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Mornin '10
So what's next for us? Are we gonna grow beards, fat stomachs and just fade away into the electronic alleyways of the Internet, as the game industry goes all 'casual' on us? No. Certainly not. What's more, I think publishers are starting to pay a lot more attention to the indie game scene, which is a big deal. Some amazing and innovative ideas can be dug up from independent development teams and I'm sure we'll se great games in future. Of course, that doesn't mean the standard mountain of bullshit releases won't still be choking us like deadly fumes from an ancient, massive, stinking dog turd.

The point is not to get discouraged. I think the gaming industry is on a relatively decent path right now, so there's no need to worry. Absolutely no need whatsoever. Right? Right.

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PainZero Nov 09 2010, 02:20 am EST
Yup, they are on the right path, something like this
  Doomsday.: hah! nice 1 !
Sleek Nov 09 2010, 02:39 am EST
I am just STOKED that Black Ops can't stand up to the hype that it had. Greatest day of my life when i saw that Reach had the better score from IGN.

Also, the few QQing CoD fanboys crying that the review is terrible and wrong is an absolute pisser.
  Copperr: I hope there will be greater days in your life, I rea…
Vodoo: hah !
Sleek: Are you insinuating i have no life, and am a sad fuck…
Doomsday. Nov 09 2010, 02:42 am EST

oh ye of little faith, have faith! As long as there r b00bies, there will be good games!
Stinke Nov 09 2010, 02:43 am EST
More socialism=More bad games
  Alchi: I'm not trying to bring any politics into AT (last si…
LostPcGamer Nov 09 2010, 03:14 am EST
The light burns i have been in the dark to long.Time I throw off the industry shackles and go outside side and play as my parents told me so.
  Alchi: Like 24 years ago...
Terminator Nov 09 2010, 03:51 am EST
Force Unleashed 2 nearly killed my faith in the gaming industry. It's a perfect example of how far the industry has fallen. No storyline, no RPG elements, just mindless action. After taking a week off from gaming, I decided to play Dawn of War II again. Good storyline, tons of weapon & armor types, and great tactical action.

EDIT: Right now, I only count FIVE 2011 games that are worth buying. That is pretty fucking sad :(
  Doomsday.: For The Emperoorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Well done Br…
LostPcGamer: I enjoyed playing the game and its expansion pack als…
Doomsday.: 'n da nuxt game ve vacge a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
Terminator: When I get my Warboss, the first thing I will do is K…
Sleek: Mass Effect 2, Fable 3, Starcraft 2, Halo Reach, Supe…
Doomsday.: ME3 is for 2012!!
Sleek: They said late 2011 or early 2012? I hope for 2011 o…
PigMaster Nov 09 2010, 03:58 am EST
still depressed
weed won't help
  Morkrul: play a sport or something like that that makes you lo…
Alchi: Feeling depressed? Weeds not helping? How bout so…
Dick_Swet Nov 09 2010, 04:16 am EST

This month's releases are traggic.It will be Starcraft 2,Bad Company 2 or Team Fortress 2 for me.
Anyone played The Ball?
  Vodoo: good graphics, nice mood and ambiental soundtrack, ni…
Marku5K Nov 09 2010, 06:05 am EST
This pice of wonder is THE hottest being I have ever, ever... seen on the internet. Seriously, I just don't have any words!
She is the definicion of HOT & beautiful​is-ginger-is-but-i-wants-one-6-photos/
  Morkrul: whoa
Doomsday.: remove the makeup and then we'll see!
Marku5K: don't get me wrong, I too hate makeup in most cases i…
Vodoo: niiiiiice....Nikon rules !
Marku5K: yeah, it does ! :D
Alchi: Photoshop you mean, not make up. Unless she's a m…
Marku5K: Oh come on! She is ginger, she is cute, she is hot, w…
BmmB: Oh, man, tastes sooo differ. She is nice looking, but…
Morkrul Nov 09 2010, 08:59 am EST
we just need some patience, everybody just wants instant and they forget that when eating, dessert comes at the end...unless there's also bitter


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