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Mornin '10
Anybody try Limbo yet? Or Deathspank?

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Burning Aug 05 2010, 03:52 am EDT
Alchi Aug 05 2010, 03:57 am EDT
I swear I saw Kerrigan today in the supermarket. Only she was wearing jeans and was driving a people-carrier. Probably she has kids too. Damn real life.
Doomsday. Aug 05 2010, 04:08 am EDT

i dreams of Starcrafts!

who cares bout indie games right now, its Star Craft II time maaan! :D
Marku5K Aug 05 2010, 04:14 am EDT
Playing SC II and for the love of peanut, I just CAN NOT understand what's all the hype about?? Not a hater, just don't get it.
  Vodoo: there is no hype, at least not coming from people who…
im_stardust: Vodoo couldn't have put it better.
Marku5K: that does make sence
GrgoljBlaster Aug 05 2010, 04:28 am EDT
Vader, you've been watching Zero punctuation lately? :)
  Vader: No, no, no, no, no, no... no.
Vader: ...
Vader: Yes.
Vodoo Aug 05 2010, 04:37 am EDT
im angry, sad and angry due to the high reviews of Limbo and the occurring thought it may never arrive on the PC.

i cannot afford a console !

just as the price of a painting is too much for a man who appreciates it is, there should at least be admission to enjoy it in a sensible, cheaper way.

Limbo appears to be on the same rank of dispute where other games generated the question: is it art ?

port it and allow me to answer that, won't you ? microsoft whores.
  Jedrus: Yeah, them biatches (still mourning over my RRoD-ed E…
Doomsday. Aug 05 2010, 05:26 am EDT
just ended SCII for the 2nd time!

gotta go, 3rd play through here i come! wohoo!
  Vader: Wow, 3rd playthrough already? You're insane.
Vodoo: do alcohol or drugs change the ending or anything abo…
Doomsday.: lol! summer holidays here.... nothing to do... friend…
Burning: I *know* you have your trusty fleshlight.
Doomsday.: Yeah baby! Fleshlight are a single dude's(who cant ge…
Sleek Aug 05 2010, 05:29 am EDT
I have a guitar hero craving...
Shpongle Aug 05 2010, 05:41 am EDT
I love getting spanked.
DeviantSmacktar Aug 05 2010, 07:09 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] Aug 05 2010, 08:43 am EDT
Putting the finishing touches on the SC 2 review now, folks. Should be up soon.
  Dick_Swet: Like we need you to tell us it's awesome.
Doomsday.: his telling of its awesomeness will make it even more…
Dick_Swet: Can we handle that big amount of awesomenimity? o:
Jedrus Aug 05 2010, 09:54 am EDT
Hi there.
* deep sigh *
  Doomsday.: wots wrong?!? no SCII ?
Jedrus: No. * A big tear drop slowly rolling down the cheek *
Doomsday.: ya need some cockslappin' to cheer u up!?
DylanDeVille Aug 05 2010, 09:58 am EDT
yeah, i played em both and they are both good games.
Yahtzee is just a grump, he sells his shit through vitriol.
Both excellent indie games.
Funny i now have more flavoursome fun with indie games than AAA titles that just leave me with disappoint flavour.
  Jedrus: Maybe it's because the goal of a typical Indie game I…
finaleve Aug 05 2010, 10:34 am EDT
Limbo is entertaining. If you want a game that is quick yet doesn't "mess around" then Limbo is it.
Drzgon Aug 05 2010, 01:11 pm EDT
I played both of them, loved Deathspank but couldn't get into Limbo. Didn't much care for the slow paced platforming in Limbo, and I really didn't care whether he found his sister or not. Call me lame though, I played the crap outta Deathspank. Nothing better than childish humor and big ass weapons!
Vader [STAFF] Aug 05 2010, 01:38 pm EDT
STARCRAFT III Review is up.
  im_stardust: III is old news, I'm expecting IV.
Whisky Aug 05 2010, 03:29 pm EDT
Vader I am disappointed in your lack of porn on this site. I seem to remember back in the day the titties flowed freely. What happened?
  im_stardust: There are tons of sites for that shit, boyo. Take you…
Whisky: STFU. I enjoy seeing some T&A while reading about co…


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