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Mornin '11
This looks promising. Unbelievable tacky, but promising. Hm, actually the visual style of this movie is very District 9-ish, which sucks a bit. Still, it's amazing to see how much a young director can influence others. While we're on the subject, I'd also really like to se a sequel to D9 (that's one awesome movie).

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Cheddar Feb 23 2011, 02:47 am EST
Good god, is it already morning? Shit, I forgot to sleep again.
PigMaster Feb 23 2011, 03:05 am EST
movie looks like fun, Johann Johannsson's song is brilliant and all in all, looks like it's worth going to the movies.
i'm a bit tired off alien-invasion based movies, it's a packed theme, but with shit load of pottential, as there weren't any decent movies in the area since independance day.
maybe i'm wrong, but i can't think of any.

anyway, here's the song:
daddy74 Feb 23 2011, 03:40 am EST
Reminded me of the upcoming game Homefront (different story of course). America under attack ...
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Feb 23 2011, 04:04 am EST
Fucking aliens, they're after our smog. Be brave America.
  Cheddar: /laff
Terminator Feb 23 2011, 05:35 am EST
Morning. I hope this movie is better than Skyline. Then again, almost any movie is better than Skyline was.

Anyway, I have now played the Dragon Age 2 demo with all three classes. Mage is my favorite, with Rogue and Warrior tied for second pace. I must give Bioware credit, they did a better job with spells in DA 2 then DA 1. The level up process is better too because we have more upgrade options. I'm feeling better about DA 2 today than I did last night. It's definately on my buy list.

EDIT: Don't take this the wrong way, but for the first time I am seriously considering playing a FEMALE character. I like the female's voice acting better than the male's. She is also very easy on the eyes. *ahem*
  im_stardust: Both male and female characters look like god damn em…
Loraxxe: Neither's voice acting is as good as a female ME2 PC,…
Morkrul Feb 23 2011, 05:59 am EST
that looked good, i think it can be over-analysed
Doomsday. Feb 23 2011, 06:17 am EST

Installing DA2 demo! Battle: LA looks awesome though!
im_stardust Feb 23 2011, 06:34 am EST
Again with the aliens? This shit never stops.
Marku5K Feb 23 2011, 08:26 am EST

The combat in Dragon Age 2 is too fast!
  AtomicViking: Its not faster, the abilities still share decent coo…
Terminator: Combat sure seems faster in Dragon Age 2. I wish they…
Doomsday. Feb 23 2011, 10:09 am EST
the demo is nice so far! The combat is a bit fast though! well thats why they have the pause option! Also loving the ability tree!
optimus slime Feb 23 2011, 11:46 am EST
Some of the things I concluded from the demo. Quick notes.

Its a fucking console game, is what it is. One of the rare things I liked about the DA:O is the isometric view and they've basically took it and crapped on it.
The combat has a better pace than before, but I don't know why they made it look like a yu-gi-oh battle. Actually I do, they want to attract as many pimple faced fucktards as possible. Its where the money at.

The characters and their voices are as interesting as Captain America's armpit.
They are like those people you knew back in high school, who have good grades, but try so hard to act cool in order to avoid being branded as dorks. Bunch of empty shells with faces tacked.
Except for Flemeth, who looks and sounds like decent job. So far.

Making a game with no definable art style, one would think they'd accent the technical visual aspects. No cigar. The graphics are downright terrible. Which is understandable, since it's tailored for a 6 year old console.

The only thing I could see working here is the storyline. Yes it has that familiar plot, but if they don't try to please the puberty masses so hard, this could be a decent adventure. But I have no faith in that happening.
Terminator Feb 23 2011, 03:05 pm EST
It seems many of us agree on one thing: Combat in Dragon Age 2 is too damn fast. SLOW IT DOWN BIOWARE! Make it normal speed please.
  sh33pp: Yip I agree, slow down the frigging combat! Feels lik…


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