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Mornin '09

That does it, I think it's time Valve said something about HL2: Episode Three. Anything, guys! Just a few measly crumbs of info or media (or both)! Screw it. If I was Valve, I'd turn Ep. Three into a full installment - Half-Life 3! Ah, that would get my gaming juices flowing like you wouldn't believe (and, for the record, they're not flowing right now).

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Fuckd__4_Life Apr 02 2009, 05:19 am EDT

Yup, EP3 needs to be shown. NAO! Valve is too damn slow with the Episodes. Sure the quality of them is mindblowingly amazing but hey, speed up fellas! The Episodes were meant to be, as is called in the console language, DLCs. But it's not happening.

I wouldn't want EP3 to be turned into HL3 though. Because Valve will take another 5 years to come out with that!

I am Half Life starved man.
The Heart Of Darkness Apr 02 2009, 05:24 am EDT
Good job Fuckd
Vader [STAFF] Apr 02 2009, 05:24 am EDT
I wouldn't go so far as to call the Episodes "mindblowingly amazing" but they are perhaps more immersive than any shooter I've played last year.
  Fuckd__4_Life: How dare you! Infidel! Bah, you are right. Episod…
Pimpster: half life 1 was brilliant, half life 2 came close for…
neogramps Apr 02 2009, 05:36 am EDT
My enthusiasm for HL has waned with each episode; to be honest, i'm much more excited about Black Mesa, than ep3
  Un Om Bun: Same here. I'm bored out of my mind with HL2's non st…
The Bruce: Seems that Episode 3 is going to be full of exposition.
FesterSilently: Hear, hear - and I thought *I* was the only one who t…
Bigolli Apr 02 2009, 05:40 am EDT
I'm looking forward to ep 3, and yeah, a full installment would be pretty damn sweet! =D

And how come your gaming juices aren't flowing right now? There's plenty of stuff to play right now! =)
  Vader: That's just the point. Plenty of stuff, yet nothing t…
Fuckd__4_Life: No 'one or two' titles for me. There is absolutely no…
Bigolli: Ohhh I get you - yeah I know the feeling. Fortunately…
Agent Apr 02 2009, 06:03 am EDT
Mornin', ok so yesterday was april fools and I dont have leukemia, sorry to disappoint you all, especially you Vader couse I saw your reaction.
Yesterday I install F.E.A.R.2 Project Origin and it works perfectly.
  im_stardust: R.I.P dude.
Zoe: Great, I bought flowers for your grave. And a card …
Vodoo: and people call ME a jerk. damn women, they get …
Zoe: Voodoo, are you calling me a jerk?
Vodoo: neah, girls are too dainty, fragile, delicate and sen…
Marku5K: are you 100% sure zoe is even a girl? i mean you are …
Zoe: Yes, I am a girl. Last time I looked. *and a damn f…
Vodoo: are we going to turn this into another last post mara…
The Heart Of Darkness: How fine are we talking about?
Jedrus Apr 02 2009, 06:37 am EDT
Hi there.
What!? Juices not flowing? Look man, just take a ‘closer’ look at BoTD and get it going. No excuses. Chop, chop.
Oh, and I got no proof, of course, but I have this weird, overwhelming feeling that Valve IS secretly working on HL3. (A tiny, little flow? Maybe?)
  Fuckd__4_Life: I guess. What has Valve going now anyway? L4D is done…
King Speedy Apr 02 2009, 07:49 am EDT
Fatso Apr 02 2009, 08:45 am EDT
poo. at least the botd is bearable today.
Dick_Swet Apr 02 2009, 09:05 am EDT

Anyone played Ceville? :O
Doomsday. Apr 02 2009, 09:20 am EDT

future man Apr 02 2009, 09:57 am EDT
Packing packing packing packing packing.

