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Mornin '10
Regarding Half-Life 3...

NO! They're not making it! So, quit talking about it! It's over, over I tell you!


Damn it! Someone hold me... Not you Doomsday!

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Alchi Jun 10 2010, 01:38 am EDT

Get a grip of yourself.

There's still SC2 coming so it's all cool.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 10 2010, 01:41 am EDT
Thanks that actually helped... a bit. Now, let me un-jam this crowbar I have stuck in my forehead.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 10 2010, 01:54 am EDT
I promise you it's Half-Life 3. One way or another, whether it's just a short demo on Source 2 or something more substantial, we're seeing that motherfucker at E3 this year. Why do people even pay attention to these emails from Valve ? It's not like they're gonna ruin the surprise before the show. Hello !
gameX Jun 10 2010, 01:56 am EDT
Perhaps it is Half Life 4. No one would expect that they would skip a sequel...
  Un Om Bun: Hmm, you might be onto something.
gameX: Or a Spanish Inquisition. No one expects the Spanish …
Un Om Bun: Nudge, nudge, say no more ;)
Vader [STAFF] Jun 10 2010, 02:03 am EDT
Perhaps its a franchise reboot for Minesweeper.

Minesweeper: Origins
  finaleve: They did that. College Humor made the spoof on it. …
Marku5K Jun 10 2010, 02:08 am EDT
BotD: Aria Giovanni, THE godess of nudity :)
  Jedrus: You do know your stuff.
Marku5K: When it comes to nudity: Yes! ;)
JakeTehSnake: Agreed xD
Doomsday. Jun 10 2010, 02:14 am EDT

uh well, my sympathies! no hugs? okay, lets shoot some pigeons!
dwcw Jun 10 2010, 02:31 am EDT
I got it. Assuming from un om bun's comment, the surprise will be the demonstration of the new Source engine. COME ON.
  Un Om Bun: HL3 running on Source 2, of course.
dwcw: I cannot bring myself to accept that fact. :( The ne…
Un Om Bun: They might show Portal 2 on Source 2. I'm afraid that…
dwcw: Well, I will rather see something related to HL3 rath…
Un Om Bun: I'd be shocked if they combined the two.
ivan5815 Jun 10 2010, 03:45 am EDT
assuming valve did not release another half life...maybe they split their dev team to work on HL, DNF and GT5 althogether?
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 10 2010, 04:25 am EDT

I told you Natal is for retards.
  optimus slime: It keeps them smiling and contained within a room. Fa…
Un Om Bun: I guess that's a plus.
Alchi: Wait wasn't that Heavy Rain? On Natal it looks ev…
Terminator Jun 10 2010, 04:34 am EDT
No Half Life 3....what a bunch of bullshit. Doesn't Valve understand how much money Half Life 3 would make? Oh well, someone else will get my gaming money.

Natal and Sony's Motion Controller both suck, but MS and Sony want to keep this console generation going until 2013. I am VERY happy about this because I won't have to upgrade my PC very often.
Vycka Jun 10 2010, 04:47 am EDT
I wish I could share your grief, but I was never too crazy about Half-Life or Valve games in general.
Vodoo Jun 10 2010, 04:49 am EDT
come here you big baby. *pet, pet* there, there. shh shh shh

let's jump on the giant pessimism fruit cake, it's full of nuts !
Vader [STAFF] Jun 10 2010, 04:57 am EDT
*SNIFF* Bud I dond wanna!
  Vodoo: im a bit on the not caring side, it has been ages for…
optimus slime Jun 10 2010, 06:14 am EDT
Someone organize a tournament. Who has the bigger penis is right, because that one usually wins in cockslapping duels.

On a second thought lets skip that part. Because I already have the bigger penis.

My neighbor said it's Half Life 3. She always cleans her house from all the bad smells, even though she has cats. So she's reliable. I'm with her.
  dwcw: Valve will then cockslap each of us on our faces and …
Jedrus Jun 10 2010, 06:55 am EDT
Hi there.
I, too, think the 'cat-lady' is right.
It HAS TO be HL 3, it is just common sense.

However, they also say that common sense is not common.
im_stardust Jun 10 2010, 08:21 am EDT
jesus all mighty fucking christ
finaleve Jun 10 2010, 08:52 am EDT
You guys are all assholes for constantly feeding me hope that one day we will recieve HL2ep3 or HL3 and anything HL

We're all wallowing in a sea of tears and foam and broken dreams.
Zoe Jun 10 2010, 09:18 am EDT
Has anyone seen my scrunchie? It fell out of my hair yesterday. I have looked everywhere and I canít find it.
I looked in my car, next to the letterbox, along the walkway. Iíve searched from top to bottom, bottom to top.
Sigh Ö that was my favorite gaming scrunchie. I was wearing it when I played my first game, Longest Journey.
I think Iím going to cry. That was the most awesome scrunchie ever.
It never let my hair fall in my face during the most crucial battles and boss fights.
Oh well Ö stop whining and play the game!
  im_stardust: I'm happy you lost it. Too bad you didn't get lost wi…
Alchi: You checked your pockets?
Zoe: @ stardust- You are sooooo mean my little malnourishe…
Jedrus: Hey zoe, nice to see your post again. Don't let star…
Alchi: Well then have you checked in pockets of all pants th…
mak.wikus Jun 10 2010, 10:25 am EDT
Has anyone noticed that Steam Achievements are available for HL2 and Ep1? Weird, I thought that after all the begging there would be at least a mention about it somewhere.
  mak.wikus: Oh, shit, they've been there since Mac release >_< Ma…
finaleve: I'm pretty sure its been there for a while. I notice…
InsanePotato: They've been in forever.
Morkrul Jun 10 2010, 02:51 pm EDT
i'll drink for that!


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