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Modern Warfare 2 Recalled in Russia

Most of you who got a chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 should already know that the game -- SPOILER ALERT ON -- contains a level in which the player controls one of the terrorists and then gets to massacre defenseless civilians in an airport (you know what, wasn't too happy about that segment of the game myself). The game doesn't force you to do this, albeit it's not comforting to sit by and just watch the rest of the terrorists wipe out every civilian in sight. You can just wait for the sequence to end without pulling the trigger once - basically, the game gives you a choice to participate or simply watch the massacre take place -- SPOILER ALERT OFF.

Development studio Infinity Ward supposedly patched the PC edition, completely editing out the level in question. The censored version will hit retailers shortly.

For once, I do support censorship. Putting you into the shoes of a war veteran is one thing, but having you annihilate unarmed opponents, who also happen to be civilians isn't exactly necessary to ensure immersion. Seriously, try playing that part of the game and if you are a sane person, every innocent civilian you kill in the game will make you feel, well, bad... really, really bad provided you are fully immersed into the game, like I was. Ha, the delicious irony of it! The immersion seemed to have worked on me.

I dunno, folks. Maybe they did go a bit overboard with this one.


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Doomsday. Nov 16 2009, 04:16 am EST
whenever i play a baddie in an RPG, deep inside o me i feel i'm really EEvil.............even though its just a game but ur so immersed u really do feel bad sometimes!

*what a wuss!*
Vader [STAFF] Nov 16 2009, 04:17 am EST
Then it is a question of one's personal wussiness.
araczynski Nov 16 2009, 04:41 am EST
i liked that level, precisely BECAUSE it evoked emotion.

games that DON'T evoke any kind of an emotion out of a gamer are a waste of time. like playing a horror game and laughing the whole time.

couldn't give a flying fuck what russia thinks of the level, or that they want to edit it out for their own people. cuz obviously russia is the epitome of bad shit never happening.

on a side note, i was at a stupid gamestop over the weekend, yeah, don't hold it against me, i was bored, and some retardedl ittle 14 year old GIRL was talking about the level like "wow, it was so COOl, i got to shoot up an airport!", i wanted to bitch slap the sorry excuse for a tampon recepticle, but hey, freedom and all that shit...
Killer Klown Nov 16 2009, 04:44 am EST
I used that level to practice clicking off single shots with a SAW. Does this make me a bad person?
  Superastic: Nah, this only makes you a n00b.
Ftmch Nov 16 2009, 04:49 am EST
The level really didn't make me feel much, I don't know, I just think it felt TOO much.
However, I had a hard time making some necessary choices in Dragon Age, and other RPG's. I love it when your'e forced to make hard choices in RPG's though, because it makes me feel.
PainZero Nov 16 2009, 04:51 am EST
Hey Vader, how many unarmed civilians have you shot, run over and beaten to death with a baseball stick in the GTA games? Did that make you feel bad?
  Bigolli: ahh well played!
dwcw Nov 16 2009, 04:52 am EST
Hey. Whatever happened to gunning down that hooker in GTA? I feel bad for doing that. Kinda.
Superastic Nov 16 2009, 04:56 am EST
For me, the whole C.I.A. infiltration bit was the low point of the game simply because it was not expanded to its full potential. I didn't feel shit.

I didn't have time to "become" the infiltrator. At least one more mission would have been required to achieve this. Civilians in the airport felt like retarded bots/crash test dummies. The whole infiltration thing was done way better in SC: Double Agent.

Also, the lack of gore (a general problem in the game) did not help at all.

So, no. They did not go overboard. I wish they had.
  Jayh: I agree that in general the airport was not set up i…
Saduga Nov 16 2009, 04:58 am EST
Hey, I'm Russian and i enjoyed that lvll so much. Specially the part when one of the terrorist stood by the side of a balcony and sprayed everything down the bottom.
It sent a tingle or two through my body.
Kurio Nov 16 2009, 04:58 am EST
Meh this is rather ambiguous and two sided really, what about all those terrorists you kill on sight, they are, innocent in their eyes, heroes to many, fighting for what they believe, for their own dreams and convictions, it should also make you feel bad, innocence is a rather self righteous concept.
If anything im glad the game had that part, makes people think and evokes emotion, maybe makes you hate them even more, making you want to kill them all, or makes you confused and try to understand why.
Being happy and giggly about it could be considered wrong though i guess, but then again its a game, meant to entertain and allow people to do things they cant in their lifes.

