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Mornin '09
I think Ubisoft's plan to return to the Sands of Time franchise is a good move. Provided, of course, they don't intend to make just another mundane movie tie-in. God, I hope not! I'm really looking forward to a decent and challenging Prince of Persia game.

On a quick side-note, I keep looking at the Game of the Year voting poll and I'm still surprised so many of you chose Modern Warfare 2 as the best title in 2009. Objectively, this is a good game we're talking about, but in all fairness, it's not GotY material. No sir. There are so many games to select from - in my opinion, Resident Evil 5, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed II and Dragon Age deserve this honor sooner than Modern Warfare 2. From what I hear, Demon's Souls, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 are also great games.

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dwcw Dec 03 2009, 02:06 am EST
Fuck MW2. I voted for Borderlands dammit.
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dwcw: Dammit. Someone fixed it already.
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psydude20 Dec 03 2009, 02:07 am EST
The Heart Of Darkness Dec 03 2009, 02:12 am EST
They released that DLC for the new PoP......I never knew, meh too bad I deleted it already
Alchi Dec 03 2009, 02:57 am EST

My pick was E:TW. But still I don't see anything worth the GOTY title.
It just nothing stands out as an excellent game. They all seem equally mild. Good, but not that good.
Vodoo Dec 03 2009, 03:09 am EST
dntk nw, tnk mvs r gt tds n nsprd. rt s cntrvs b mtns upn xpr s trth s wsm.
  Alchi: No vowel day??
Sh4kl3z: No that can't be right, Theres a "u" in there !
mmacarthur Dec 03 2009, 03:25 am EST
I'm not sure I agree MW2 is pretty special, I've spent a hell of a lot of time playing it, I mean it has well balanced and addictive MP (the meat of the game IMO), then there's the co-op or single player spec ops stuff to do which is really good fun and on top of that a fun but short SP game. I'm not saying it should take first place but it should definately be up near the top somewhere.
Superastic Dec 03 2009, 04:42 am EST
I'm pretty sure the new PoP will be too easy. Ubi cannot help themselves.

Today's botd is hot. Really hot. Could someone please tell me her name?
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The Heart Of Darkness: There you go, the BotD:…
Superastic: That was low, man. Really low.
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Xipe Dec 03 2009, 04:51 am EST
MW2 should get the "Sucks Most Balls" award.
  Jedrus: Or at least, "Balls Most Sucked".
Dick_Swet Dec 03 2009, 05:14 am EST

I voted for Risen.
Although I like MW2,I think there's almost 10 games I'd choose before it.
Doomsday. Dec 03 2009, 05:22 am EST

Batman: AS or Dragon Age: Origins for me..... i voted for The Bat! Assholes voted for COD: MW2........ 724 of these voters were AssFucking Bhain-Chods!!
SpaceMonkey Dec 03 2009, 05:27 am EST
For the first time Vader, I agreed with you completely, and I mean 100%.

MW2 was a short ride with not much substance, once I finished it I didn't felt compel to return to it. It was good while it last and it last me a day.

Assassin's Creed 2 on the other hand it a work of art both in story and gameplay. Ezio standing on the roof with his brother was a movie quality scene, the story is good enough to have players think and research outside of the game.

DA:O while in alot of department could have been better, it is still one of the best RPG in years. Despite it's faults - the scope and replay value alone kills MW2.

I can't say much about RE5 and Batman, but I CAN say that I've played and beat both and I had more satisfaction after as opposed to MW2.

I can see this is turning out to be another SIMS phenomenon all over again only with guns, we're going to see a bunch of retarded rail shooter next year.
Papa Dec 03 2009, 05:31 am EST
People voting for MW2 are stupid, sorry
  mmacarthur: If stupid is having a really good laugh playing onlin…
Paul Dec 03 2009, 05:40 am EST
No mention of Risen Vader? It is the second best game of the year after Dragon Age FFS! I voted it because I have not yet played Dragon Age.
Doomsday. Dec 03 2009, 05:45 am EST
Oh crapp!! i forgaaatt! i have a copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in my cup board, yet to play!! w00t!!!!!
WereGerbel Dec 03 2009, 05:52 am EST
Hm, the BotD has a little fuzz showing.
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Superastic: Oh yeah.
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PanteraFan666 Dec 03 2009, 05:59 am EST
morning, sleepy.
Bigolli Dec 03 2009, 06:01 am EST

Yeah, WTF ppl? MW2 as GotY? Vader, please check that all the votes aren't all coming from one IP(chain), it's obviously rigged =p

Go Dragon Age!
PanteraFan666 Dec 03 2009, 06:14 am EST
I agree I dont want to see a movie, I want a game. Also I voted borderlands.
  PanteraFan666: OH yeah if I could I would vote for super mario super…
Satcho Dec 03 2009, 06:32 am EST
Dragon Age: Origins | Batman: Arkham Asylum
Vader [STAFF] Dec 03 2009, 07:50 am EST
Nah, it's no good. MW 2 is still in the lead. Amazing really.
  Alchi: Well you shouldn't have put MW2 in the list, if you d…
johnny5 Dec 03 2009, 10:13 am EST
Want to know why a game with so little "substance" such as MW2 has got so many votes? Well for one, the "substance" that MW2 has is damn near perfect. Incredible visuals, soundtrack, atmosphere, story, level variety, controls, etc. It's absolutely one of the best shooters I have played. Do I wish the campaign was longer? Hell yeah! But alas, it's not. Some (well me anyway) might make the comparison to a gourmet meal that tastes immaculate but leaves you hungry at the end. Some will wish they had gone to the buffet while others will appreciate the high quality food in front of them.

Then there is the fact that some people play the multiplayer almost exclusively. I have friends who have logged an unhealthy amount of hours playing MW2 online, yet have not beat the campaign. A few have not even started the campaign.
  mmacarthur: I'm one of those people. According to Steam I've spen…
Jedrus Dec 03 2009, 12:21 pm EST
Hi there.

Don’t get yourself bent out of shape over some poll voting.
It really doesn’t mean shit.
The only thing it tells you is what other dudes like, and not what’s really best.
Hell, if you included The Sims 3, MW2 could’ve end up being second.

All those polls, awards, ratings, and so on are for the feeble and underdeveloped minds, anyway.
Morkrul Dec 03 2009, 01:49 pm EST
bah i voted Risen
yesterday i found out that it seems that the "Soul" it's just something the brain tells to us that exists,just a concept
no brain,no concept and therefore no soul
Sh4kl3z Dec 03 2009, 02:53 pm EST
Hey Vader can't you just edit the polls as the loyal members see fit ?
Or could you give members like a 100 vote bonus.
Then ban the fucktards who vote for shitty games :)
BmmB Dec 03 2009, 04:07 pm EST
AC II for me this time.


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