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Mirror's Edge Teaser Includes Gameplay Footage
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DICE's upcoming parkour-inspired action adventure has been one of those surprise announcements that really gave us hope for the future of gaming. It let's us know that there are some dev. studios out there who aren't afraid to push certain genres forward with new ideas (in this case, the FPS genre). EA and DICE, unfortunately, have shown very little media from the game itself, save for a few screenshots.

Well, they've finally decided to treat us to a teaser trailer for the game. Sure, it's just a teaser, but a cool-looking teaser, featuring the first public gameplay footage and giving us a brief peek at the main heroine. Check it out:

The game is scheduled to arrive later this year for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. You can find our more in our Mirror's Edge preview.

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Reader Comments
Supcic May 06 2008, 02:06 am EDT
Definitely something to look forward to.I really like the color scheme of the game.
I wonder how all the complex movements are going to work in first person.
Roboman May 06 2008, 02:08 am EDT
sweet, im pumped. and i too really like the colors.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] May 06 2008, 02:11 am EDT
Cute. I hope the story won't be an afterthought. The music's also nice, it has an open, clear sky feel to it.
Paul May 06 2008, 02:13 am EDT
Absolutely beautiful.I am really glad to see something this beautiful coming from EA, there are some gems among turds like Dead Space afterall...

Definitely looking forward to playing it, and now I am gonna find hd quality.
Tyrael May 06 2008, 02:13 am EDT
Marvelous! simply goosebumping game, never seen something like it before, I can say its original at least, Im sure buying this one, hope is not too much of a hardware hog thou..
Paul May 06 2008, 02:21 am EDT
Damn, am gonna be watching this trailer a lot.Hopefully it wont end up like AC, great trailers, but the gameplay itself was very shallow...please dont let it be the case here, devs!
Vader [STAFF] May 06 2008, 02:24 am EDT
Are you guys in danger of actually saying something positive about EA?
  Tyrael: Im afraid yes this time
Vader: Yeah, it's cool to see them put their financial muscl…
Paul: Sumthing like that. Just seen that trailer for the…
Vader [STAFF] May 06 2008, 02:26 am EDT
I don't think it will be shallow. Besides, I have a good feeling about this game...
Paul May 06 2008, 02:30 am EDT
I had a good feeling about AC too...
But I won't be pessimistic, this is one of the few games (FO3,Alan Wake,GTA4) that I am genuinely looking forward to playing.
Vodoo May 06 2008, 02:56 am EDT
the gameplay looks absolutely wonderful, of that i have nothing to object....asian boobage....erhh ahem, as i was saying before i was rudely interrupted by my penis.

the only grudge i have against this jewel of ingenuity is the utopian environment during spring cleaning; even my toilet is dirtier than that city for heaven sakes.
IcedEarth May 06 2008, 03:40 am EDT
Every building is white as snow and it HURTS MY EYES.
cr3am May 06 2008, 04:16 am EDT
I wanna be able to play it in first and third person.
MrBored May 06 2008, 04:17 am EDT
It'll probably give people motion sickness...
  future man: If you've got a massive sloppy vagina.
MrBored: I wish I had a massive sloppy vagina. Hell, any kind…
future man: Yeah, I need to find a, new vagina. Any kind…
future man May 06 2008, 04:18 am EDT
Jesus Christ, I'll pick it up for sure. Thank Christ there's a PC version.
  Paul: Christ?Christ?! Thank EA, if you have to thank som…
Vader: I told you already. Don't start thanking EA too much,…
run_like_snot May 06 2008, 07:05 am EDT
HUDless ... nice
Would be good if there's an option to turn off "red" objects which are clearly possible to be interacted with..
  cr3am: I remember reading something about how seeing red obj…
Hitman: I have a special ability, I make vaginas red.
Zolneirz May 06 2008, 07:45 am EDT
soverign May 06 2008, 11:16 am EDT
asian parkour?

ah well.
thestewieman May 06 2008, 11:28 am EDT
ugh matrix like fps :X
Hitman May 06 2008, 11:41 am EDT
Hey nice music in the trailer, it's so relaxing that it makes me want to whip out the johnson and furiously masturbate myself to sleep.
stooge4444 May 06 2008, 12:32 pm EDT

I wonder how the controls will be.

I like the colours and music too. Nice and airy...
Neil May 07 2008, 07:15 am EDT
Come on... Let's be honest here... It's just a glorified platform game... Left, right, forward, backward, duck and jump. Just dressed up in some gloss to sell it... Parkour? It's just you clicking a jump and duck FFS?
Vader [STAFF] May 07 2008, 09:29 am EDT
Goddamn pessimist...
  Neil: It's called realism... Watch the video and behold not…
Loalrikowki May 07 2008, 12:12 pm EDT
Some of the human physics seem a bit unlikely, but I'm sure there's a logical explanation for how you can do a running jump onto a 6-inch wide pipe, execute a 90 degree turn and begin walking along said pipe without plummeting to your doom. Also having your feet leading you instead of trailing when you slide at high speed down a cable. Something to do with being asian, no doubt.
Voltage May 07 2008, 12:11 pm EDT
so this looks like altair in modern day pumped with streoids so that he can do matrix, but can barely climb up sides of buildings.... odd. But ill probbaly hav more fun flying off buildings and landing on cars.


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