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Mornin '12
Last time I was happy during a Monday morning was when my boss beckoned me to his office and then told me that I'm about to get a raise. My moment of sheer happiness lasted for about two seconds, until I was politely told that it was all a joke. Normally, the fucker should get an ashtray up his nostril for such tasteless gags, but he was my boss and I desperately needed the job, well, as much as any person desperately needs their job. Oh and by the way, this was during that one special year when I left AT to discover the wonders of the local job market. So, no, it wasn't 2lions. One thing I can tell you about 2lions a is that he respects people who work hard, because he works hard himself.

Now, back to the matters at hand. Let's post the comic, shall we and lemme see if there's any news bits to be found this morning. Oh and I tried Syndicate last night. I dunno. It's classic, hectic shooter. Not too bad actually, but I'm only a few missions into the experience, so sit tight for our full review on that.

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Vodoo Feb 20 2012, 01:37 am EST
last time i was happy on a monday was when i overdosed on drugs and thought i would die but then i woke up and realised i would have to carry on living this sorry shit of an existence.

a similar feeling i had while playing Allan Wake yesterday. the best way to describe that game is a great idea put together by retarded monkeys in practice. the story has nice potential but the way it was stringed and narrated makes high-school writing projects seem like works of art... ok, maybe that is a bit harsh. truth is, the story is good, im peeved about how it was implemented in the shitty gameplay.

allan wake is only scary when nothing happens, the forest is silent, trees sing a deathly lullaby and lights dance around in the night like willow-wisps in a spielberg directed fashion. the mood of the game is broken each time monsters appear and you have to go rambo on their ass.
the camera is skittish, the character moves in one direction while your screen is looking in a whole different one like a rally car with the sole exception that the driver in a rally has an intuitive control opposed to what you have in this game.
motion blur is so beyond the limits of reality as if the character is hyped up on magic mushrooms.
and the combat is bad not just in the way it works but because it exists. recharge pistol, recharge battery, increase brightness on the flashlight, recharge battery, wait until the chimney soot is washed off the possessed villagers, shoot 4 times to kill, adjust camera, run/dodge, punch desk because there are 5 of these bastards and you have to repeat procedure.
the dialogue is stiff and most of the times nonsensical as if watching a very bad tv show, then again, that's exactly what it interactive tv show. (previously on Allan Wake ??????) was the game created intentionally for people with ADD ?

this game is at best worth renting.
  im_stardust: So it was probably worth installing? I don't think…
Vodoo: yeah, that's about it. hooray for optimism huh ? deca…
Copperr Feb 20 2012, 01:46 am EST
Nothing like sucking up on the boss on a monday morning.
WeAreAllGonnaDie Feb 20 2012, 02:04 am EST
Morning. Things are looking good for X-COM fans. Besides the Firaxis remake, there's also the indie Xenonauts - currently in alpha, you can access the dev build if you preorder
  Un Om Bun: I'm horny for Xenonauts, but I wish the graphics were…
WeAreAllGonnaDie: It's alpha, so looks will change, they're adding more…
Un Om Bun: No, I just want it to look more stimulating. It's too…
WeAreAllGonnaDie: Well, there's also UFO:AI, opensource and further alo…
Un Om Bun: Have you played this ?…
WeAreAllGonnaDie: I was actually looking at it on the Android market th…
Doomsday. Feb 20 2012, 02:17 am EST
Vader [STAFF] Feb 20 2012, 03:04 am EST
Hey guys! Fun weekend?
  LongJohn: Shityeah, single n pubbin n playing the warcraft 3 bo…
Doomsday. Feb 20 2012, 05:01 am EST
Hells Yeah! Powering through to lvl 50!!
  Copperr: I hope you like leveling alts...
Doomsday.: not yet.. I do have Jedi Guardian at lvl 25 but hes r…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Feb 20 2012, 05:54 am EST
Spuki83 Feb 20 2012, 06:42 am EST
Hell of a fun, my motherboard died on me last night.
It literary went up in flames. So now I have to hope that my CPU is not toasted as well...
  MajFauxPas: Oh God, I really hate it when that happens!
PanteraFan666 Feb 20 2012, 08:20 am EST
MajFauxPas Feb 20 2012, 11:08 am EST
President's day. Normally not a holiday for me, but why not.
Doomsday. Feb 20 2012, 02:52 pm EST
Are u ready to take Earth Back bitches!!​_embedded&v=Vs7kix6_8Ks
  Breedy_Mcfluff: What about the other planets of prosperous civilizati…
Un Om Bun: Because the finest warriors in the galaxy come from E…
TrevorOreius: I am as sure as hell that I'm ready for it!!! Un O…


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