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Mornin '11
Good morning, all. A quick note from our tech team - well, mostly Dex. We've been receiving complaints about the AT log-in not functioning properly. Just wanted to inform you that we've fixed the problem so you can now register, update your profiles and comment to your heart's content. Seriously, comment away. Comment until your fingers fall off.

Thank you for sticking with us. You're the best!

Sincerely yours,

The Man in the Iron Mask (Dark Iron Mask, that is. Well, just Dark. It probably wasn't made from iron at all. Also, I'm not sure about the texture of this mask, all I know is that it's bloody dark in here).

p.s. The Witcher is taking up too much of my spare time. I'm starting to get all the usual symptoms of the nerd flu (i.e. basically everything that happens when you force your organism into overplay. Yes, that's right, I just made that one up; the term 'overplay' doesn't exist, but I quite like it, so shut up, now it exists).

Farewell... for now

Stay lucky

Wait isn't it Friday the 13th?

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Reader Comments
CJ_Parker May 13 2011, 01:49 am EDT
Mornin' folks!
Vader [STAFF] May 13 2011, 01:57 am EDT
BmmB May 13 2011, 03:14 am EDT
Hey Vader, that humor in this mornin' post has kinda Portalish feel to it. Nicely done.
  Vader: ActionTrip isn't about WHY! It's about WHY NOT!!!
Doomsday. May 13 2011, 03:19 am EDT

Killed the Crab yet?!?
Morkrul May 13 2011, 04:18 am EDT
oh yea! TODAY is friday 13th... yesterday i was convinced it was friday 12th.... damn this loss of time sense

So... Now i can edit my comments?
  Morkrul: mhh.. nope, no edit button
Vader: Whadda ya mean 'no edit button'?? Dex, DEEEX!!!!
Morkrul: let me check...
Morkrul: nope... anyways, should i have it in the first place?
tei187: were you logged in? i see my edit button right friggi…
Morkrul: ok so i logged in, now i'll try again (usually i log …
Morkrul: nay... nothing.... i don't know, maybe i'm doing some…
tei187: that's odd... maybe it's a case of mistaken identity ;)
dex: Seems like this problem happens when you're logged in…
Vader [STAFF] May 13 2011, 04:19 am EDT
No, not yet. Just started Chapter III.
optimus slime May 13 2011, 06:59 am EDT
This morning post has that fuzzy, semi-retarded feeling. I like it.

Bring on the velociraptors!
Vodoo May 13 2011, 07:06 am EDT
i prefer honey badgers.

any animal that enjoys testicles that much must have a sense of humour.
tei187 May 13 2011, 08:31 am EDT
APB Reloaded open beta starts on 18th May.
Marku5K May 13 2011, 11:23 am EDT NOW live!!
Terminator May 13 2011, 02:33 pm EDT
Whew, I finally got my PC fixed. Cost a pretty penny too!
Terminator May 14 2011, 02:47 pm EDT
No weekend news again? Vader must be trying to finish The Witcher before tuesday!
  Doomsday.: As long as he is able to kill the crab thing and end …
Terminator: That crab is a pain in the ass. After dying three tim…
Morkrul May 14 2011, 10:22 pm EDT
tei187 May 15 2011, 10:40 am EDT
AT dudeys, the login script (below the header) doesn't work. error on line 4, unexpected semicolon or something like that. you can still login by posting, though
tei187 May 15 2011, 04:31 pm EDT
we're experiencing serious technical problems, dude. stop playing the witcher!


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