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Mornin '11
Okay, you convinced me. Just installed The Witcher: The Enhanced Edition and I started playing. Gonna play it all the way this time: Hear that? I'm coming back for ya!! Stupid, giant, annoying, crab-like, boss thing...

In other words, I'm gonna be truly ready to experience The Witcher 2 when it comes out.

Can't wait for that one.

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Superastic May 06 2011, 02:13 am EDT
U can do eeeeet!

I should do the same and pick it up a third time. How long is this game again?
Un Om Bun [STAFF] May 06 2011, 02:20 am EDT
That's right. Finish it so you can play the second one with a clear conscience.

What about me, you ask ? I reinstalled Fallout Tactics. I never played through the whole campaign back in the day, because I couldn't swallow the idea of a Fallout game with almost no story or freedom. I hope I'm gonna enjoy it this time. I found a nice widescreen patch for it, but in high res everything looks very small. And my Thai pepper plant is 2cm tall now.
optimus slime May 06 2011, 03:02 am EDT
Why don't I remember the crab thingy? Was it a must-fight boss or was it a choice-based encounter? Is my memory crap?
Or have I defeated it too easily for it to warrant a special place in my experience?

It's probably the last one. I'm usually too good for crustaceans.

Anyway, good luck. You're gonna need it, since you're obviously bad with that sort of sea creature. Unlike me. I'm too good for them.
Mind the claws, however tasty they might seem.
  Morkrul: i don't remeber it either
Un Om Bun: I think your memory is crab. HA HA HA, that's just to…
Vader: Yep, that's the one and here's the link again - http:…
optimus slime: Yeah I saw the video, but for the life of me I can't …
Vader: I remember little from the game too. But I damn well …
Doomsday.: every witcher player remembers the fookin Crab!!
Morkrul: oooooooooooooooohhhhhhh, that crab... i remember now
Morkrul May 06 2011, 03:24 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] May 06 2011, 03:49 am EDT
Now that was uncalled for.
RenegadeCZ May 06 2011, 04:43 am EDT
In Witcher, I only got out of that first fortress. Then it started lagging as hell, don't know why, never tried to figure it out. I simply lost all interest, and I even had a collectors version-got it for christmas along with a solid PC (those days, it was).
Vader [STAFF] May 06 2011, 04:47 am EDT
Yeah, the initial version of the game had some serious framerate issues even on stronger systems. So far, I did have any problems in The Enhanced Edition.
Terminator May 06 2011, 05:21 am EDT
The Enhanced Edition fixed 90% of the bugs in The Witcher. I'm going to start it again too. Can't wait for Witcher 2!
Doomsday. May 06 2011, 05:23 am EDT

U can do eeeeet!
SpaceMonkey May 06 2011, 10:25 am EDT
I'm gonna reinstall Kotor2 and finish it this time, never finish that game.
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Un Om Bun: It's incredibly ugly, monotonous, has a shit layout, …
tei187: Well, Nar Shada has an ugly layout but saying that it…
Cheddar: Bun enjoys hyperbole. This is established.
BmmB May 06 2011, 12:04 pm EDT
I'm enjoying The Witcher right now. Also playing Quake 4. I'm impressed how good the game looks, after all those years. I'm at the beginning but like it so far.
Morkrul May 06 2011, 12:43 pm EDT
i'm amazed how quake 3 arena still manages to entertain me so much
stochinblockin May 06 2011, 05:42 pm EDT
Be sure to download the high resolution texture and character mod. Can't go wrong with that.
Doomsday. May 07 2011, 03:33 pm EDT
If Vader is playing The Witcher EE and took the saturday off, it be cool then! :D

I hope he ends it by Monday!
Morkrul May 07 2011, 10:40 pm EDT
uuhnnnnn..... i'm dead drunk..... damn...
  Morkrul: Not anymore!! yay!
Doomsday. May 08 2011, 11:19 am EDT
Where the Fuck is everyone!!!!!!

The only one here is a drunk who is no longer drunk!
Terminator May 08 2011, 12:02 pm EDT
No weekend news at all? Wow, Vader must be lost in Vizima. I'm going to start my own game of Witcher tonight.

EDIT: I saw Thor last night, and I love it. I'm going back to it today.
Morkrul May 08 2011, 06:19 pm EDT


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