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Mornin '12
Decided to put up a new voting poll, and I'm keen to see what you guys will say. It's customary to have these platform-related polls every year, because we'd like to know if you guys prefer a certain platform over others. Oh sure, many of you probably have more than one gaming platform these days, but everyone has a favorite, so... what's yours?

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Doomsday. Apr 04 2012, 01:19 am EDT

PC baby! PC all the way!
Darkthor Apr 04 2012, 02:06 am EDT
Xbox,sadly....the controller adds to the game difficulty, while the assurance the game will run without install, tweaks, patches,and surprise-incompatibilities and stuff straight out of the box is something very useful.Also, Xbox because it has a wider pallette of games i like available than the ps3.
Marku5K Apr 04 2012, 03:05 am EDT
PC! I never have owned any of the consoles newer played Xbox nor PlayStation.
All is good ;)
Morkrul Apr 04 2012, 03:31 am EDT
i don't see the amiga in there
Terminator Apr 04 2012, 04:20 am EDT
PC will always be my favorite platform. The mouse and keyboard are much better than a controller!
Vader [STAFF] Apr 04 2012, 04:21 am EDT
Yeah, as usual, I may be asking the wrong crowd here ;) Since clearly you guys are of the PC-or-death kind.
GrgoljBlaster Apr 04 2012, 05:01 am EDT
PC, because there's no Commodore 64 in the list
crazyhermit Apr 04 2012, 05:03 am EDT
Well, it's the most widespread platform really, we wouldn't even be able to comment here if we didn't have a PC.People ''invest''(well not really, since if you're hardcore you'll change your pc every 2 years but most ppl change it in about 5-10 years) in them.Sure, a console is just for games and it's specifically made for them, from the compatibility to the non-existent system requirements, since they're all built the same.

To be honest, consoles come and go, pc's will remain, even if developers stop making games for them, why...well, I can't imagine programmers/researchers even the humble accountant ever working on a console to do ''serious work''(well game-testing isn't that serious, but still, you get a decent buck for having fun that is).

So, if you put more money into your pc, around 1000$(just for the central unit) for a high end one, you'll be able to run everything on max/medium for the next 5 maybe even more years for sure.Also, medium is not so bad, you know why, because in most cases the medium setting on pc are equivalent to those on a console.

In the end, I don't have anything against other platforms, I'm no extremist/purist, I like not being a captive consumer/customer and being able to choose something that suits my needs best.It's just that, I don't see myself sitting on a couch in front of a big HDTV(which btw I don't have), I like being close to the screen(maybe that's why I were glasses) in a cozy chair, I do have a ps3 controller for action games like dmc or darksiders and even 3rd person action/shooters like RE4/5).

It all comes down to what you want to do with it, just use it for recreational purposes I.E. consoles or maybe work from home/play I.E. pc.

P.S. we also have a great modding community, that can extend the life expectancy of many games(mostly all bethesda games,HL series and others) which in the end saves content and you can also emulate older console games, which is always a plus in my book.
Dean_Demon Apr 04 2012, 05:13 am EDT
Mobiles can't be taken seriously for gaming can they? Consoles for me are just too contrictive in the games you can play and the ui drives me mad so it pc for me everytime as long as you don't mention console ports.
RenegadeCZ Apr 04 2012, 08:00 am EDT
As a wise man once said, PC or death!

Did I mention I killed my Xbox-preferring brother yet?
Marku5K Apr 04 2012, 08:24 am EDT
Just finished RAGE. The ending was piss poor. They just suddenly stopped working on the game and sayed...Fuck it let just roll the credits! lol
  LostPcGamer: Well yes the whole game was a tech engine experiment.
LostPcGamer Apr 04 2012, 12:58 pm EDT
Were is the pc and consoles together vote . Its not anywhere on the poll. Its discrimination I tell ya.
Whisky Apr 04 2012, 05:30 pm EDT
Yes I also do PC and 360. Probably about 30/70.


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