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Mornin '11
I used to have a pretty good notion of where this industry is going, although I'm not so sure now. Normally, I'd be convinced that EA and Blactivsion will take over the world with MMORPGs and Call of Duties and yet Skyrim is a testimony that gamers still want the single-player RPG experience. They want it so bad, that they're prepared to sell their newborn kittens just so they can afford a more powerful rig that'll make Skyrim look just right. People have been playing it on PCs for countless hours, regardless of the crappy interface (damn whoever decided to launch the PC version in such a state). Console gamers have spent an equal amount of time, getting lost in the wonders of this huge game. Star Wars: TOR, on the other hand, is going to show us whether or not people still hunger for the old WoW recipe. Not even sure about all that story-telling shite BioWare has been spitting out and if it's actually going to make TOR a unique gem amongst MMORPGs. Now, I'm certain they've written a lot of solid stories and quests, albeit that doesn't change the fact that the game still looks and plays like World of Warcraft other MMOGs that came before it.

The indie scene may yet be our salvation in this instance, because no matter which franchise pompous publishers decide to recycle in order to expand the domain of tripe-A games, there are creative minds out there still free, still working hard to bring us that unique and memorable gaming experience. You know that feeling of playing a game that's cool and unique - you've actually tasted something you've never tasted before and it's freakin' awesome!

Alas, when it comes to video game projects, I'm afraid it boils down to the old formula: "Ya know, this may turn out good, so long as there's absolutely no money or profit of any kind involved."

Of course, I'm pretty sure that a lot of brilliant ideas from creative people in the industry have emerged from an individual's desire for cash. As for me, personally, I'd like to think I'm an extremely greedy son of a bitch at times. Like it or not, in some instances, materialism makes the fucking world go around... make that 'all instances.'

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Marku5K Nov 23 2011, 02:50 am EST
Gooood mornin' Vietnaam! (not actually at Vietnam!!)
kiadimundi Nov 23 2011, 03:17 am EST
Wish I was born in `90. not only because I would be 10 year younger now but also because I would not play all those great games from doom, heretic, hexen, x-com, ufo, baldur gate, mechwarrior etc etc and then maybe but only maybe Oblivion, Skyrim, Crisis etc would be my top games. Because I would not know better!
Bubu Nov 23 2011, 03:51 am EST
Vader [STAFF] Nov 23 2011, 03:56 am EST
Okay then.

Materialism makes the fucking world go around.

There. Happy now?
  Bubu: YERP.
Doomsday. Nov 23 2011, 05:05 am EST

Money is everything! Money cant buy happiness, LMFAO!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 23 2011, 05:25 am EST
I see more creativity in just one day of indie game browsing than in a lifetime of playing soulless AAA garbage (fuck you Assassin's Creed and the rest).

I find dozens (I shit you not) of original games every time I go looking. This is the one I was playing before checking up on you sluts: (use the mouse + arrows)

Yep, I'm hip. And you could be too.
SpaceMonkey Nov 23 2011, 05:28 am EST
You mean "capitalism" fucks us all.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 23 2011, 05:42 am EST
No, I mean materialism that motivates the individual. Capitalism is a different issue.
Morkrul Nov 23 2011, 05:48 am EST
Little Beaver Nov 23 2011, 06:16 am EST
There's too many people. And people are just tired by people. When people get tired of people, people crave for killing people. Killing people is illegal, but killing DRAGONS isn't. Enter Skyrim.

And by people who tire normal people i mean retarded generations of "Children of the Internet".
SGMRock Nov 23 2011, 07:12 am EST
You guys seriouly over analize everything.

On another note, I would pay for redux of a lot of games on modern systems. Would love to play games like X-Wing and XvT, along with a ton more games on DX11 graphics. For me they wouldn't even have to change the story just playing something like Baldurs Gate on a modern engine would make me happy.
  raingod: Kinda like Halo Anniversary?
im_stardust Nov 23 2011, 09:38 am EST
Though they are far from perfect, a decade ago, I've been dreaming to play games like Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City...etc.
If you look back, it's a HUGE step up in the gaming industry, on all counts.

As for the world we live in, it's not changing, it always has been like this.
RenegadeCZ Nov 23 2011, 10:11 am EST
If only stardust's dreams went true...

Us, playing our ever evolving games in comfort. The world, balancing on the edge of total crysis but still being in relative peace.

Ahh... That would be sweet.

I only wish we could banish Mehrunes Dagon, daedric prince of destruction and change.
Breedy_Mcfluff Nov 23 2011, 11:42 am EST
Need to close them oblivion gates.

They keep spewing out shit.
Terminator Nov 23 2011, 03:08 pm EST
Damn right we are spending tons of time in Skryim. My new PS3 has gotten one heck of a workout this week. Hopefully some developers keep making single player RPG's.
MajFauxPas Nov 23 2011, 03:25 pm EST
And that's why I'm playing five year old games. The new ones are just the same, but not as fun.
Morkrul Nov 23 2011, 03:59 pm EST
WHERE'S MY HALF LIFE 3!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


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