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Mornin '12
Hm, not entirely sure if buying Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is the wisest thing to do. So don't do it. Talking about the PC version, of course, which should be out in ten days or so. The console versions sucked, so no reason why you should waste your time on the PC port.

Shame really. Resident Evil games usually kick massive assage. ORC was simply a franchise-milking failure.

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Un Om Bun [STAFF] May 05 2012, 01:20 am EDT
Hijacking with Scrolls of Warcraft scans:
  im_stardust: You've got to be kidding me...
Un Om Bun: Epic, isn't it ?
Vodoo: annoyingly enough, in my opinion the visuals are not …
Doomsday. May 05 2012, 02:09 am EDT
crazyhermit May 05 2012, 02:10 am EDT
Well actually, it's already here, from yesterday if i'm not mistaken, that is if you look hard enough(or not) but to be honest even in that form, it's not even worth a download not to mention my time.I don't think they did anything with the PC version btw, even though they had some months apart, compared to the console versions before releasing, but the old, we're just delaying it because we want it to have more polish isn't working, I don't think it ever has, just another sales gimmick for more sales on consoles, which ironically didn't quite happen, at least not after those not so favorable reviews.Pity, I had had quite a bit of expectation from it.
Bubu May 05 2012, 02:54 am EDT
I heard Binary Domain is fun. It's out on PC.
crazyhermit May 05 2012, 03:26 am EDT

I tried it, played like 30-45 min then uninstalled it, maybe it's just me but it felt so rushed and unpolished, black borders on 1920x1080 resolution, not to mention that the ''order your companions via microphone'' isn't working.A few decibels too high/too low or some background noises and the AI doesn't understand shit.Again, maybe it's just me and I didn't give it enough time, I really wanted to like it, thought it would be like resident evil/gears of war but with robots, let's just say it's not what I expected.

Maybe someone else here patient enough, will play it until the very end and have a more complete overview of the whole experience, perhaps even Vader.
Reikhardt May 05 2012, 03:50 am EDT

Never really played any RE games.
Thought Sienna Guillory was very nice as Jill Valentine in the films though.
daddy74 May 05 2012, 04:29 am EDT
Sad Morning - Adam from Beastie Boys is dead. Cancer got him in the end ...
Barzenak42 May 05 2012, 05:26 am EDT
RE needs a good hit. 4 was still the best with 5 being only so so.
Terminator May 05 2012, 06:15 am EDT
Morning. I'm so angry at Bethesda that I could shoot them. The Elder Scrolls was one of the last frontiers for Single Player gaming. Now they are going the WoW route, and who knows if they will ever make Elder Scrolls VI. Damn them all!
Doomsday. May 05 2012, 06:37 am EDT
We have to finally gulp down the hard reality that, Online gaming is the new 'thing' in the industry and its gonna stay unfortunately!
  Terminator: Indeed, it's all about the $$$ in online gaming. I ju…
Doomsday.: true that!
Bubu May 05 2012, 08:28 am EDT
Here's a nice satire movie:
  Morkrul: thanks, i'm going to watch it
RenegadeCZ May 05 2012, 10:53 am EDT
The team working on Skyrim, lead by Todd Howard remains intact, and focused on the single player TES. At least, they said so...
Terminator May 06 2012, 01:48 pm EDT
I just got saw The Avengers, and I loved it. The storyline is VERY good, better than I thought would happen.
LostPcGamer May 06 2012, 02:17 pm EDT
How Could I Have Missed This? Mass Effect Cartoon - Debut Trailer​feature=player_embedded


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