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Mornin '12
Don't feel well at all, people. My sinuses are killing me. Never had problem with 'em before, but now I do. It sucks. Have these incredibly painful migraines, toothaches and I sneeze constantly. Gonna go now and eat some pancakes. Bye, and have a nice weekend.

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im_stardust Mar 31 2012, 07:39 am EDT
Don't eat those paincakes!!!! may be dying...
tei187 Mar 31 2012, 08:38 am EDT
don't die... YET...
Cheddar Mar 31 2012, 08:46 am EDT
Hmm. Still have your wisdom teeth, Vader? That may not be a sinus infection. If you haven't gotten a confirmed diagnosis for the sinus infection yet, do so.

Don't ever wanna just weather sinus infections without antibiotics anyway, doing so can eventually lead to nasty things like rheumatic fever. A lot of people just wait out sinus infections like common colds, and they have no idea how much they're risking.
  Loraxxe: [a reply to an earlier post] I don't know how common …
LostPcGamer: Oh my look cheddar you brought a spam bot with you. A…
Loraxxe: That was a real reply to a real post that Cheddar mad…
Cheddar: LostPcGamer is an idiot, as I'm sure you know. I thi…
Cheddar: Oh and btw, if you want to know why the name spiked i…
im_stardust: Oh, thank wikipedia. Now, every prick from the intern…
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Cheddar: Whatever you say, stardust. Thought you said you…
im_stardust: You don't have to blend in. You're already there.
Cheddar: Sense, makes none.
im_stardust: Come on "dude", don't give up. I really like doing th…
EricHalfBee: This is a very odd thread. As to Connor's popularity,…
Cheddar: Maybe, but Highlander had another protagonist (Duncan…
Loraxxe: I am actually almost half Scots-Irish (remainder Engl…
im_stardust: The part with the medication is getting old. Ran out …
MajFauxPas Mar 31 2012, 09:03 am EDT
  Reikhardt: Yes.
Bubu Mar 31 2012, 09:48 am EDT
Surgery is the way to go.
Terminator Mar 31 2012, 10:10 am EDT
Hello. I've got a migraine after watching Wrath of the Titans. This movie is mindless action at its' finest. A complete waste of 100 mins. It's sad because the first movie actually had some good parts. The sequal is pathetic.

Don't waste your money on this movie. Hunger Games is TEN times better than Wrath of Titans. I don't know how this movie even got green lighted, but someone dropped the ball!
  Cheddar: Wow, it's even worse than Clash of the Titans? W…
EricHalfBee: Thanks for the tip off. THERE'S NO WAY THAT SAM W…
Terminator: I think Sam Worthington does a decent job with what h…
Cheddar: @Eric Yeah, I know, I'm just observing how Worthin…
Vodoo Mar 31 2012, 10:33 am EDT
fucking viral bullshit, half of all the people i know are bedridden....that's like 4....oh wait, that includes me.
urghhh, feels like im waiting for a chestburster any moment now.
  kreep69: You got sick even through that Fallout 3 gas mask? :)
Bubu Mar 31 2012, 02:01 pm EDT
Warhammer 40.000: Dark Millennium is going single player!!!!!!!!! WOHHHOOOO!!!!!!!
RenegadeCZ Mar 31 2012, 02:58 pm EDT
Vader, you's sick all the time! Man up you sissy! You ain't no tough Serb like the ice cold Slavic motherfucker Niko!

(seriously, like one in ten morning posts is about you being sick)
Doomsday. Mar 31 2012, 04:01 pm EDT
BmmB Mar 31 2012, 04:18 pm EDT
Cheddar Mar 31 2012, 08:20 pm EDT
Meh, if you ask me, Vader shouldn't have to work on Saturdays anyway.

(speaking as someone who also has to work on Saturdays)
Doomsday. Apr 01 2012, 08:55 am EDT​s-ending-to-mass-effect-3-was-ingenious-and-h​ow-eas-greed-possibly-ruined-it/

A nice insight!​feature=player_embedded
  RenegadeCZ: Only the indoctrination didn't happen.
Doomsday. Apr 01 2012, 11:21 am EDT
April fools jokes on Bioware from Mojang and Blizzard!​pot/
Cheddar Apr 01 2012, 01:30 pm EDT
The 'Mars Effect' thing is really more of a self-deprecating joke. Notch is referencing his studio's troubles with Bethesda and the "Scrolls" game property. Glad Mojang is amiable about the whole thing, but I guess it's not surprising since Bethesda Softwork's bullying ended up failing.

As for 'Supply Depot 2', aren't they just self-parodying how important placing and using supply depots are to competitive StarCraft gameplay? Although I do see a shot at TF2 and Metal Gear Solid in there.
  Reikhardt: It's a good gag and all, but don't go for that 'Bethe…
Cheddar: The problem with your reasoning there is that Bethesd…
Cheddar: Btw, I suspect you want to defend Bethesda Softworks …
Morkrul Apr 02 2012, 03:58 am EDT
FOO FIGHTERS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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