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Mornin '09
Now, scientists are actually saying that in order to enjoy sex you do not need to experience an orgasm. Not only that, but they also say that two partners don't even need to be attracted to each other or have any chemistry between them whatsoever in order to get the most pleasure out of sexual intercourse. Well, that's what I read in this morning's newspaper anyway.

Okay, I've always believed in science, but excuse me for saying this:




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SeriousAlex Jul 07 2009, 05:15 am EDT
  Vader: Ya think?
cha+nick Jul 07 2009, 05:16 am EDT
cybergod Jul 07 2009, 05:26 am EDT
Well if true it would just mean we're all bi. Meh, the things I stick my cock into...
  Vader: Waffles?
cybergod: Bagels. Haven't tried waffles yet.
Agent: pie
Vader: Gun powder?
WereGerbel: The lunch lady after meatloaf and taters day??
Vodoo Jul 07 2009, 05:58 am EDT​eed.png

true story.

Religion says that "it is better that your seed fall into the belly of a whore than wasted on the ground".
Go find reason in the fucking bible then.

masturbation - sex
Sex is always better with another person, why ? because your mind considers that union with the respective fuck uplifts your worth as a human being.
Sex is better because it proves to people with low self esteem they shouldn’t go blow their brains out.

So in this case sex is bad because the gene pool is in need of cleaning and thanks to social acceptance, the janitor quit.
  im_stardust: DAMN!!! I better line up some whores under my table f…
Jedrus Jul 07 2009, 05:59 am EDT
Hi there.

Vader, you should be seriously ashamed to trust the scientists when it comes to sex.
What the hell do those nerds (pardon the expression) know about love?
They don’t even have any ‘good’ equipment to have any meaningful sex.

Anywho, just read the history of science and see for yourself, how they are ALWAYS changing their stand on everything.

Well, almost everything. They are good for a few things…
But sex? F*ck them! (You know, to teach them about the subject).
  Kurio: Well sorry, but im on the way of being a scientist my…
Jedrus: Ha! Today you find my affirmation false, but tomorrow…
Kurio: No no, i dont find your affirmation false, just not t…
SpaceMonkey Jul 07 2009, 06:28 am EDT
No chemistry, no attraction, no orgasm....................can it be CONSIDERED "sex" not to mention "enjoy". I'll love to read their definition of "sex", have they had any?
WereGerbel Jul 07 2009, 06:33 am EDT
Ah to hell with that logic. Dont give a chick an orgasm and see what happens....usually I get'em spread out before me heheheheheee. But seriously, you don't have to be attracted to the bangee???
Sure, this makes sense, look at all of the pissed off people we have in the world today, not to mention the tards and ass-bites that have jobs and access to sharp pointy objects.


  Zoe: OMG! That's gross! But, you can do what you have to…
Loraxxe: If we're going by Savage's rules: it's alright so lon…
Vodoo: im loving the new Gerbel, he's off his …
Jedrus: No way, I’m gonna make love to Miss Baker. The…
JamesPC Jul 07 2009, 06:39 am EDT
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday JamesPC,
Happy Birthday to me.

I'm 27 years old today, time just flies by after 18.

Anyway, I think that article about sex is a bunch of bullshit. You MUST have some chemistry between you and your partner to fully enjoy sex. Then again, I don't do one night stands, so perhaps you can enjoy yourself without any chemistry.
  Zoe: Happy JamesPC Day to you! And many moooooore!
WereGerbel: It's not always about you just isn't.
blitsie: Happy birthday! feels good man. oh and,did you …
Kurio: Happy birthday man. 27 already? your getting old!
Vodoo: happy mother squatting day to James. i preferred…
im_stardust: I think you lived long enough. At least that's what y…
JamesPC: Thanks for the birthday wishes. I love you too im_sta…
Jedrus: Live long and prosper. I mean it.
Morkrul: hey
Doomsday. Jul 07 2009, 07:38 am EDT

Welcome to the World day JamesPC!
Zoe Jul 07 2009, 08:12 am EDT
What the hell?
Is this the best pick up line they can come up with?
Come on science geeks, you can do better than that!
  WereGerbel: 'Pardon me ma'am, I must say that the exterior below …
Kurio: lol gerbel :D I still vote for cavemans technique
Jedrus: Aaah, classic situation. While the geeks analyze a…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jul 07 2009, 08:21 am EDT
Scientists also said that women prefer intelligent men over good looking men. Aha...
Sh4kl3z Jul 07 2009, 08:22 am EDT
Well when you think about it, You can screw someone whom you dislike and are not actually attracted to them, I call it REVENGE sex.
Alchi Jul 07 2009, 08:23 am EDT
Hmm... I click on AT web page today and what do I see? Scientists say that you don't need to experience orgasm in order to enjoy sex.

What scientists? I wanna detailed descriptions of those supposed scientists and also who they fucked. Then we will see what is what. Lots of money is spent on useless research. If all the money spent on boob research would have been diverted instead to space program, we would now be eating McNuggets in moon base...

Are you telling me that I can enjoy swimming standing on the shore?
Or that I can enjoy the game without playing it?

Or maybe, they were doing this research with old hags with a bag on their heads. That would explain why they had no chemistry between the subject...

The next thing you know they gonna start selling orgasm in form of pills (not the viagra, you gotta do the job yourself)
  WereGerbel: Knock it off Alchi, orgasm pills....those same scient…
Un Om Bun: So called orgasm pills are not an impossibility.
Zoe: Oh ... you must tell me more about these fabulous pil…
Un Om Bun: No, young lady. You should be learning about Jesus in…
Jedrus: Hmm, how about Jesus pills?
Alchi: God damn it ....
Dash Jul 07 2009, 08:40 am EDT
Meh... It's probably a bunch of scientists trying to justify the fact that they're all alone and probably haven't got laid in a looooong time...

