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Mornin '12

Morning, folks. Feeling slightly better today. Only slightly. Still have this motherfucking cough.

But, enough about diseased phlegm.

Let's talk about firm, almost crusty mucous, which can sometimes stick forever deep inside your nostrils, making it very hard for you to blow your... oops, sorry. I really meant to talk about gaming. Then again, what is there to talk about? I'm sure you're either putting the finishing touches on your burly Dovahkiin character or you've probably leveled to some extent in SW: TOR.

Apart from that, there's hardly anything new on the market. Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2 almost here (end of January), if you care about those at all. Out of sheer boredom, I've decided to play Darksiders: Wrath of War, but I didn't expect to enjoy it this much, since this is my second playthrough. A damn fine game. Not particularly bothered by the WoW-style artwork or the fact that the gameplay is a rip-off of God of War and DMC. It's still a terrific ride and a great story. I hope Vigil delivers a solid sequel.

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Morkrul Jan 05 2012, 02:42 am EST
right now i'm with skyrim... and uni
Terminator Jan 05 2012, 05:02 am EST
Morning. I'm still playing Battlefield 3. Damn that game is fun! When I get done with that, I will go back to Mass Effect 1 and 2. Gotta get my characters ready for Mass Effect 3!
Doomsday. Jan 05 2012, 05:30 am EST

SW:TOR for me! Left Korriban for Dromund Kaas! Lvl 14 now! Awesome game!
Vader [STAFF] Jan 05 2012, 05:38 am EST
I understand. Thanks Doomsday.
RenegadeCZ Jan 05 2012, 08:29 am EST

Just a little explanation.

Korriban- (level 1-11) a starting planet for Sith characters, a planet of origin of the true Sith and the place with the greatest affinity to the Dark side of the Force.

Dromund Kaas (10-17)-capital planet of the Empire. The place where all Empire classes meet for the first time.
im_stardust Jan 05 2012, 10:22 am EST
Doomsday. Jan 05 2012, 10:23 am EST
@Renegade: I was lvl 14 Sith Warrior when i reached Dormund Kaas! Did the Black Talon twice! Helped out alot of other fellow Siths with Hate Machine and Armed & Dangerous! Though watching a lvl 17 Sith Inquisitor's awesome destructive power in action gave me doubts about the Sith Warrior class!

Which server are u at?!?
RenegadeCZ Jan 05 2012, 12:19 pm EST
Lord Calypho. europe RP-PvP.

Yeah, it's quite easily possible to leave those planets on higher level. For example, when I reached Tatooine, I was already a level higher than it's maximum recommended level, and was up for Alderaan.

Try some Warzones man, they're a fucking gold mine.
  Doomsday.: Warzones, hmm... will do! Whats ur character etc... ?!?
im_stardust Jan 05 2012, 12:28 pm EST
Letting aside this hyperly hyped geeks, the talk from sometime ago about SW:ToR being a WoW killer is starting to be true.

I don't know how Blizzard thought it out but WoW's subscriber base is going to drop considerably in the next months.

I was doubting that another copy of WoW, would be a success, but Bioware's and Lucasarts's additions and most importantly EA's money have been well invested.

Mark my words, Blizzard is going to be in real trouble, if they don't come up fast with a genius idea and that's NOT their upcoming expansion.
Vodoo Jan 05 2012, 01:07 pm EST
yes, let us leave literature aside and talk about the value of stocks between Playboy and Hustler.
Doomsday. Jan 05 2012, 01:07 pm EST
WoW's biggest downside to me is no fucking story or characterization! It should be called a MMO with dungeon fucking! Reminded me of Hellgate: London where the damn quest giving NPC expects me to read the entire fuckin' dialogue AND the quest objective! Sheesh! WoW is NOT an MMORPG! Just an MMOG!

SW:TOR is very heavily story and character driven! THAT, is what makes a game/RPG awesome!
im_stardust Jan 05 2012, 01:20 pm EST
WoW was released in 2004 you fucking retard.

See what you did, now? I promised not to insult you starting with the year 2012.
  Doomsday.: Lol!
finaleve Jan 05 2012, 01:49 pm EST
Last I checked, WoW does have a story and it is an RPG, just not bu your standards.. It isn't the focus but it exists. Every area in the game has some backstory. Every character has some story and backstory. It's just a matter of whether you want to read up on it.

Meanwhile, in SWTOR, I'm being force-fed story and half the time it's irrelevant to me (Mainly when I assist a friend in their story specific quests). It's nice to skip some of the stuff but I still have to wait for everyone to catch up to the part where I'm at waiting to make a decision on where the conversation is going to go.
That said, it has some promise. I'm still playing (Smuggler lvl 17 on a PVE server) and just got my ship. End-game content lacks a lot from what I hear but it's barely been a month. They can still add to the game, patch the glitches, fix some technical stuff, and whatever else they want.

I just hope that EA does NOT charge for new content.
Nameinuse Jan 05 2012, 03:33 pm EST
I have played a 2 hour game of dungeon defenders. That was just one 15 wave survival game. There are achievements for getting to wave 25. That'd probably take half a day.Had fun though.

It would be nice to hear abit about smaller games on Atrip.


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