_stardust: Indeed. Drug dealers are decent people.
mmacarthur Sep 29 2010, 11:03 am EDT
Well the guy gets my respect he's made a shed load of money by designing and programming a game that people enjoy playing. The above post smacks of jealousy
if you ask me...
PerfectXtreme Sep 29 2010, 11:07 am EDT
People are getting rich off of garbage like "Farmville"

Why is this being posted as "news"

I see nothing special about this story.
RenegadeCZ Sep 29 2010, 11:57 am EDT
But the game is actually pretty good... But best thing about this is, that itīs still just an ALPHA version (pre-beta) so people actually pay for something like a subscription. Just a little heads-up.
cybergod Sep 29 2010, 01:48 pm EDT
More minecraft comics! Best game of this year if you ask me. Better than developers shoving their idea of fun down throats. Stories should develop themselves and that's why minecraft is success
IcedEarth Sep 29 2010, 02:07 pm EDT
I was going to check this out until I found out you have to PAY for it.
  cybergod: just go pirate it then. I pirated but it was real goo…
HolyLiaison: You only have to pay for the multi-player portion, wh…
araczynski: i laughed when i saw that so many people DID buy it. …
cybergod: he earned that money. Minecraft is a great game, I ha…
Freakboy: These posts reek of inaccurate information. Classi…
Romanus: speaking of inaccurate information, it is no longer k…
Fatty Sep 29 2010, 10:34 pm EDT
It's like low res legos.


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