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Mornin '11
So, then, Duke Nukem Forever, thoughts? Personally, I don't know what to think anymore. Clearly the project was given to someone who can actually bring a development cycle to a close (i.e. Gearbox). The guys at Gearbox are known to churn out pretty solid games, so I'm hoping that, despite my incredible skepticism, DNF makes it to stores and delivers a fun FPS experience (as it did in the past).

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Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jan 25 2011, 02:46 am EST
There's no precedent for DNF's case, so it's hard to know what to believe. If the game has great gameplay and enough personality, it might just be a very satisfying ride for us, old fans.
Vader [STAFF] Jan 25 2011, 02:52 am EST
I don't think that's gonna happen. Old fans, as you say, are old fans. They are old. I think most of us have outgrown this shit. You may find it fun, but not as fun as it was back then when you were a pimple-faced teenager.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jan 25 2011, 02:57 am EST
I don't know man, my immature side is still alive and kicking. Duke might just be the thing I need to have my long lost love for gaming revived. Even if only for a short while.
raptor Jan 25 2011, 03:23 am EST
Hope it lives up to it's hype. I waited a long time for Star Craft 2 only to find it plagued with bugs.
Doomsday. Jan 25 2011, 03:40 am EST

I concurrs with uny man bum! My immature side is still alive and kicking aswell!
PanteraFan666 Jan 25 2011, 04:07 am EST
i thing tons of people will like it.
Juxtapose Jan 25 2011, 05:07 am EST
Initially, everyone will be checking out Duke Nukem Forever simply due to it's infamy alone. Beyond that, it'll need solid gameplay to sell to newer gamers, and it'll really need to dig up nostalgia to sell to those of us who remember the game's original announcement.

They will be releasing a Demo first, and that'll be my first step. If the demo is good, I'll check pro-reviews to see what they say. If they're positive, I might just pick it up. If not, perhaps a bargain bin months down the line.

Honestly, it'll probably be a bargain bin title by November at the latest anyway.
Terminator Jan 25 2011, 05:16 am EST
Morning. DNF can kiss my ass. I won't waste my limited gaming money on a 14 year old piece of junk that is likely to fail. Not when GOOD games like Deus Ex 3, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and Elder Scrolls 5 are coming.
  Doomsday.: Crysis 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alchi Jan 25 2011, 06:33 am EST
You can look at it the way you want, but you seriously cannot deny, that DNF is unique in todays gaming.
Good unique, or bad unique - you'll have to wait to find out.

I'm hopeful. Watching South Park is sometimes enjoyable, so why not DNF. (I know SP is a lot more serious, but still I associate it with first episodes of alien relay in Cartman's ass - which is pretty silly. )

PigMaster Jan 25 2011, 07:30 am EST
the way i see it, the trailer was such a huge tease i got such great expectations,
if DNF won't be great, i'm gonna murder every single person who was ever related to the game.
I actually - eagerly - wait for this game,
like i used to when i was 15 or 16 years old.
my days as a hardcore gamer are over, but still,
if the trailer represents the game (and it doesn't always does) then,
i expect the best FPS of the year.
FesterSilently Jan 25 2011, 08:00 am EST
raptor mentions Starcraft 2 being full of bugs; insofar as *that* IP went, I just felt it suffered from "Oblivion-itis": it improved on the graphics, the gameplay, the efficiency of the original, but it lost the immersiveness...the heart, somewhere along the line (that goes for both Oblivion AND Starcraft2).

As far as DNF goes, I applaud Gearbox for their effort, regardless...I just think I've kinda gotten past the Duke Nukem-Serious Sam-Painkiller kinda games of late.

*shrugs* But who knows? We'll see...
  Nameinuse: Oblivion-itis? I've wanted for a while to put into wo…
RenegadeCZ Jan 25 2011, 11:15 am EST
I am really looking forward to Duke. In which other game can you piss? I hope that IŽll be able to piss on my shoes, as I am in real life.
  Un Om Bun: Postal 2. Many bad things happen in that game.
optimus slime Jan 25 2011, 11:47 am EST
I'm hyped. Duke Nukem was one of the favorites from the olden days, but I never really cared for DN Forever and the hype that surrounded it.
Until now, when I realized it has something that the games seem to lack these days. And that is Character. That comedic badassery from the '90s was never successfully replicated, as now most of the protagonists seem to be a bunch of pussies or just female.
There are many logical reasons why this could fail, but I'm allowing myself to be optimistic.

Over-the-top action heroes of old, we missed you so.
  SpaceMonkey: Games, unlike movies need more than character, it nee…
SpaceMonkey Jan 25 2011, 09:45 pm EST
I agreed with Vader, I've out grown this shit! Now I'm someone that have more fun in Game Dev. Story (iphone) than those big budget titles.....

I think mature gamers is an untapped segment of the market.
Cheddar Jan 25 2011, 11:06 pm EST
I'm definitely cynical about DNF's prospects, but I'm not flat-out predicting failure just yet.

That being said, I certainly agree with Vader's posted sentiments earlier in the thread. As I think I myself have posted pretty much the same thing before.

But maybe DNF can achieve a Serious Sam sort of cult-appeal. That's not out of the realm of possibility, I think. Provided the game is technically sound and well polished, that may even be a smart bet.

HOWEVER... even if DNF manages a Serious Sam degree of success, there are many who would consider even that to be a disappointment, considering the brand's incredibly high-profile nature and 15 year wait. The Serious Sam games benefited from having relatively low expectations from its audience... DNF will not.


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