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Mornin '11
Hey, folks. I'm putting the finishing touches on our Skyrim review, so it'll be up very soon.

Also, I'll have the news up as soon as I'm done with the article. Hope you'll bear with me, as usual.

Sincerely yours,


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Vader [STAFF] Nov 10 2011, 07:52 am EST
Oh and refresh the page, had to post a different botd!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 10 2011, 08:04 am EST
Until then, enjoy some more comments from the Twilight Zone:
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WeAreAllGonnaDie Nov 10 2011, 08:52 am EST
Did you play it with the release day patch? I understand that's 200Mb of bugfixes.
im_stardust Nov 10 2011, 09:39 am EST
Doomsday. Nov 10 2011, 10:12 am EST
  im_stardust: fuck you'
Vader: You boys play nice now.
Xmortis Nov 10 2011, 10:14 am EST
The countdown is on... playing Oblivion a bit before it is released... most likely out of desperation.
RenegadeCZ Nov 10 2011, 11:11 am EST
I can't wait. The game is on already, but I preordered the game, so I'll wait till it lands in my mailbox.
Bubu Nov 10 2011, 11:11 am EST
Skyrim is on torrent. Grab it and play it to death.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 10 2011, 01:26 pm EST
If there's any game out there, that deserves to be bought for its legit price, it would have to be this one.
im_stardust Nov 10 2011, 05:18 pm EST
I encourage piracy on a wide range of games; from a game with bad porting to a game that announces a 4 map pack for 15 dollars after a month of it's release or a game that has no return policy on digital download or countries that are not covered by discounts, promotions or other privilages and so on so forth

This fucking video game companies cannot wait to figure out more ways to fuck their customers a little bit harder. And DLC is clearly, unquestionably one of them. It's the same old fucking trick, buy one get on free, buy one get 20% off, GOOD DEAL fucking bullshit.

Not to mention that you have to pull 1000 bucks out of your pocket or more in my country to enjoy playing some of this sorry ass of a games. Some save money or they buy a PC in installments...humiliating.

Some of you would say, can't afford it don't play it or some similar shit...but I ask you? What's a guy suppose to do when he comes home from a shiity 8-10 hour job with almost minimum wage? Listen to his wife nag? Watch 30 minutes of retarded commercials on TV? This guy gets fucked by the system the whole day. Can't he have some moments a peace? I mean, how much can you take from him?

Isn't it good (at least the illusion) that you can get back at the system, once in a while?

Fairly intelligent people have probably thought about this and piracy is kept under control, not extinguished, because it's a good form to keep people busy, keep them in check, keep them dreaming while you fuck them in their sleep.
raingod Nov 10 2011, 07:29 pm EST
Actually, I torrent before I buy. The game doesn't have to be "The Game of the Year" for me to buy it. I just have to finish it and then I'll buy it. But if I can't stand it for the first 3 stages then no money for you.

Games I just bought and not torrent before :
Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Batman Arkham Asylum (Batman fanboy), Diablo 2, Modern Warfare 1 (because I enjoyed Call of Duty 1 & 2), Oblivion, Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 1 & 2 (still undecided if a good buy, I enjoyed it but...), Rage, Bastion, Dragon Age 1 (sadly not 2) and many more AAA games...

My money right now is reserved for Batman Arkham City PC...


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