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Mornin' 08
Man, Blizzard bought the domain. They bought it off a fan site, and now they plan to use it... for something.

That something should be apparent to just about the dumbest person on this site, so if I have a clue, so should all of you.

And in that sense, fuck you Blizzard. Wasn't it enough to completely chop off a piece of my offline existence with World of Warcraft, now you greedy bastards want more! My wife is going to kill you for this (but I love you, I'm a whore). I am a dirty Blizzard whore.

I'm also excited about a Diablo MMOG. Which I'm hoping Diablo 3 is (or will be).

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Burning May 01 2008, 04:21 am EDT

I truly hope they make Diablo 3 soonish, be it an MMO or a regular RPG. Diablo is just about the best RPG I've ever played, or at least one that I have played the longest.
All I can say is, Blizzard knows his business in every genre.

Edit: Although, I am half-hoping that it isn't an MMO, because WoW already stole 2 years of my life, not to mention the money that I paid.
2Lions May 01 2008, 04:27 am EDT
My sentiments exactly :) Though we can be fairly certain it will be an MMO.
EvilCowKing May 01 2008, 05:13 am EDT
w00t! Time to start hoarding food supplies because I won't be going ANYWHERE when this game comes out! =)

Bonus Points if anyone remembers this D2:LoD runeword:
Dol Eld Hel Ist Tir Vex


(Don't ask me why I remember after all these years!)
  Nameinuse: Six runes and it has a vex, it must be Silence...
Zilor May 01 2008, 05:47 am EDT
All I care is that it remains Isometric, aside that it could be MMOG, SP, or must be played while aback a hairless donkey.

It will be, if an MMOG, truly an amazing experience from start to finish with all they have learned from WoW... I just hope they don't go, WoW is casual, Diablo 3 is hardcore!
Dupoint May 01 2008, 05:50 am EDT
Here's to hoping that Diablo 3 is NOT an MMO....God knows us old school gamers need some SP love after the Warcraft franchise got successfully whored by WOW.

Can we get Warcraft IV, please? PRETTY PLEASE??? :'(
future man May 01 2008, 06:03 am EDT
Seriously, if it's an MMO I fucking wash my hands of Blizzard. I just gave up WoW again and I seriously think I'd rather kill myself than have to attempt to pry mys ass from another game I can't help but sit here and play 12+ hours a day. I'm a weak, weak man.
Vodoo May 01 2008, 06:18 am EDT
fancy pants.

played Diablo 1 - never finished it, played Diablo 2 - never finished it.....i detect a pattern here.
im a big fan of RPG's and hack-n-slash games but Diablo just didn’t give me much of an erection.

putting MMO in front of every fucking game doesn’t make it new, interesting or profitable.
  NiteX: Funny that you claim your a big fan when you don't li…
Vodoo: you’re confusing the game with the genre smart …
King Speedy May 01 2008, 06:33 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] May 01 2008, 07:27 am EDT
Mornin everyone! It's a beautiful day, oh yes.

Gimme Diablo 3 - MMOG or otherwise, don't care!
  Doomsday.: no MMO pls!!
DarkKnight May 01 2008, 10:52 am EDT
The kids eyes in the comic and the botd pic work together perfectly.
Stinke May 01 2008, 11:43 am EDT
I would rather have RPG :)
  Terminator: Me too!!
Doomsday. May 01 2008, 05:25 am EDT
run_like_snot May 02 2008, 06:19 am EDT
According to the site, which is what points to now, there was no monetary exchange. Blizzard will be taking over the domain once there's been a full transition to
Just thought it's important to mention that the creator of the fansite states he's made no money.


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