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Mornin '10
It's Friday... so, you should be happy. I'm happy too. Got loads and loads of exciting things lined-up. Really. Fun-filled weekend planned. Great times ahead. Lots and lots of thrilling events await...




Okay, I am a bloody social outcast. No friends, no plans whatsoever. There are you happy now?

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Parasite Oct 08 2010, 04:53 am EDT
Dude, you have a wife and kids, be sorta thankful.
Vader [STAFF] Oct 08 2010, 04:54 am EDT
You know to be completely honest, I'm thankful for that... every day of my life. That's the truth.
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Fuckd__4_Life Oct 08 2010, 05:11 am EDT
^^Kid makes life so different, no?

Anyway, i would like a whole day to myself. 24hours purely and absolutely dedicated to myself. That would be rosy.

Two days of peace and then next week is hectic. Gotta ready myself.
Mr. Furious Oct 08 2010, 06:08 am EDT
Enjoy the day with your family. Life's short, so live for these precious moments with each other before the Rat Race pulls you back into the grind.
Cedtsmk Oct 08 2010, 06:14 am EDT
"Every day above ground is a good day"
Doomsday. Oct 08 2010, 06:37 am EDT

everyday with no sex is a bad day!
PigMaster Oct 08 2010, 06:45 am EDT
Doomsday, i totaly agree with you.
now, how ofter does that happen?

yeah, it's friday, and i'm staying at home
no parties
no pubs
nothing special

just me and the special lady

she's special cause i don't have to pay her when she leaves in the morning.
and i'm not talking credit here!
alex8642 Oct 08 2010, 06:49 am EDT

I hear ya vader, if you have kids, it is tough as all hell to organize time to meet up with your buddies. In fact, my own father used to bitch all the time because all his friends found other things to do while he was too busy watching his kids after his wife screamed at him for not helping out all week (I guess working for the food and shelter apparently doesn't mean anything). House wives, I will never have one. My wife better work just as much as I do. kids can go to day care. lol.
Marku5K Oct 08 2010, 07:18 am EDT

Hell yeeeahh, 3 day rally event on my island (biggest rally event of my country may be even in the baltics). And that means a lshit load of hot tea and Jägermeister!! WOOOTT!!
Vodoo Oct 08 2010, 07:19 am EDT
im feeling much better now, isn't that great ? i know how much my well being puts your life in balance.

spent my whole week watching cartoons.....nothing like an overdose of immaturity to bring the old bones to life.

now that im partially sick and sort off bedridden, i wish i had a really good RPG to immerse me into a nice fake world filled with virgin pixies and little bottles of tomato juice and curaçao liquor, appointing me with the task of hunting down Sauron's ork army (im quite familiar with that one) and finding 10 pieces of an old weapon that is said to be created by the incarnation of all universal energies and powerful enough to kill lucifer and god......but nobody bothered.
  im_stardust: Boooy, you can really write some shit...
tei187 Oct 08 2010, 08:39 am EDT
this is what you get when you mix the gamer with a star wars junkie... gamepad in one hand, plastic light saber in another.
Terminator Oct 08 2010, 02:42 pm EDT
You are lucky to have a wife and kids Vader. Even if they drive you insane sometimes, be thankful to have them.

I will be spending this weekend alone on my PC, refreshing my programming skills. I've become a bit rusty over the last two years, but now I'm diving back into programming with full force. Java is my favorite language, so I'm starting the refresh there. In my spare time, I will be playing a few games.
  Vodoo: my favorite language is french. works better with …
Terminator: Very true.
Alchi: We're gonna have a dispute then, cause my favourite g…
Doomsday. Oct 08 2010, 02:48 pm EDT
WarHammer 40k is the best fictional universe Everr!! To WARR Brotherss!!
MajFauxPas Oct 08 2010, 03:23 pm EDT
What is this 'friends' you speak of? :p
Parasite Oct 08 2010, 05:18 pm EDT
Besides, you have 2lions, Dex, and that awesome comic guy (Grbavitch was it?)
  Vodoo: grabovic.
Terminator Oct 08 2010, 08:10 pm EDT
Speaking of 2Lions, why doesn't he post anymore?
Sleek Oct 08 2010, 10:56 pm EDT
Yeah you need to think about all the wondrous, joyous moments of having children.

Like when they grow up and leave home!
crazyhermit Oct 09 2010, 04:32 am EDT something for you halo reach junkies


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