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Mornin '12
Good Monday, people. Apparently, The Avengers started getting some attention from movie critics. The movie officially hits theaters on May 4, but it's comforting to know that initial reviews are mostly positive. So far anyway.

What makes me want to watch this film? Well, mainly because I did enjoy all the superhero flicks that preceded it - The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, all of which were sort of designed to support the premise of The Avengers. Nice move by Marvel, at any rate.

Apart from that, it should be a cool summer for blockbusters, with The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy. Although still not entirely sure about Bourne Legacy. Having second thoughts about that one.

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Terminator Apr 23 2012, 03:50 am EDT
Morning. I still have doubts about The Avengers. When you stuff that many super heros into one movie, the storyline will probably suffer. I would rather keep each hero in his own universe!
crazyhermit Apr 23 2012, 03:56 am EDT
I have to say, I'm pretty confused because of Risen 2.I had expectations, but the 6.5 IGN gave it, kind of diminished my enthusiasm so to speak.Don't get me wrong, I haven't been hyped up for anything in the last 2-3 years, but hell, I really wanted an rpg, the fact that Piranha Bytes was behind it only made it better.Sure, I don't trust many mainstream review sites and I usually wait for the whole critic/fan base reaction.But being the first review, it always has an impact and kind of sets the mood/tone for future reviews.

Sure, Risen 1 had mixed review also, but came out clean/great(apart from the last chapter and the last boss fight) in the end and even a bit fresh since gothic 3.I read small bits of the review, and it kinda proved a point, saying that it's the most accessible Piranha Bytes rpg but also more simplified, and the worst part was that the quest were, boring run-of-the-mill or so they say, I've yet to play it and make up my own mind.

But really, I've learned to be skeptical about games that have day 1 dlc...maybe that's just me, I'm really curious to see the Atrip review of Risen 2 Dark Waters...not many pirate themed rpg's out there(not many pirate games out there at all in fact, they're not as popular as zombies apparently) really so, I'm guessing it didn't have competition so then what gives.

Maybe it got more simplified/dumbed down because consoles were also involved, that is from the very beginning, just saying.
Vader [STAFF] Apr 23 2012, 04:42 am EDT
My advice is have a go yourself. Don't listen to others too much before making your own assessment. It could be right up your streak. All I know is, that Piranha Bytes screwed things up with Gothic 3. That game was a disappointment.

Also, Spellbound's Arcania: Gothic 4 was pure crap.

However, Risen was great. The only thing that worries me is pirates. Why damn pirates? I said it before and I'll say it again - I'm sick to death of pirates. And yet Risen 2 has pirates. Risen 2 will get a lowers score, probably just because it has pirates in it.
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Morkrul: what was the last boss in risen?
Cheddar Apr 23 2012, 05:14 am EDT
IGN's 6.5 really shouldn't be that surprising, considering Piranha Bytes's history. Their QA has never been reliable.

Gothic 3? Unpolished mess. Risen 1 PC version? Pretty good. Risen 1 360 version? Terrible, technical issues galore. Gothic 2 German version? Great, mostly. Gothic 2 English version? Horrible translation, laughable voice-acting.

See what I mean? It's always trick or treat with Piranha Bytes. It's par for the course, where they're concerned.
crazyhermit Apr 23 2012, 06:04 am EDT
Yeah, I get where you're coming from, but I don't think technical difficulties are the problem here, if the core of the game, the gameplay has to suffer well there's not much you can do about it.In defense of G3, even though the story and voice acting/dialogue were more on the weak side,(the quests were kind of mediocre as well) after the community patches it turned out great, huge world to explore, great graphics for 2006 and beyond and the soundtrack was just amazing.

The expansion on the other hand, Forsaken Gods was weaker even after Vulture games patched it, and I won't even speak of Arcania/Setarrif.Translations/bugs aside, if the gameplay is damaged/overly simplified you can't do much, just start over again which I believe is out of the questions(maybe some more dlc and patches will do the game good, just maybe).Remember Alpha Protocol, great ideas bad implementation, remember Masquerade Bloodlines, great ideas, good implementation, plus the community patches and addons/expansions made it even better.

In the end, I'll just have to try it myself,since I liked all the gothic games/Risen 1 except for Arcania/Setarrif, but I'm also curious to see other fans/reviewers opinion on the matter.

P.S. xbox 360 version of Risen was never planned, it was ported by some other obscure company, Piranha Bytes just gave them the green light, they didn't even care/support the xbox version(of course, the extra pocket money from the 360 version never bothered them either) so it's not their fault it turned out as it did.

Ohh, and about the pirate themed games, love or hate, you can't deny the fact that there aren't many pirate games/movies(apart form PotC) out there, my point being it's not that overly used like zombies, so I don't mind the pirates that much, and I don't consider it a deal breaker, as long as it's done right, not too corny/cheesy.
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im_stardust Apr 23 2012, 08:06 am EDT
Gothic 2 remains my favorite RPG. Everything, by Piranha Bytes, after it was average or even less than that.
Doomsday. Apr 23 2012, 09:24 am EDT

To buy Diablo 3 or not to buy!?? Some ppl like it, some don't! And those who didn't like it are, like me, Single Player enthusiasts! Even though my perspective of multiplayer gaming has changed since i started playing SWTOR!
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Whisky: beta wasnt bad at all. And it ran ok on the laptop. …
Spuki83 Apr 23 2012, 12:27 pm EDT
Mornin... or evenin...
So after a full weekend being locked in my room with nothing more than coffee and a few munchies and 40 hours of Diablo 3 Beta, I have decided not to buy the collectors edition and to go for the normal one.
Because the game looks too much like World of warcraft,l because I hate the "buddy" system (I want to play alone FFS), WTF is the Auction house?
So why to buy, at all, I hear you say? Because, when you peel of the layers of facebook friendlyness, it's all there-the great music, gameplay, graphic, the story...
The game is good, just not worth 100 euros!
im_stardust Apr 23 2012, 03:23 pm EDT
What idiot buys a Collector's Edition of anything.
Cheddar Apr 23 2012, 03:45 pm EDT
I could not agree more, stardust.
Doomsday. Apr 23 2012, 10:18 pm EDT
^ lol! True!! :)
Cheddar Apr 24 2012, 05:14 pm EDT
Some friends of mine want me to pay 17 bucks for an IMAX ticket for the opening day midnight showing of Avengers.


(I'd much rather go to a cheaper matinee two weeks later)


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