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Mornin '12

Wait, what, what, what's this I hear? Prometheus is meh!? No, wait, but it's Ridley Scott and it has Michael Fassbender as a synthetic person in it. What more could you possibly want?

Didn't see it myself yet, but Un Om Bun did is and, apparently, he's not happy with it. However, from what I gather, if there's any disappointment here, it's mostly related to the writing and the plot structure. Everything else is more or less okay.

Gonna see it for myself just to be sure. Besides, I'm sure that, if nothing else, it's well-directed; I mean it has to be with a guy like Ridley Scott sitting at the helm of it all. But is that all we should look for in a movie nowadays? Just that it's well-directed and looks nice?

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Doomsday. Jun 11 2012, 02:14 am EDT

Gonna checkout Prometheus this weekend meself!
Marku5K Jun 11 2012, 02:22 am EDT

Ooohhh man, the pressure is ON. I'm currently writing my 2000th comment on this site, which isn't much but it is a nice and round number!
Need to make it special!!! What to say, what to say...must not screw it up....hmmm....cabbage!
Reikhardt Jun 11 2012, 02:32 am EDT

British film critic Mark Kermode said the film is quite enjoyable but he did caution that the dialogue can be terrible at times.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 11 2012, 02:41 am EDT
The list of unforgivably stupid things in this movie is huge. If you have questions about something in particular, I'll be around.
  MajFauxPas: So, Charlize vs. Paul Reiser as the corporate stiff? …
Un Om Bun: Reiser wins by a mile, but it's not Theron's fault. S…
MajFauxPas: Sad. I could see her as a real bitch. Maybe I'll chec…
GrgoljBlaster Jun 11 2012, 03:17 am EDT
The plot is full of holes like a swiss-cheese, some important stuff wasn't explained, characters make really stupid decisions...
Also don't bother with watching Prometheus in 3D, it's pointless. At some parts of the movie I took off the glasses and found that the image wasn't blurred at all (aka: parts that weren't 3D).
  Un Om Bun: I confirm the 3D's utter pointlessness.
Alchi: I hate 3D. It makes my eyes funny. And the worst …
GrgoljBlaster: Yeah, that's the problem in my city too, every screen…
Marku5K Jun 11 2012, 03:49 am EDT
wow, now i can't wait to see it tonight, just to know how bad it is :D
MajFauxPas Jun 11 2012, 04:48 am EDT
No mention of Charlize. Interesting.

Paul Reiser is better at being an ass. Hard to follow that act.
  Un Om Bun: Her character is pointless and barely shows up.
araczynski Jun 11 2012, 04:48 am EDT
its an enjoyable movie, but feels a bit rushed, like they had to cut too many things to show it in the theaters. should've been a 3 hour m ovie i think.
Paul Jun 11 2012, 08:13 am EDT
Hey, Lindelof wrote it. Of couse it was going to have a shitty script.
antonphd Jun 11 2012, 11:13 am EDT
it's not a masterpiece like 2001, but it's light years better than Avatar. it's actually not so much an Alien film as it is a really dark Star Trek film set in the Alien universe. i love it. i have seen it twice now. it was actually better the second viewing. there are unanswered questions, but it's pretty damn clear that this is the first part of a multi film story. as for people acting stupidly... i don't know what planet everyone else is living on, but most people are fucking idiots most of the time.
  Alchi: Well that multi film story is called 'ALIEN'.
Cheddar: Well, Alchi, the film's creators have come out lately…
Cphopp Jun 11 2012, 11:38 am EDT
The story and plot connection to the other movies is definitely meh, but all other aspects of the movie demand an in-theater screening. Music, sound, and camera work are all fun to experience in theater.
touretul Jun 11 2012, 12:48 pm EDT
seen it. mediocre story, nice 3D. Michael Fassbender is a talented actor, Charlize Theron is beautiful. that's nothing more to say. Now we have to wait in horror for the Blade Runner movie.
Breedy_Mcfluff Jun 11 2012, 03:54 pm EDT
Ridley Scott being at the helm doesn't mean it will be good.

Two words: Robin Hood.
Cedtsmk Jun 11 2012, 05:40 pm EDT
Robot = good. Lame plot = bad. C-section scene = barf.
im_stardust Jun 11 2012, 10:56 pm EDT
Directors like Ridley Scott can afford to be shallow and superficial. The standards of their viewers have been dumbed down drastically in the last decade.

Ridley Scott first priority is to make sure he makes a lot of money and not a good sci-fi movie.

And anyway, what else do you need this days for a movie to sell but some good CGI. Worked well for all this super hero movies, Avatar, 300, etc.
im_stardust Jun 11 2012, 11:00 pm EDT
"However, from what I gather, if there's any disappointment here, it's mostly related to the writing and the plot structure. Everything else is more or less okay."

This phrase is the perfect example of low standards.

The script is fucked, nothing really makes sense, but who cares? Fancy lights and shit exploding on the screen makes me drool.


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