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Mornin '12

Many of you may already know this about me, but I'd just like to make it absolutely clear that I've loved the Resident Evil series, ever since the very first game on the original PlayStation console back in 1996. Other iterations were good as well. Man, I still remember running away from Nemesis in RE 3, my character barely standing, as I desperately tried to reach safety. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis wasn't perfect. Resident Evil 4, on the other hand, remains the best in the series - perhaps even better than Resident Evil 5. In any case, they're all terrific games. For this reason, I'm glad Capcom decided to shed some light on the new RE game and that they mean to deliver a proper sequel to Resi 5, which was one of the best games in 2010. It's also good to see that they're going beyond what they play to introduce in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

So, Resi 6, I'm game, hell yeah, baby!

Oh and Darskiders 2 is looking good with each new video and each new image.

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Marku5K Jan 20 2012, 03:01 am EST
There are some worries about Max Payne 3 story! I wouldn't worry about the story. First of all it's Rockstar (they always have a good or excellent story to back up) secondly it's written by Dan Houser (writer of most games in the Grand Theft Auto series, and of Red Dead Redemption). Thirdly Sam Lake him self has said that the game would "maintain its dark and gritty origins". Plus Oskari Hakkinen also said it's great.
By all means they could only show the gameplay and mechanics and non of the story in the trailer, I'd be fine with that.
I knew nothing of the first game when I played that which made the experience that much more awesome!
Marku5K Jan 20 2012, 04:12 am EST
Those SOPA bastards shut down megaupload!
RenegadeCZ Jan 20 2012, 04:21 am EST
They did. And now the Anonymous are attacking FBI and the government.
crazyhermit Jan 20 2012, 04:25 am EST
off topic

I've been a bit disappointed as of late, with the sequels this year/last year, you know(BF3,AC Revelations I'm not even going to mention DA 2...I just did) but probably the worst example is the ongoing COD, when will it end the first 3 where good and I specifically remember the Chernobyl ferris wheel scene from the first mw.

And then it happened, they went down the shitter, the image of an unborn, dead fetus festering inside the womb of his unsuspecting mother, comes to mind killing the mother in the process.Hmm, maybe that's not such a bad thing if activision where to die along side their precious COD, we would have more original IP's and less money grabbing a-holes like Kotick.

"Maybe all gaming is pointless, toying with gravel on the side of the road of life, but hey at least there's violence and tits" - Yahtzee Croshaw.
Vader [STAFF] Jan 20 2012, 04:41 am EST
That's a great quote!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jan 20 2012, 04:48 am EST
I used to have a megaupload account where I've uploaded 3 game soundtracks. Quick, someone who never downloaded an mp3, hide me !
  Vader: Is there such an entity in this universe?
Un Om Bun: Sure, Cheddar.
Vader: Cheddar. Of course!
Doomsday. Jan 20 2012, 05:49 am EST

Aaaah, back to Taris! Its not what it used to be, damn u Malak! U remember Taris don't u, u KOTOR loving, SW:TOR hating bitches! :)
  Un Om Bun: Yeah, tell me about Taris, I'm interested.
Doomsday.: Oh what a tale it is! Malak vs Revan! Master Vs Appre…
Un Om Bun: Tell me when you get there, I know the KotOR tale.
Doomsday.: Okies! It looks like Tuchanka, with a bit of greenery!
RenegadeCZ: The Republic part: Taris was leveled by Malak in the …
Doomsday.: I just got here my Trooper friend dude! I shall commu…
Doomsday. Jan 20 2012, 06:25 am EST
AT ALERT: The 'Feature' tab at the top has become invisible, it is clickable but its not showing! :)
Vader [STAFF] Jan 20 2012, 06:27 am EST
OMG, hit refresh, hit refresh!!!!
Doomsday. Jan 20 2012, 06:41 am EST
^ Cool! Dumb Ass me!!
Morkrul Jan 20 2012, 08:46 am EST
hey has anyone seen vodoo lately?
  Un Om Bun: No. He's been completely absent for 2 whole days.
Morkrul: just 2 days?
TrevorOreius Jan 20 2012, 01:13 pm EST
I remember playing a RE in a playstation way back like 12 or 11 years ago.... can't remember which one.Other than that, I haven't played any other RE series. Too bad, from what I always here from my friends it's a damn good series.


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