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Mornin '10
I'm starting to think the gaming industry needs a swift kick in the backside. So many developers and publishers are concentrating on what the masses want and through it all they seem to be missing the most important thing - making a good game. Now I still like to believe that video games are a unique art form, but seeing what games have become today (a majority focusing on nothing more than mindless action, while others are simply a rehash of the same bloody game) I think it's safe to say that some of them are far from art. They're just your average hastily spewed out pile of virtual crap, made to appeal to the casual gamer. Yes, it's all about the fucking money. However, once in a while, despite all the downsides of the industry, a few decent games managed to pop up every now and again. Be they indie games, full retail releases or otherwise, they turn out good because somebody made and effort and creative people were involved with the project. And that's what's important to us. That's why we stick around. I guess even as we sail this pessimistic boat, the waves of the massive ocean of electronic entertainment may still bring us to new and mysterious shores. There are always game designers with good ideas out there. If publishers allow them to express even an ounce of their creativity, well then, that should be enough... for now.

Good games may still come.

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WeAreAllGonnaDie Aug 26 2010, 07:59 am EDT
Too long, didn't read.
And hello all.
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EricHalfBee Aug 26 2010, 09:17 am EDT
A thought provoking post. Good games will come because we want to play them. There have always been rafts of poor games out there. I'm not even convinced it's getting worse: just think of all the movie tie ins going back to Amiga days nevermind PC and console gaming. The latest incarnation of Footy Sim Franchise 20xx wears me down though. I'll admit that.
Alchi Aug 26 2010, 09:46 am EDT

So Greece is that bad, that all you can think of is how gaming industry sucks?
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Vodoo Aug 26 2010, 10:53 am EDT
good game have arrived.
hell, at least one has....

playing Mafia for 2 days now in great stride to moderate the time spent with it because like all good things i know it will end. but because it is one fucking hell of a game with so much to do in-between missions, this play-through will be more focused on the story and the next one, on a hopefully new system once i get a hold of some money on Mithras Day, will be spent bumper raping every woman on the street and head-shooting cops dressed in my best tuxedo....and il have one on in-game as well.

a few glitches and small niggles here and there but overall the graphics are beautiful, the sound is good, music give a good atmosphere but the radio has me insane with rage, i hate the 30's and the 40's and the 50's and the 60's.....shit music all over that time-length.
with the exception of Dean Martin songs. he's a classic.

the characters are superb and the voicing nearly spot on.

9/10 easily.
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PainZero Aug 26 2010, 11:08 am EDT
Well the same thing happened with the movie and the music industry, so I guess the gaming industry is next. So no big surprise there.
  EricHalfBee: Films really do seem to be getting dumber
im_stardust Aug 26 2010, 11:38 am EDT
Some people in the game industry, especially on some video game websites, are fucking clueless and have no business being where they are. In my utopia, criminals would roam free and stupidity would be punished by the death penalty.

Aside from that, I really don't get what's wrong with the reviews on Mafia 2. The first Mafia wasn't a sandbox game, why did people expected a sandbox from the sequel?

Both games are story-driven 3rd person action/adventure with a big focus on capturing a certain period of time and they do that admirable.

And Vodoo, calling shit the 30s-60s music, makes you a bit more then fucking embarrassing.

  Vodoo: pure grade A manure.
Doomsday. Aug 26 2010, 12:14 pm EDT
Terminator Aug 26 2010, 01:47 pm EDT
Vader is right, 70% of new video games are trash. It's all about the $$$, and DLC rules the roost. The industry needs to stop focusing on profit, and start focusing on quality.

On a happier note, I just got another copy of Deus Ex in the mail. I wish I could make every fucking developer play this game! They might learn something about making GOOD games!
Stinke Aug 26 2010, 04:17 pm EDT
Teh Reviez of Mafia 2 where?
  mmacarthur: The dictionary where?
Whisky Aug 26 2010, 05:23 pm EDT
If they are all about what the masses want, where the hell is my new X-Wing / Tie Fighter / Wing Commander? My masses wants all of that action!
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KraGeRzR Aug 27 2010, 07:52 pm EDT
This is why I love European games. S.T.A.L.K.E.R does Fallout better than Fallout 3 did Fallout.

The Witcher did hardcore action RPG like a fucking winner,

Dark Sector did alone-in-the-dark angsty mutant better than everything else....

Why? Because Europe doesn't have Hollywood, Which means they don't have a merchandising, profiteering, franchising, sequelising outlook on entertainment.

Which means they make better games.


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