SpaceMonkey Jul 07 2009, 08:52 am EDT
Scientist shouldn't be studying sex, leave it to the professionals - pimps and whores.
PigMaster Jul 07 2009, 09:29 am EDT
ammm...i don't get it.
if i don't need to enjoy orgazem, why the fuck do i jerk off?
rubber_toe Jul 07 2009, 09:34 am EDT
Mornin' Kiddies
I'm not really surprised at the conclusions found by these "scientists" in today's post. These days, pretty much everyone prescribes to the notion that we are just highly evolved monkeys. If that's really the case, it should be no surprise that sex can be enjoyable with anyone really. You don't see animals getting married and divorced do you?
TERATOGEN Jul 07 2009, 10:26 am EDT
Iíll tell you more. I can even experience an orgasm without sex!!!!
DanArchy Jul 07 2009, 10:25 am EDT
Is this study about guys and girls? From what I understand, more than a few girls don't need to orgasm to enjoy sex. And from observing a lot of my friends, I know that they will screw anyone with two legs and most of her maybe the scientists are on to something? Ever thought that our ideal of what sex should look like is just another one of those lies created by the media? Like diamond solitaire engagement rings, "organic" products, weight-loss pills, ab-flattening machines (LOL!)....etc, etc.....
WereGerbel Jul 07 2009, 10:41 am EDT
BABYLON ROOOOCKS!!!! Cause that's where all of this is headed. Sex in Wendy's, Marble Slab, Denny's with a Grand Slam and some juice, the ball pit at Chuck E' Cheese.

Screw the standards, all skanks are fair game including their mother's with peg legs and aunts with wonky eyes. That crazy babbling chick that stands on the corner with odd shaped boobs, bangable now, the slow girl on the fry cooker, bangable now with a side of curlies.
  Zoe: Gerbie ... are you really that desperate? Dude! All…
Kurio: ... i just finished lunch... thank you zoe... i ca…
Vodoo: i pronounce Gerbel the funniest man of the day. to…
im_stardust: big, fury, dirty, hairy, huge, gigantic, one-eyed, mo…
Jedrus: I'm still trying to get over the lazy eye chick.
Kurio Jul 07 2009, 11:46 am EDT
The message is clear! My fellow man, rejoice!
It means that science sanctions the following:
screw monogamy, screw marriage, screw commitment, screw love

Just screw everything you find, but dont take Gerbel's advice, please do only chase decent tail, we arent priests so its not our mission to bring salvation to the damned.
I dont fully agree with the "no orgasm needed" part but oh well... we can simply ignore that.

Now on a less stupid side, what they mean is likely that the amount of endorphines released during a complete strangers sex is likely the same as the amount released during the "i love you sex", although i dont really understand why the no orgasm part, it makes no sense but then again they are the scientists.
In analitical terms it might be correct, but in real life terms, fuck them, it feel so much better when there's love and all bettew them, also orgasm.
  Vodoo: there is no "i love you sex" however there IS "il hav…
Kurio: Well, like my grandmother used to say marriage are f…
Vodoo: wise woman indeed. if only there were more like …
WereGerbel: LOL!!! Wised old people.
Zoe: Well, you don't get old by being stupid.
irish_wolfhound Jul 07 2009, 01:03 am EDT
This is just a ploy to see if a simple 'scientific' comment from the science community can help ugly men and women have sex. :-)
im_stardust Jul 07 2009, 01:05 am EDT
You humans and your act of mating, absurd and repugnant you are.
  Kurio: absurd i agree, theres so many diferent fetishs and w…
im_stardust: Shut your fucking face uncle fucka' You're a cock s…
Zoe: Sigh Ö stardust Ö Big sigh ...
im_stardust: What would you expect ? I'm canadian .
Un Om Bun: Hey man, there's nothing wrong with fetishes. Standar…
im_stardust: you'd fuck your uncle !
Un Om Bun: You'd fuck YOUR uncle !
im_stardust: I'd fuck YOUR uncle !
Zoe: Me thinks stardust is doing drugs today!
im_stardust: " sex and sexuality is beautiful, i could risk to say…
Doomsday.: Hahahahaaa! the way stardust is reacting he…
Vodoo: show some fucking courtesy, the man is beyond his tim…
Kurio: i sense a sugar rush!
WereGerbel: Well maybe uncle fucking has scarred our friend.
Kurio: @un om bun: Where did i say fetishs are wrong, i love…
JamesPC: Wow, im_stardust needs to stop taking drugs.
Jedrus: What if you don't have an uncle?
GrgoljBlaster Jul 07 2009, 03:14 am EDT
"24 sata" FTW? There's a reason why those newspapers are free, you know
JamesPC Jul 07 2009, 08:28 am EDT
Holy shit, have you seen the CNN video of the ghost at Neverland Ranch? It looks like Michael Jackson is haunting Neverland now, the shadow moves across the hallway!
  Kurio: Lol, what the hell? i'll check it. Well, he was a go…
KeepSmilin Jul 07 2009, 02:08 am EDT
look at it this way. Those scientist just lived on research grants aka your tax money for couple of years. Hell they probably used the money to prawl night clubs and hire hookers by a bus load with the money in the name of experimental science. Doubt they actually care what others thinl.


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