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Mornin '12
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Okay, so let me get this straight; people are genuinely excited about Dishonored because of this trailer? Hm, while I totally respect Arkane Studios and Bethesda, I still haven't seen this game in action. Also, I remember Arx Fatalis being buggy as shit, so I'd like to think Bethesda won't allow them to release a technically underdeveloped game. Generally, the cinematic successfully introduced people to the franchise. Also, just so we're clear on this, Dishonored is an action game, not an RPG. Just thought I'd remind you guys about it so you don't get any ideas. However, the developers explained that the game gives you a chance to explore the area anyway you want.

There are two clips on YouTube (Gspot) that show the devs talking about art, level design and more. I'd love to send you the links, but I just can't... I'm kidding. Here they are:

There you go.

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Terminator Apr 18 2012, 05:13 am EDT
Morning. I'm very excited about Dishonored. Like someone said yesterday, it has a "V for Vendetta" feel to it. I've seen that movie about 30 times already, and this game looks excellent. Can't wait for more trailers!
Vader [STAFF] Apr 18 2012, 05:16 am EDT
Yeah, well, to tell you the truth, I'm waiting for gameplay footage. Otherwise, I think it has potential as a franchise. If they don't cock it up gameplay wise.
vodny Apr 18 2012, 06:09 am EDT
If this game fails delivering what I'm expecting from it, based on the art, screens, interviews etc. then I will be very dissapointed. The problem of todays games is not that they are bad, but that developers lie, or that they're not able to deliver what they're promising. The games that dissapoint most are the games, that developers are developing only because they think it's ok to do it that way. I mean look at Brink. It was so ambitious and looked fresh that the developers forgot what is really important. They did the new stuff only because the new stuff, not because it improves the gameplay. I think games like Dishonored should be the games developers dream of, but in a more larger scale. Games like Brink prooved, that on a paper some mechanics looks too good to be true in a real world, so they should think about customers first, like Valve for example does.
  RenegadeCZ: Activision thinks of customers first. CoD, anyone? …
vodny: If the game works and plays well for customer, then i…
Vader [STAFF] Apr 18 2012, 06:21 am EDT
Brink was multiplayer... that's why I didn't take any interest in it whatsoever. That sums it up for me. The art seemed promising, that's true. However, they screwed us by booting the story and single-player.
Bubu Apr 18 2012, 07:45 am EDT
"Bethesda won't allow them to release a technically underdeveloped game"

I lol'ed so hard.
  Vodoo: i second that.
Cheddar: I third that.
Vodoo Apr 18 2012, 09:47 am EDT
the official site has screenshots of the game, the graphics look like Bioshock Infinite and the action appears to be equivalent to Deus Ex 1 without the RPG elements.

the ability to non-fatally take care of all enemies in the game and manipulate events similar to Prey 2 makes this game very appealing.
  Morkrul: PREY 2?!?!
Cheddar: It looks like Prey 2 has probably been canceled, btw.…
Morkrul: fuck....
optimus slime Apr 18 2012, 10:29 am EDT
Is it obligatory for them to act so inspired like they discovered non-linear gameplay?
"You can go to the left of the building, to the right of the building... Sandboxy!" Woah, hold on there genius, I'm only used to pressing forward and shooting cardboard representations of enemies that appear in a straight line. I don't think to world is ready for your "multiple dimensions". Sheesh.
  crazyhermit: True that, they're acting like they (re)invented walk…
Doomsday. Apr 18 2012, 11:53 am EDT
Cheddar Apr 18 2012, 02:00 pm EDT
I COMPLETELY forgot about this game.

The premise is interesting, and I still like the art and style (even if it's clear now that the former Half-Life 2 concept artist and designer behind it is one-dimensional)... but I'm gonna need to see a significantly improved ability to craft an interesting narrative experience from what Arkane has done in the past, before I'm sold on Dishonored.

It's been a long time since Dark Messiah, and putting aside that game's trendy (for it's time) Source engine physics gimmicks, Dark Messiah really wasn't a particularly good game in most aspects.
  im_stardust: Bow wow !!! Woof woof!!!! Bark ! miau! Jesus Lord,…
Cheddar: "miau"? In English we spell it as "meow", generally.…
im_stardust Apr 18 2012, 02:43 pm EDT
Well, I'm back now and I'm more of an asshole than ever. What? Nobody missed me??

Anyway, I got sued for breaking someone's jaw and breaking his phone...and apparently stealing his shoes, which just got misplaced (some really fucking ugly shoes those were). And this only because there wasn't enough space on the sidewalk for him to walk on. You know this type of mother fuckers, right? The rock I had in my hand, did.

Thank god (that prick) I still live in a place, where every decision involves bribing.
  crazyhermit: Well I'll be honest with you, very honest, if you don…
im_stardust: Thanks, Crazyhermit. I'm glad to be here tonight o…
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Cheddar: Glad you're not dead, stardust. Always a bit of a …


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