How the fuck did I accumulate so much stuff?
Vodoo Apr 02 2009, 10:46 am EDT
Botd looks prettier than the nude.

that’s a first.
paulie14wyh Apr 02 2009, 11:24 am EDT
how do you find the nudes/ other pics?
  Vodoo: delete the words up to picture number and add "_n" at…
The Heart Of Darkness: How could I not know about this? Why wasn't I told be…
paulie14wyh: i still dont get it what exactly should i delete from…
Vodoo: add "_n" at the end after 2009
Marku5K: Why did I not know about this!!!!
Terminator: This has been on AT all this time? Dammit, why didn't…
Vodoo: you never asked
Dick_Swet: Damn!
InsanePotato Apr 02 2009, 11:29 am EDT
Nice botd. Excuse me i have to go check things in the work closet.
TheOne Apr 02 2009, 11:51 am EDT
Best both ever!Thank you.
Marku5K Apr 02 2009, 12:13 pm EDT
Has anyone seen this shit if not then check it out. It's hilarious!!!!!
''The internet has spoken'' lol
  Vodoo: i laughed and laughed and laughed. ostrichized :))
InsanePotato: Nah this wins :D…
Marku5K: nah, the ostrich rulz!!!
~SOB~ Apr 02 2009, 12:35 pm EDT
The Heart Of Darkness Apr 02 2009, 01:37 am EDT
Vader you have some serious explaining to do!
  The Heart Of Darkness: Answer ME!!
finaleve Apr 02 2009, 02:05 am EDT
Even though I am not quite sure on whats going on in the HL2 series...its still pretty kickass. I mean, they are expanding on the series now so when they actually come out with a HL3, you'll be blown away.

...or so I hope.
Terminator Apr 02 2009, 05:39 am EDT
Thanks for NOT telling me about the nude pics Vader, all this time I've missed damn fine women!!!! Better late than never I guess. Thankfully, it seems I'm not the only one in the dark here.
Dick_Swet Apr 02 2009, 07:06 am EDT
Just let Dex put a bullet in your knee now and I'll forgive you Vader.
The Heart Of Darkness Apr 02 2009, 07:15 am EDT
Vodoo we will never forget this, I would like to thank you for that enlightening piece of information on behalf of all the grateful AT visitors
  Dick_Swet: Sure. :)
Vodoo: The Internet Guru is appeased by your humble gratuity
Amok Apr 02 2009, 07:24 am EDT
Eh, I liked the sequel and its episodes a whole lot. It's the best thing ever, might not live up to the original, but they were still a joy to play. During some "dialog" events with NPCs, the atmosphere feels just right, as does the "dialog". Too bad it takes such long leaps for the story to move forward, but they try to give you the feeling like you're not the center of the whole conflict, even if you are the outstanding factor in it. Same as in Half-Life.
InsanePotato Apr 02 2009, 07:50 am EDT
Holy crap there were nudes every day? I've just gone through like 3 months of these in the last 10 minutes with this new found info. I've been coming here for forever, how didn't i know this lol.
  Terminator: I hear you. I've been visiting AT for five years, to …
Vader: Jesus.
Terminator: That's what you get for hiding them from us!!
DarkQuietus: Jeez, we dropped enough hints about it over a fair fe…
InsanePotato: Yeah i dunno how i missed it, one of those obvious th…
TooDrunkToFunk Apr 02 2009, 09:10 am EDT
The nudes use to be the default, but from what I remember, and I'm sure Vader can correct me, the wonders of the nude female form began to affect the participation of the site's sponsors.

There was a message posted way back when about an alternate file path name one could append to Atrip's URL that would restore the botd to a pre-puritanical state; I'm sure you could dig it up if you poke around ;)

Though maybe it's easier to just add "_n" to the botd file path name :)
paulie14wyh Apr 02 2009, 10:43 am EDT
ok well next question is there a way to find more pics of the normal botd?/ more pics of the _n botds would also be nice
Vodoo Apr 03 2009, 03:44 am EDT
listen up ladies, the way to a man's heart is by talking to his penis.


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