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Mornin '10
So, just the other day, I was watching high-res E3 2009 footage from God of War III. Now, normally, it's suppose to be the kind of game that makes you crap in your pants from all of the delicious gaming awesomeness. However, after watching the clip for about 3 minutes, I've realized that I've already experienced most of the stuff they were showcasing. The painful conclusion would be that when someone makes a God of War rip-off (be it Darksiders, Bayonetta or anything similar) they totally destroy your chances of actually enjoying another God of War game ever again. It also makes me understand this comic a bit better.

If a game uses a familiar recipe to experiment with new ideas and take the basic genre to new heights, then the rip-off bit doesn't hurt as much. I guess when you think about it, after games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, everyone tried to deliver their own brand of FPS, but few managed to set the bar as hi as those two games. The same thing goes for God of War. My only hope is that developers will continue to use good game concepts to advance gaming, rather than cloning the same gameplay basics over and over again.

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Marku5K Feb 05 2010, 02:25 am EST
No, Tere hommikust!! :P
Vader [STAFF] Feb 05 2010, 02:27 am EST
Good morning.
Marku5K Feb 05 2010, 02:34 am EST
How the hell did you know, what I was saying? Or are you just being polite and taking the safe road?
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Marku5K: Aah, yes the amazing internet. Well played, well play…
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Vader: You know I never thought about signing up for those.
Bigolli Feb 05 2010, 03:04 am EST
Mornin dudes!

Don't really play hack and slash games, usually get bored after an hour or so, Prototype being a major exception, if you even wanna call it a hack and slash.

Still enjoying the hell out of the Bad Company 2 Beta! Not having any of the server issues that A LOT of ppl are having, including my house mate... on the same network -.-
  Vodoo: is it at least somewhat immersive ? im curious abou…
JamesPC Feb 05 2010, 05:35 am EST
Thank goodness it's Friday. I've been waiting all week for this, break out the beer! I'm also glad I kept my Sentinal save in ME2. After trying Vanguard for one hour, it really isn't my style.
Doomsday. Feb 05 2010, 05:54 am EST

Guess whats next after ME3! a MMO in the Mass Effect Universe!

Many Races, Turians, Krogan, Salarians, Vorcha, Humies, Asari babes etc.
Many Classes, Soldier, Sentinel, Engineer, Vanguard etc.

Its easily another MMO IP for Biowho..... Bioware! ;)
  JamesPC: Agreed.
defensem Feb 05 2010, 06:32 am EST
I have to agree with doomsday
Vader [STAFF] Feb 05 2010, 06:49 am EST
If BioWare ever had any intention of making a Mass Effect MMOG that idea is far behind them now. ME is fine the way it is. Most of their attention is directed towards SW: TOR and whatever they have planned for the DA franchise.
Doomsday. Feb 05 2010, 07:28 am EST
Not now atleast but Way way WAY down the line.... its Definitely a piggy bank filler!
SpaceMonkey Feb 05 2010, 07:50 am EST
ME2 make me think long and hard about what constitute as a RPG where gameplay is concern, because ME2 really didn't feel like a RPG. And I think I came up with something.

The basic gameplay of any RPG, the element of the genre that is so addictive is: Character development. And I'm not talking about the story, if character development only exist within the story then it's just an adventure game like Fahrenheit, king's quest or Fate of atlantis.

I'm talking about rolling a class and/or race with multiple progression paths through leveling, that is the theory play. Then try to get through challenges in the game in the most efficient way we can through the choice we made in theory play, that's the practical application play.

For example, in Baldur's Gate 2, a simple class like the mage have many progression paths with many end results, theory play. We then use our character to get through traps and combat in a semi strategic environment.

World of Warcraft, whoever play the game efficiently had to study the talent tree. Many of us went as far as using online talent calculators, I know I used to spend hours in those sites.

ME2 while do have some of those RPG elements, they are not significant enough where gameplay is concern to constitute as a RPG. There are limited (very limited) character growth, we barely have 1 or 2 "build" for each class.

Then there's the fact that no matter how much you screw up building the character, you can always get through the game by just shooting. If one put all their points into INT while having a negative score on STR as a warrior, they WILL DIE on dragon age.

THAT is what RPG is about. ME2 really cannot be considered as a RPG as a whole or even in part. It missing the most important core element of an RPG: character development.

If they give you a gun in Diablo, it wouldn't make it a shooter. Implementing RPG element in a game that is insignificant to the game doesn't make it a RPG.
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shadowwolf: Alright I'm gonna rant here, but RPG does NOT have an…
SpaceMonkey: Yup, that's exactly my point. ME2 is NOT a RPG. It's …
Alchi: You say RPG is about growth right? Why growth can…
SpaceMonkey: RPG is just a word, what's important is the connectio…
Alchi: You influence story by taking up a certain role. Why …
Vodoo: if new names for genres are easily created like MMOFP…
shadowwolf: Lol Alchi, you apparently do not read very well. RPG…
The Bruce Feb 05 2010, 08:36 am EST
You think Doom 3 set the bar high? Did we even play the same game? Doom 3 couldn't even reach the bar. That was the only game I've ever played where I literally wanted to throw my keyboard at the wall out of frustration. Not because of difficulty, but because I was tired of the constant repetition. Just about the only good part of that game (aside from the, really quite incredible, opening sequences) was the Hell level.
Doomsday. Feb 05 2010, 12:45 pm EST
Just ended ME2! Paragon, was nice! Though i have no idea how Miranda vanished! i didnot pick her for anything!?
  optimus slime: It depends for what tasks you picked other teammates.…
shadowwolf: look up the Mass effect wikia http://masseffect.wikia…
SpaceMonkey: Actually, the game did tell us alot about each charac…
Alchi: Only full ship upgrades? Not all upgrades? Cause I r…
Doomsday.: Thanx guys! Alchi, did u get all of their upgrades?
Alchi: I didn't do probe upgrade, cause I thought it was a w…
optimus slime: Did you do the side quests to get their loyalty?
Alchi: All of them. Though I lost Miranda's loyalty when I…
Doomsday.: I read on Bioware forums that, depending on ur choice…
shadowwolf: I know that I didn't have all the upgrades and I save…


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