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Mornin '10

This is a good thing. Why? Because it is. Shut up now!

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PigMaster Sep 29 2010, 03:54 am EDT
screw all this 3d hype!
it's not even funny

good afternoon!
we're all drunk!
it's 12:54 on a holiday.
everything is going to be insane in a few minutes once the beer run is complete!
Et3rnal Sep 29 2010, 04:30 am EDT
I'm gonna miss 2d films :(
mmacarthur Sep 29 2010, 04:31 am EDT
I love my stereoscopic games and films and 2D isn't going anywhere so what's to moan about.
Sleek Sep 29 2010, 04:45 am EDT
I played trackmania in 3D. Like, it was good... But it wasn't amazing.
GrgoljBlaster Sep 29 2010, 04:48 am EDT
You know what's cool? This ->​ment
  allanswers: Planescape Torment was AMAZING...wish there was anoth…
Terminator Sep 29 2010, 04:54 am EDT
I've never cared for this 3D crap. Just give me the regular Blu-Ray version of Star Wars.
Vodoo Sep 29 2010, 05:07 am EDT
re-releasing something in a different media is not something to boast about, it just shows you have nothing else to show....the glass is empty. the end.

just as well release Star wars audio-books with printed subtitles in braille.

fuck george lucas.
kiadimundi Sep 29 2010, 05:13 am EDT
hahah...very nice said Vodoo...
tei187 Sep 29 2010, 06:00 am EDT
hmm... actually, i was hoping for a new movie... like a NEW movie.
Alchi Sep 29 2010, 06:02 am EDT
-What is beyond masturbation?
-Masturbating to a video of yourself masturbating.

This feels like this. Ecomentalists should give Georgie an award for promoting recycling.
Imagine how many trees would've been cut, if he had to use paper to sketch something new.
  Vodoo: funny good point.
RenegadeCZ: You give me some sick ideas.
tei187: this kind of explains everything
fenixfire Sep 29 2010, 11:43 am EDT
What is the screenshot of?
  fenixfire: Or to deter all the smart asses.....what I really mea…
im_stardust: Might be from Star Wars : ToR
fenixfire: Unlikely. It has trade federation ships and clone war…
im_stardust: Indeed... I have no clue.
Sleek: Start of the 3rd movie, Revenge of the Sith. You kno…
Doomsday. Sep 29 2010, 05:55 pm EDT

Lucas is out of ideas! He is letting other ppl make stories up and make money off games! Idiot should work on episodes 7,8 and 9 IF he really cares for the SW fans!
jimmy Sep 29 2010, 09:59 pm EDT
who the fuck are we kidding guys we're gonna watch them
Vodoo Sep 29 2010, 11:52 pm EDT
i have them on blu-ray rips. why would i pay for glasses and extra audience noise ?
Whisky Sep 30 2010, 05:32 pm EDT
Someone please kill Lucas. Shove a grenade up his FAT ASS and blow him the hell up.

Until he is dead, all we will get is re-issues and re-releases of the same movies over and over. It is PURE GREED, there is no other description for it.

dark_Vulture Sep 30 2010, 08:58 pm EDT
I have a friend thats lost his left eye in a car crash, When ever his arround and I hear about a 3D movie I Just look at him and laugh, his reponse is just "Man You really are a Jerk, You know that right"

Ahh but it's all in good fun :)


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