Besides, just like PainZero said, how is it different from killing people in GTA, in slashing and burning people in dragon age because they are in the way, in destroying entire planets in some space game?

As a disclaimer, no i dont support terrorism -.- touchy subject nowadays so better make it clear :P
im_stardust Nov 16 2009, 05:25 am EST
What is this bullshit.... It's ok to shoot hundreds of "enemy" soldiers but oh no! don't shoot the civilians, they are "innocent".

Humans crave for violence. We feed on it everyday by watching movies and playing video games.

Stupid, clueless hypocrites.
  Roland19: True, but the "enemy" is generally trying to kill you…
CJ_Parker Nov 16 2009, 05:30 am EST
It's the civilians' own dumb fucking fault for showing up with no weapons.
  Vader: Cock-sucking civilian pussy-fags!!!
Vodoo Nov 16 2009, 05:33 am EST
i support terrorism, voyeurism, narcissism, surrealism and other funny words.

Remember, remember the 14th of November when Postal was there to make censure despair.
then Postal 2 came with more of the same, with urine and blood to make your heart throb, violence galore yet the audience craved more.

listen man, i couldn't care less if the next GTA showed priests molesting little boys in the front of a virtual Vatican.

WE choose what to do and what to think, what to hear, what to see and most definitely you can't ignore that culture is allot more FUCKED UP than games could ever depict.

thank your maker the whole shit is just pixels and not something reenacted from a true story, that's just recollecting bad memories.
Alchi Nov 16 2009, 07:10 am EST
The airport section was as disgusting as they get. And that's good. Because you can't live in a life of only good things happening. You have to see things at least in a video game. Was it wrong? No. Those were not real people and you weren't really killing them. But everyone with stomach strong enough should see that scene. First of all it teaches you that when you hear a bloody gunshot it's no shame to run away and hide in a dustbin. Heros die first. And then again it kind of gives something to ponder.

My only beef with this is that you were killing russians. Russians are very nice people when you get to know them in person. I'd rather see american airport. That would also boost sales in iraq.

Another thing. American christians as this link says​html?id=100709_4 had problem only when it came to bombed DC but NOT killing of innocent heretics a.k.a. orthodox christians. Hypocrites, bloody hypocrites.
  jokester: When I was over there, I saw the Iraqis playing CS an…
Alchi: Pfff. No wonder. Terrorists have AK-47 and that optic…
Dark Wolf Nov 16 2009, 08:11 am EST
dude i thought that scene was, noting being insane or phsyco, pretty neat. Your undercover, you have to do what you have to do to stay under cover. Simple as that, so I'm glad they put that in there as a choice to do it or not, i choose to do it and wasted 6 drums of ammo.

The mission always comes first. This IS what the military teaches, even if its bad moral choices.
shadowwolf Nov 16 2009, 08:27 am EST
I personally felt nothing on that stage, mostly due to the fact that it did not surprise me at all. They spent the intro to the level essentially saying, "look you are going to do something bad, are you sure you are ready? It's really bad and you'll feel sad!" After that and the 2 questions asking if I wanted to play the level, I already knew it meant that I was going to have to kill civilians, so I had no connection to the gameplay at all. In fact to me it felt forced, and just plain unnecessary. They could have done in with a quick video, and not had you play it at all and do better. Like the intro credit movie in CoD4 where the guy rides in the car and then gets shot; that would have been much more appropriate for the scene.

Really, most games don't make me feel attached to them anymore. They just never offer anything I haven't seen before usually, so I don't really care about most of the characters. The most I ever felt connected to a game since I was a kid playing FFVI, was KOTOR, when I tried to follow the dark side. Some of the things you had to do were just so cruel, that I just couldn't do it.
SpaceMonkey Nov 16 2009, 08:28 am EST
I out kill the other 3 terrorist and didn't feel shit, what a shallow game this is.

