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Mornin '11
The Witcher 2 is gonna arrive this month - on May 17, to be exact. Before that one comes out, I was thinking it may be a good idea to have a go at The Witcher: The Enhanced Edition. Personally, I love the original game, but the sad thing is I never got to finished it, because that annoying huge crab-boss thing pissed me off. No matter what I did, I just couldn't kill the damn thing. Eventually, I gave up on the game and I never completed the story. So, perhaps it's time I returned to finish the fight. Trouble is, I'm gonna have to start from the very beginning, because I didn't keep my saves. Now, I'm not sure if I have enough time to complete the game before the sequel arrives. Don't have much spare time on my hands, so I can't devote every hour of every day to playing The Witcher. Damn!

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optimus slime May 04 2011, 01:47 am EDT
Interesting. I was just thinking how you are going to post something about Witcher, before I entered the site.
I love my new psychic powers.

Anyway, finish that baby and your shame will be lifted. Witcher EE is one of the best, post-BG RPGs. You can also fap to the sex cards when your wife's not looking. If she spots you, say it's an achievement.
  Vader: You just convinced me to replay the game. Especially …
Un Om Bun: Amagad, and that green lady, you could even see her n…
Doomsday. May 04 2011, 01:52 am EDT

When a game pisses my hairy ass off, i go for Trainers!

The WItcher is your Everest Vader! Climb It!!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] May 04 2011, 03:00 am EDT
Dude ! You MUST finish it. There are some gorgeous environments waiting for you after you get out of Vizima. I'm thinking the crab monster you're referring to is that tentacled thingy in the sewers. If yes, lucky you. There's still a ton of content after that point. I don't care about your excuses, don't come back here until you've finished the game.
  Vader: Well, anyway, it was this crab. -…
Un Om Bun: Oh, you were close to the end then. That fucker is na…
Vader: I think the thing was that I did have some health pot…
Ftmch May 04 2011, 03:16 am EDT
I belive you have to run and destroy barriers that fall down on that huge crab-like thing. At least I think so, unless that was another game, but yeah. If your'e in some sort of mine you need to run and use your force-push (or whatever non-jedi's call it) on the barriers. Eventually you can kill it if I remember correctly.
  Un Om Bun: That's another crab. That whatchamacallit boss that y…
Morkrul May 04 2011, 03:24 am EDT
not having time is BS, it's all about resources management
Terminator May 04 2011, 05:13 am EDT
Morning. No way I can quit gaming when Witcher 2 is so close! I'm planning to start The Witcher this weekend, should have it done by the 17th. You must finish this game Vader, get trainers for it!
  Doomsday.: how can u stop Gaming?!? It is in your Blood!! :D
SlimeDunk May 04 2011, 07:28 am EDT
Busy installing it now.... Also got stuck at that fuckin crab boss the last time. Will definitely use a trainer this time. Don't have enough time to do it all over again the hard way.
  SlimeDunk: EDIT: Just saw that if you disable all the voice over…
Barzenak42 May 04 2011, 09:00 am EDT
Finished it...worth doing as well. Witcher 2 is prebought from gog already !!
DylanDeVille May 04 2011, 09:28 pm EDT
Man I want to play this game, but it crashes constantly for me.


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