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Mornin '09
Birth, potty training, kindergarten, school, puberty, college, wedlock, job-lock, kid-lock, cock-lock... death. Tuck a few gaming sessions between the pages and a ton of illegal regular sex maneuvers with your spouse (not to mention plenty of visits to the seaside) and you just might have yourself a decent life.

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boardryder Nov 17 2009, 03:20 am EST
been thinkin bout kids lately... dunno if i want em...
  Superastic: You don't want them.…
Vodoo: faggy happy little boys i nearly pissed myself l…
boardryder: I wanted to be a pastry chef but she wouldn't let me.…
Spuki83 Nov 17 2009, 03:21 am EST
Mornin, boys and girls...
I've just finished my first play trough Dragon Age:Origins...
Well, what can I say? Call me a Biowhore I'm already planing the second one!

Oh, yeah, can't wait to see the "infamous" mission in CoD:MW2!
  Alchi: Biowhore!
Jedrus: Biowhore !!
Vodoo: slut.
Morkrul: Bioslut
Doomsday.: BioBitch
Morkrul: BioHarlot
Morkrul: You BioLadyOfPleasure!!! / BioSportingLady!!
Tarzan2001: BioLadyoftheNight
Vader [STAFF] Nov 17 2009, 03:25 am EST
ata boy. good for you.
Satanicat Nov 17 2009, 04:03 am EST
Mornin' ya'll!
How's everyone on this fine morning?
Alchi Nov 17 2009, 04:52 am EST
Is that a mid-age Crysis that I hear is knocking at your door?

SpaceMonkey Nov 17 2009, 05:05 am EST
Vader you should make life more interesting, join the army.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 17 2009, 05:21 am EST
Been there, done that.
Satanicat Nov 17 2009, 05:27 am EST
Have there been any office pictures from the AT HQ posted on this site before?
skribb Nov 17 2009, 05:54 am EST
Thanks for this utterly bleak, nihilistic and overall FANTASTICALLY uplifting post Vader!!
Stick! Nov 17 2009, 06:17 am EST

I haven't gone to fucking bed yet, huzzah for final year university term papers! Huzzah!

Yes, he's starting to sound like Twoie after all this time...

Jedrus Nov 17 2009, 06:34 am EST
Hi there.

Way too much excitement.
You must slow down, or you will die…
Well, you will die either way, so do whatever you want.
Doomsday. Nov 17 2009, 09:37 am EST

COD:MW2 me trying..looks good. feels good.....Afghanistan baby! time for some Ass woopin!
kreep69 Nov 17 2009, 09:42 am EST
i could do without everything except the gaming sessions ... maybe birth :).
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 17 2009, 10:12 am EST
This will make your life sweeter:​land/dp/B00002R0SE
Don't dismiss it based on the cover, it's actually good stuff.
Killer Klown Nov 17 2009, 12:13 pm EST
So. Assassins Creed 2
This is the game we should've gotten in the first one.
Morkrul Nov 17 2009, 12:19 pm EST
get busy living or get busy dying
or maybe get busy gaming and just fuck everything else
Doomsday. Nov 17 2009, 12:49 pm EST
COD:MW2 is cool! played through the whole ACT I and half of ACT II in one go!!

really nice!

it lagged a bit on my 9600GT though....... i hope Nvidia release the GT300s already! gotta upgrade!

pls dont give me the 'Ooh we dont need to upgrade in consoles'....
PanteraFan666 Nov 17 2009, 02:04 pm EST
uhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm KAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Morkrul Nov 17 2009, 02:07 pm EST
is it just me, or there are loads of new identities here?
Vodoo Nov 17 2009, 02:17 pm EST
Vader's milkshakes brings new boys to the yard.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 17 2009, 02:49 pm EST
I'd teach ya, but I'd have to charge.
greenberet Nov 17 2009, 03:26 pm EST
Avatar demo is out fellows.
InsanePotato Nov 17 2009, 05:16 pm EST
Awesome botd's. Both of em ;)
SpaceMonkey Nov 17 2009, 08:46 pm EST
I wasn't able to go far in AC2 due to technical issues, but so far the first one seems to be more philosophical and had better dialogs, with that exception everything else is better in AC2.
Sh4kl3z Nov 18 2009, 01:17 am EST
Purely out of a minor interest on the subject of music, What is the gamers preferred genre of music ? Please feel free to tell the truth I won't berate you for having poor taste, I just wanna know what my fellow gamers and geeks listen to.
Hell maybe i even might listen to some of it.
  Copperr: Cannibal Corpse
PanteraFan666 Nov 18 2009, 04:17 pm EST
IS this Vaders life story?


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