I had more emotions evoked playing the city elf origin or watching tom and jerry than playing this game, it's just a short rail shooter. I think vader is just trying to be politically.

benihana Nov 16 2009, 08:34 am EST
Well, I wouldn't necessarily equate GTA civilian deaths with MW2's killing of them as a terrorist. One is mindless and (significantly) less serious; so inconsequential within the game that it's simply a reflex. Which, really, is a lot scarier, ha. I know when I'm playing GTA, I'll randomly just ram a civilian, while going to a mission spot, as if I was just picking up a cheese burger before going somewhere.

Acting as a terrorist adds a lot more power to the act of killing "innocent" people. It's more deliberate, with a specific goal in mind, which is to spread fear and violently uphold your religious or political beliefs, with general disregard for collateral damage.

That being said, it's pretty weak sauce for people to get all upset about it. While it certainly is obvious why they're upset, it's just a freakin game. I'm sure people will start spouting that it's a way for terrorist to train themselves, and that kids will kill people in airports now. Honestly, if the kid (or adult) does it, pretty sure they're borderline anyway, and would have done it, or something like it, no matter what. If you have the option to skip it and it clearly states what you will be doing in said mission...skip it? Is it that hard?
Stick! Nov 16 2009, 11:20 am EST
"cuz obviously russia is the epitome of bad shit never happening."

That made me lawl. Yeah, It was kind of a jaw-dropping scene at first, and the way you moved through it, at a slower than normal pace made it feel more like a really bad nightmare. It was pretty intense, however emotion-evoking or not evoking it is.
tei187 Nov 16 2009, 01:48 pm EST
it's another part of late political PR mission ongoing in russia, presenting russians as the heroes and saviors of the poor... subjects like stalin, communism, assassinations, brutality, wars, ethnic cleansing etc. - that shit didn't happen, you anarchists!
or at least that's what they say...
bartuc Nov 16 2009, 02:54 pm EST
they do it in movies, so I see no reason why they shouldn't do it in video games. It was nice to push the envelope... its well done.
benihana Nov 16 2009, 03:08 pm EST
Anyone ever seen "Traitor?" I think it was briefly in the theaters. Pretty good movie with Don Cheadle. It's about a guy who is actually Muslim-American and, over years, infiltrates a terrorist cell, but has to battle with the morally compromising things he sometimes has to do to keep face. It's pretty rough sometimes.

Check it out.
Ravenitrius Nov 16 2009, 03:13 pm EST
Nope. Haven't affected me that much. I guess I'm too used to it through other forms of media.
Vycka Nov 16 2009, 03:55 pm EST
The mission was fine. Stop wetting yourselves.
Breedy_Mcfluff Nov 16 2009, 08:11 pm EST
The scene was quite beautiful. A beautiful tragedy.
Foo Nov 16 2009, 08:17 pm EST
I love it Mother Russia LOL

Screw the PC version!
  Doomsday.: shut up foo'!!!!!!!!!
moriwenne Nov 17 2009, 01:09 am EST
Vader you are dead wrong. Censorship in whatever form is always a bad idea. I am pretty sane and I can always distinguish between good and bad and just a game.
This is all about choice and choice means freedom. That should always be the goal.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 17 2009, 01:22 am EST
Well, if you put it that way - freeeeedooom!!!
  perineum: Ok, so yeah censorship is bad, but, pointless gratuit…
Mazra Nov 19 2009, 10:41 am EST
I really want to play this game now.

I'm the guy who spent 30 minutes planning out the hotel level in Hitman 2, or whatever game it was, doing the entire mission flawlessly. And then one of those goddam cocky maids had to give me the look. You know the look. The "I'm not going to sleep with you - ever" look.

Naturally I had to kill everyone inside the hotel then. Not only that, but I dragged the victims into large piles and had them arranged in odd sexual positions.

But that's years ago and I'm over it.

Still want to shoot up an entire airport full of civilians, though.


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